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sansh (not working)     28 June 2015

Contested divorce rules changed?

divorce under cruelty against me. we were told that the court is on leave in May. but it wasn't. two hearings per week are being given. no interim maintenance. i'm afraid divorce may be granted within 6 months. i was married under the presumption that marriage is sacred. divorces are being given like bus tickets, even dating relationships last longer.  is this a rule now that contested divorces are granted at the behest of one party? anyway if it will be granted is it worth contesting or not?


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sansh (not working)     30 June 2015

is it worth to contest divorce?

Prashant Ghai (Advocate) (PrashantGhai.com)     30 June 2015

You havn't stated any valid query. You won't get any help unless you specially state what exactly your case is.

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sansh (not working)     30 June 2015

hi thankyou for your reply. my husband threw me out of the hosue within 40 days of marraige asking for money. thereafter they weren't willing to reconcile when we tried. he filed a police complaint against me. we were not provided complaint copy. i was presssurised to write what was told to me. in between he also threatened to file false criminal complaints agaisnt me- he particularly mentioned theft- if me or any of my family show up near his house. later he filed divorce under cruelty case against me with false allegations. we promptly told our lawyer that we don't have any evidence. my lawyer says that a cruelty case can go any way. therefore i want to ask is it worth it to contest the case? quite frankly, the only reason i want to contest is because i have been cheated methodically. i dont have evidence but my heart wont agree to accept the injustice.

Mimi Banerjee   01 July 2015


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sansh (not working)     09 July 2015

thankyou mimi mam. will surely give it a go.

tgk reddi, why the govt does not give abandoned women jobs? why it does not give equal pay? why it does not give promotions? why the private sector doesn't either? why there is no legislation in this regard? how am i supposed to live without money?  it is his marital obligation to maintain me.

enough said the question is about whether to contest divorce and i want to know whether it is worth it as the lawyer tells me that it is not worth it as cruelty verdicts are arbitrary.

Bejan   02 October 2015

Hi Sansh, I saw your message little late but would like to reply. Court cannot give you short dates if you do not want because of job or some other reasons because this is civil case. Sometimes wealthy husband play tricks and get dates short.

On short dates, submit your hand-written application for atleast a month or 45 days. Also if you want to contest then contest your case. 

May be court people portray to help but actually they are making money. So try to do your things on your efforts.


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Originally posted by : sansh
is it worth to contest divorce?

No, not worth it.

sansh (not working)     11 October 2015

There is no one to guide women and I'm not able to connect the dots as the lawyer community is mostly male affectionate. thankyou for your guidance Bejan.I shall do so in the next date.

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