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kaushiks (Other)     09 May 2013

Case against me by tikona

I had a tikona connection in bangalore which was disconnected in Feb.I have received call today from Tikona Digital Networks Pvt.Ltd.Advocate Mr.Akhand Pratap Singh (MOBILE NO-9580487841)of Delhi High Court of filing a case against me for not paying feb false bill received from Tikona. He said if i do not make the payment within 1 hour he will put up the case and i will have to come to delhi along with my lawyer to fight the case. Tikona is based out of Mumbai and the connection was taken in Bangalore, how come the case is in Delhi? MY TIKONA SERVICE ID IS-1106847288. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHETHER IT IS A LEGAL PROCESS OR NOT.


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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     09 May 2013

Case cannot be filed in the High Court.  They have to file a recovery petition i.e., civil suit.  In this case if you remained absent they will have to file an execution petition in Bengaluru court to recover the decreetal amount.

kaushiks (Other)     09 May 2013


Thank you for taking time out to reply.

So basically this is a prank by the debt collectors right? can the civil suit be filed in Delhi for a company based out of Mumbai and me having taken the connection in Bangalore?



Sanjeev (Lawyer)     09 May 2013

this is a prank to make you make the payment I experienced this before when my friend received similar call from vodafone lawyer and he made the payment and when he called the person pretending as lawyer he laughed and said your case will be not filed.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     09 May 2013


The company has to confirm that the person calling the customer is authorized recovery agent or not?

 Some companies maintain list of recovery agents on website.

You may go thru SEF signed by you and check the clause on jurisdictional court in it. Even then cuse of action is Bangalore.


Delhi might become jurisdiction in your case if your case at some time lands up in Supreme Court which is at Delhi.


Companies engage into such practice as no advance/fee is paid to these agents and a part of amount collected is paid as fee.

In all probabilities the number quoted by you would not be in the name of so called lawyer.

In future record such calls and lodge a police complaint.

There are well informed citizens who know how to deal with these prankers on phone.

If you have a genuine greivance with the company put everything in writing and pull them in DCDRF.

It shall be approrpiate to proceed under expert advice of lawyer specilaizing in consumer matters.

Ananya (NA)     19 May 2013

Hi Kaushik,

Even I have received the call from Mr. Akahnd Pratap Singh of Delhi Civil Court on18th May, 2013 the number was 8687333641. He threatened me to pay the bill or face the consequences.

My Tikona connection has been disconnected in January, 2012 itself. Now they are asking for pending amount even though they have not returned my security deposit. I have compained about this in the customer care but they are also not taking any tangible action. There is an appelate authority within TIkona with whom you can raise this concern. Check it on their website.

I am really not sure what to do and am following up with the customer care who dont have records of bills and all.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     19 May 2013

The following guidelines BY TRAI should provide you relief :



  • Q 1. A consumer has made a request for termination (closure) of the service. How long has he to wait? What about rentals and other dues?
  • A. The service provider shall terminate the connection within 7 days. They cannot charge rental or any other charges beyond the period of 7 days of request for closure made by the customer. Further, fresh bills shall be raised only after adjustment of the security deposit. The closure/ termination of service shall not be made conditional upon payment of dues/ bills/settlement of dispute. The outstanding amount of security deposits has to be refunded within 60 days of closure/ termination of service. In case of delay in refund beyond 60 days, a consumer is entitled to interest at the rate of 10% per annum for the number of days refund is delayed beyond 60 days.


You may also go thru:


Attached File : 73899043 broadband quality of service regulations bb 26-10.pdf downloaded: 639 times

Manpreet Singh Sood (Managing Partner)     19 May 2013

Report matter to Commsioner Police, Delhi and ask Cyber cell to enquire.

Tikona Care (Customer Support)     22 May 2013


Dear Customer,

Kindly accept our apologies for the inconvenience faced by you. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details.  We have assigned a reference number # TIKM590 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on


Tikona Care

kaushiks (Other)     22 May 2013

Ananya, the next time the fake advocate Mr. Singh called me I told him i'm recording the converastion and  asked him the following details:

1) Which court was he based in? - Answered: Delhi civil court.

2) Law firm Name. - Did not answer

3) His license no. - Answered me that his license no. is DL4BC6657. I asked him if he is a vehicle or a lawyer.

4) Why is the case in delhi and not in bangalore. - Answered that tikona files it in delhi.


I then asked him the name of his recovery agent firm and was it registered with tikona. Also told him if he dares call me again i will report his no and the recordings to bangalore police and then he himself would have to come to bangalore to fight the case.


Haven't received anymore calls from the advocate since :'(

Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 May 2013

@ Kaushiks,



Do not forget to send a representation titled as “ Notice” ( which you can also send) addressed to this MD…….of company and demand that under his original seal and signature he supplied by redg. post only the full name , designation, dept, address, name of company of this man who has been calling you from phone number……………on dated…………and dated……… per instructions of this MD, and who owns this phone number and this phone number is installed at which address.


