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Mohit (New Delhi)     25 June 2013

Caught drinking alcohol in public area

Hi, Everybody here My name is mohit, I Am From New Delhi

I was actually consuming alcohol in publically  and cops caught me..

they toook me to the hospital and tested my alcohol which was only 7

they made a chargesheet and i have a call on court on this 28th.

i am very very scared i have never been caught drinking.  this is  my   first time i am going to court.


What is going to  happen with me I can be jailed?

And what is the maximum fine you think they judge can say .

I am very very scared  i dont want to be jailed.

and how i should treat the judge when i will stand in front of him?

please help me i cried whole night and 28 is near i cant even sleep at night.


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Mohit (New Delhi)     25 June 2013

Sorry  for my bad english

Sreenivasa Rao. S. (Business)     25 June 2013


You have done a mistake, be polite in front of the Honorable Judge, admit your mistake, you may not be punished imprisnment, you may be fined upro 3000/-, dont repeat such mistake again. 




As per your version of query,you may be fined at the maximum Rs. 5000 but no imprisionment under 'Delhi Excise Act 2010'.


For your Reference,I am attaching the 'Delhi Excise Act 2010' herewith.Go through Section 40 of this Act.


Note-This reply should be taken as per the declaration given in my profile page.




Attached File : 1026207355 delhi excise act 2010.pdf downloaded: 1000 times

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     25 June 2013

dringkin in public without coourage?


you are advised well.


I do not understand why you asked this question

" how i should treat the judge when i will stand in front of him?"

you have no choice but to be polite and submissive. It is not a filmy court that you can should on the judge.

Navjot Kumar (Lawyer)     25 June 2013

there is a fine of Rs. 5000/- for consumping liquor in public place as per new act of Delhi Excise Act, 

if you created nuisance after consumping liquor then have to pay Rs. 10000/-

better is accept your mistake and prayed to court it will not be happed in future, it is my first and last , the court will impose minimum amount 


Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     25 June 2013

Dear Mohit

No need to worry, this offence is punishable only for fine upto 5000/-

if you are unable to face the court then engage a lawyer.

Aashish George (lawyer)     25 June 2013

i agree with respected members who have replied. they have guided you well, be on time, be polite, accept your mistake and put this episode behind you, move on with your life.

Mohd Musabbir Ansari (Legal Practice/Litigation New Delhi 09582547570 )     27 June 2013

you must contest this case. pleaded guilty is amount to conviction. 


@Ld. Member Ansari,


Contesting a case is a wise act in case the nature of offence is grave.Why to spend more money in contesting the case if you have the following advantges or say option-


1.In the querist committed offence,the maximum amount of fine is Rs. 5000.Better to pay this amount if really got convicted.


2.Orally begging pardon at least could help in lowering this amount if not acquitted.


{You->A generic used}




Mohd Musabbir Ansari (Legal Practice/Litigation New Delhi 09582547570 )     27 June 2013

Mr. so called News-Know

I think you are not aware of the consequences that follow from conviction. convicted person can not get passport. convict person can not enter into plea bargaining and many more consequences.......

Therefore at this stage money does not matter.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     27 June 2013

after paying fine you will be a convict

Mohit (New Delhi)     27 June 2013

Hi i  am scared  tommorow  i  have call on  court.

dear respected members.


Do i have any Single chance to  go  in jail..

today policeman called me up and said bring 5 thousnad with you


but i am still confused my friend says that i can be jail.

and i am very nervous.

Mohit (New Delhi)     27 June 2013

maybe police man written something as my jiju said

he wrote on the papper


this guy doesnt feel any guilty


i dont know if its going to effect anything or not please help me and llet me know

and i dint create any fight atmospheare just aksed policeman that can i go for smoke.


@Mr. Ansari,


I am unable to find words to explain your ignorance about law. Anyway,it's none of my business to educate you anyway.Just think how many person in Delhi(Since your profile exhibit place of practice New Delhi) are filed for offending traffic rules daily.They are fined too.But didn't they get their passport or aren't they able to plea. There are so many person who travel without ticket in train and they are jailed too but don't they get their passport or does this act snatch away their right to plea bargaining!!!


What kind of suggestion  you are giving Mr. Lawyer!????Anyway it's my last reply to you in this thread.




Don't fear,just face the court.You haven't committed any offence of grave nature.Pay the fine as per my earlier advice and don't get confused by the suggestion you got about your conviction.


Further{Only if a genuine need arises thereof}


Note-This reply should be taken as per the declaration given in my profile page.




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