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Case against me by tikona

Page no : 2

Hemant   30 June 2015

Dear Sir,


I am Hemant from Bangalore and just need your help to advice me.

I was the customer of Tikona broadband since June 2014 in Bangalore. All the payment I made in advance every three months.

I can't explain, how the horrible services I faced with Tikona. So many times net was not working and I called several times to customer care, but no responce, if they pick up the call just will say wait I wl check it out and sudden they will disconnect the line. Again try and try but can't get the line.This was become daily routine.

On 6th of March I got a mail from Tikona saying that, "Your current bill of Rs.224 is overdue. Consider this a gentle reminder for you to make this payment so that you can continue to enjoy our services."

This was the same line.

I don't know what was that amount ? called and asked them, again same story they said, some charges are there, which you have to pay. 

Then lastly I got fed up and called them several times and said I want to discontinue the net connection. A lady who was on phone said to me, You write the mail at then we wl accept.

I wrote a mail on 9th of March 2015 to discontinue the net connection, but all the mails were getting bounce. Still its happening the same, all the problems they have like calls problem, mail problem, customer care problem, service problem etc.

Lastly one mail reched to them and they replied back on 10th of March 2015 with this letter mentioned below,

With reference to the request raised on your Tikona broadband User ID.........., registered against your name, we commit to make sincere efforts to resolve whatever difficulty or issue you may have faced by engaging senior specialist from our team. Your account shall remain under our retention efforts for next 10 days to allow us a fair chance to satisfy your concerns and make sure you continue using Tikona services. It will delight us to re-instate your confidence in us. Within these 10 days we shall seek your cooperation to facilitate a prompt resolution with help of Specialized Help desk as well our field care executives.

We assure that in case our efforts to resolve valid issues to your satisfaction are not successful, then the monthly bill charges shall be applicable only till the next bill cycle date based on your last usage date or disconnection request date whichever is later. On processing of request for disconnection you will be required to return all Tikona installed equipment and material including indoor and outdoor CPE, POE adopter, cabling etc. In case CPE is not recovered charges of Rs 1500 shall be added towards the outstanding amount & you will continue to receive bill until you have not surrendered the CPE. Please note installation charges are non-refundable. Full and final settlement of the account will be done post completion of the above mentioned process.

1) Resolution of issues or problem with your cooperation             : Day 1 to Day 10

2) Formal email or call from your Registered Email or Mobile No.  : Day 1 to Day 10

3) Suspension of account (last bill cycle)                                       : Day 11 to Day 13

4) Payment of outstanding and return of equipments                   : Day 14 to Day 16

5) Closure of account                                   : Once activity 4 is completed then within 48hrs account will be closed.

Kindly note during the course of retention if your account shows usage then your account will be considered as retained & it would confirm you wish to continue with the services. 

In order to safeguard against any unauthorized request for disconnection of service we would also request you please write an email to from your registered email id or call 1-800 209 4276 from your registered mobile number if the above retention effort is not successful. Please note that communication received from email or mobile not registered as part of Personal Information of your Tikona account is liable to be considered as 'not valid' and thus request may not be processed.

We do trust that through our sincere effort we shall be able to resolve any and all valid technical or commercial problems and shall maintain a long term client relationship.

For faster access to Technical Support desk, call on 022-40629629* from anywhere in India. 

Customer Care
Tikona Digital Networks

I made all the payment online and was waiting for confirmation for disconnection.

I called them and said to take back the wires and all. No body came to my house to collect the same.

Again I got a mail from them saying that, pls return the all devices like Modem etc. and they mentioned one mob. no. to call them to come and collect it. 

I don't know why they are asking for Modem which I have not at all taken from them. It was purchaed earlier by me."

Till now no body came to collect the wires and adopter. Everymonth they are sending bills and adding monthly amount.  We have not used the net from 9th March 2015 itself.

And letter says with bill 1500/- you have to pay for Modem which you failed to return.This amount they have added in current month bill.

Today I got a call from a person and he said, I am from Delhi high court . Tikona company has filed a case agianst you, pls come and pay the amount of Rs. 70000/- in Delhi.

 Immediatly I called to Tikona Associate no. which was mentioned in Tikona mail and asked them again to take the wires and adopter. A  lady by name Roopa said, will send some body today but no body came to my house.

Again I tried to call them and a person by name Karthik picked up the call, I said some body is calling me from delhi and saying he is from Delhi high court and Tikona has filed the case against me, pls come to delhi and pay the amount of  Rs. 70000/- 

Then Karthik said, no prblm, simply they will call, pls send me your User Id and ph no. in my mobile, will close the issues.

I did the same and after that they sent me a local Bangalore no. to call them. I am trying that no. till evening but no response.

I am really fed up with such type of services and harassments from Tikona.

Pls advice me Sir, What to do? 

Best Rgds,




Kumar Doab (FIN)     30 June 2015


@ Hemant,


It is a simple thing to understand that whenever you call customer care the CCE has to issue complaint number and you should also demand to issue complaint number.


You should note down the call log and record the calls and send email at least, narrating the calls ( mention phone numbers, names,dates, minutes etc) and build written record.

 If any amount is to be paid then BILL has to be supplied.

If BILL is not understandable then explanation is to be demanded in writing and supplied in writing.

If emails bounce or no satisfactory response is supplied  then escalate to Nodal Officer, Appellate Authority.

If you have ordered for disconnection then demand disconnection number and you can decline to accept retention period (from disconnection date)and mention that you have paid for Modem, wires etc and you can not be charged for the period service is faulty, erratic, interrupted etc.