You may mention although the regulators and courts of law have issued guidelines and instructions for the companies and promoters of the companies to behave as law abiding citizens and entities this MD seems to have given no heed to it and therefore you are contemplating to lodge a criminal complaint and approach intuitions’ including but not limited to print and electronic media, NGO’s, Regulator, police, social-public-legal portals, courts of law, etc……… his cost and consequences.

You may lodge a police complaint with local Thana with a copy to SP and Commissioner of police.

In each police commissioner/SSP office there is one police personnel who has access to ownership detail of all phone numbers. Approach and obtain the details. In all probabilities it will not be in the name of company and person who have been calling you.


Then you may lodge case of criminal intimidation, impersonation etc in court conducted by DCP at your location and serve the summons to this MD and let him produce this man…………


Give them some zitters down the spine. Burn the fire below their chairs and let them have blisters.

They are not fit to be left to loose around in a civilized society.





Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     15 October 2013

Was there any agreement or other document got signed by you as though they were executed in Delhi? Was it stated in any document that cases, if any, would be subject to Delhi jurisdiction? There are many companies which operate in one city but  have their head quarters in another city and they will mention in their terms and conditions that all matters would be under the jurisdiction of the far away city.

Deepak Kumar (Software Engineer)     13 June 2014

On 24th of April 2014 I registered a request by calling Tikona customer care for the disconnection of my service as they generate a new bill on 26th of each month .I mentioned in that complain that please do not generate a new bill as I'll be leaving Bangalore by 5th of May. They Cancelled that request and gave me a reason that my cell number was not reachable which is totally wrong, I have activated miss call alerts and if my cell number is not reachable or switched off I get a miss call alert including its time and even once I got a call from their customer care it got disconnected within 15 seconds and they didn’t called me again .I thought my request is in process and waited till 28th of April.


I called them on 29th of April and they said my request is cancelled and to raise one more request .I sent them one more request for disconnection on 29th but within that period (24th to 29th) they generated one more bill for the next month and I was unaware that they’ll do this thing. They disconnected it on 2nd of May. Earlier they said it takes 15 days for the disconnection but this time as they generated the bill so they disconnected it within two days by calling me and asking for immediate disconnection and I gave a nod to them. My Plan was a 4 Mbps plan and I get 80 GB under that plan. As I told you that i didn't wanted a new bill, so i mentioned this in my very first request(registered on 24th April) and the senior who was talking to me gave me full assurance that no new bill will be generated. So I used Tiokna services even after 25th till 2nd May (disconnection date) as they were providing the service and in between I used 6.5 GB of those 80 GBs (I was totally unaware that they will generate a new bill, I got to know that it was a system generated bill that they sent to me and it generates bill for the whole month).Now they are saying why did you logged in after 25th and this bill is generated because of that.


I have few valid questions that I told them,

Why did you give me assurance that a new bill will not be generated??

 Why the senior who was talking to me didn't tell me not to log in after 25th   as it will lead to a generation of new bill?


 Why you cancelled my request which I registered on 24th?


All these things points towards only one thing they purposefully generated a new bill so that they’ll ask for money.



I told them about this and when i said I’ll not pay the whole amount and I'll pay only for what I've used by mistake (140 rupees  for 6.5 GBs of 80 GB) they are saying they will take legal action  against me . Still I'm not in a mood to pay them the whole amount that's why i thought it's better to register a complaint against them. Please help me to get rid of this trouble .I’m frustrated with their daily miss calls; I don’t know why they give a miss call. If you want to talk to me my cell numbers are +91-9036760365, +91-8051164087.My Tikona service Id was 1108758284.:/

Xenophilius (IT)     19 December 2014

Hi All,

This is just to inform you all that - 


TIKONA IS A Cheap, fake & fraud company ... once you disconnect tikona services, they start calling you and threaten you to pay 2000-4000 Rs as pending amount. even if you have closed the services by paying the full amount.

I suffered this sh*t for 3 years and i have been trying to tell them and explain that I have paid the whole amount they want and even showed the bill to the tikona office ... but they say we cant do anything ... you have to pay the outstanding amount ... !!!

I paid Rs 1700 finally to close the matter last year ... but still today I got a call from Delhi high court then from a lawyer in mumbai high court ... telling me to pay 2250 Rs as overdue amount.

This is literally sick ... 


Pritam (Manager)     29 April 2015


  I have faced same problem with tikona. I used the connect in bangalore. My ID is 1111103480 Now I left the city. I called to the customer care to stop the services on January 1st because i dont want to continue. I remember the agent tried to pushed me to retain and finally he suggested me to refer it to my friend. But I forced to stop it then he took my complain. I have complain no to prove that. But after that the service was still active and they send me 2 months bill to pay. I refused to pay because no one used it. Then I am getting call from some layer from Delhi Narendra (9250405994) and his team. In a short time I came to know it's not a legal department because Narendra forced me to pay and suddenly he used abusive words. No professional lawyer will do that. In the mean time I send lots of mail to company but no reply. Suddenly I got a reply from company that a bill of two months stated my payment date is 11th may. But This fake legal people don't trust me and showing me some case ID and all that. My query is I am getting a bill from company itself with timeline and the same time legal notice ( If they will send). Is this legal for a company? 

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