If you are not getting any relief then this unscrupulous company is simply inflating its bills.


You may now approach a lawyer dealing in consumer maters and pull them to DCDRF.

Bhaswati   12 August 2015

Hello All,

I am facing a similar issue. I requested to disconnect my Tikona connection and submitted my modem. I received a mail from Tikona for full-and final settlement for Tikona 1112157811. The mail states that the Tikona modem needs to be returned or else there will be penalty.

I informed them that the Tikona modem is already collected from my place and handed over to their engineer who visited to collect the modem on May 24, 2015. I informed this to the customer care over phone as well.
However, I received a call today stating that a case has been filed at Delhi High Court, DLA/975/428/2015 asking me to pay Rs.1350 within an hours time.
I am going to file this in Consumer Forum and also lodge a Police complaint for unwanted call.
Please suggest if I should take any other action.
Thanks for your help.

Jaime L   14 August 2015

I also have faced the same issue. I had no dues pending. Still, I have paid the amount they asked as of now. But I will proceed against them in consumer court in September when I have some free time. I have not got any reply from their customer care and appellate authority when i informed about the lawyer calling me.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 August 2015

Don't pay for any device without proper receipt. Videoshoot the whole meeting. Obtain company id and personal id of company's person and send everything to customer care and ask them to confirm in writing.

Don’t handover anything without proper receipt. Videoshoot the whole meeting. Obtain company id and personal id of company's person and send everything to customer care and ask them to confirm in writing.


There are vigilant customers of M/s Tikona also.


vighnesh   03 September 2015


Myself Vighnesh .I had disconnected my Tikona Broadband Connection in May 2015.Few weeks back i have started recived calls from some person who tells me that that,they  are calling me on behalf of Delhi Civil Court and civic suit is belng filed against me in Delhi court.On call she had told me if i havent make the payement in next 1 hrs legal prosecution will me taken against me and police would arrest me.On phone she was insisting of settlement.When i had made some findings on internet i have noticed that this are calls made by recovery agent who thrents on calls for settlement of bills.Though i have disconnected my Internet connection i dont know how they are genearting bills every month and askimg me for payment?

Please suggest me what action should i take?

Can police arrest takes place for an civil case?


Kumar Doab (FIN)     03 September 2015

The disconnection and how to disconnect and how to handle the unscruplous callers has been discussed in this thread in detail.


Apparently M/s Tikona as per various threads at LCI alone has been indulging into such activities.

There is option to Search at LCi in both Forum/Experts sections...........


Jut type 'Tikona' in box to search on right hand side of the web page 'Search Topics &Posts'/'Search Q&A' and you shall have access to all threads.




Archit Jain   01 December 2015

For any complaints please register same on (this is a ministry portal). Lodge the complaint against Telecommunication -> Dept. of Telecom mentioning Tikona in service provider name. The ministry people will help get it sorted out.

Aman Yadav   22 December 2015

I also received so many FAKE calls from Tikona Lawyer. I have the recording of all the conversations.
What type of stiff action can be taken against Tikona in this case ?
I want to file a case against Tikona, what is the procedure ?

I want to teach them a lesson seriously.




Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2015

Police Complaint, complaint with TRAI,DoT,Minister,DCDRF,Civil Suit for defamation etc are the options.............

IndianEduMan   25 December 2015

Hello every one!! Today i also received a similar call for Rs. 1600 and asked to pay for most pathetic service i have received. And story is same as mentioned above from may. Multiple times i have called them to stop but they don't do.

Let collectively higher a layer and file a case agains Tikona. I am sure collectively its should be less than 200 per head if collectively we file a case. 
Tikona just cannot public over senstive information because of what ever reason. 

Will Start a FacePage again this soon!! Please support!! 
This harasment has to be stopped.

I am updating this numbers too from which i got a call, filling a police complain on them and request to update other numbers as well.









Please ignore such morons!! they will just take your mind peace for no reason.

Kunal   20 January 2016

got the same call from these guys. i told them to go ahead and file a case (also told them to hire a good lawyer).

adding numbers from these guys:




@Indianeduman - I'm in to hire a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against these guys. they need to be stopped. 

i kept telling these guys to disconnect me for over a year... so basically i paid them about 19,200 for bad service that i didnt even want.

I dont mind putting in the same amount to go after them.

abhinav   26 February 2016

I was getting so many issues in connectivity. The connection used to disconnect automatically and won’t let me connect thereafter. Then after had to report this issue on weekly to daily basis. I told them if you can not fix the problem then cut the connection but they neither disconnected nor fixed it. So I stopped the payment for Tikona.
Now after some days some people calling as Lawyer and threatening for payment. Why should I pay money for this kind of service I faced in nearly 8 months where as they have got the payment for 1 month extra at the time of connection and i m thinking to go to police station to report the phone number.

Deepak   05 March 2016


I am Deepak from Pune. I also got similar call from a lady who was saying herself a lawyer from Delhi Tishazari court. See told that tikona has some pending amout on me  so pay now 900 INR.

Same day I got an email from tikona that I have not submitted their device after connetion termination so I need to pay 1500 INR or they will file a case against me.

I replied to them that their agent has already collected the device from my premise but they are continuesly sending same email every day.

I tried calling to their customer care but call could not connected.

Please suggest, what action should be taken in this situation.




vidyadhar pande (executive)     07 April 2016

I also have received a similar call from Tikona Lawyer (mob No. 9899326958).

Actually I had placed a request for immediate disconnection on 8th august 2015 , as I was not getting the proper network. But inspite of sending me the bill for actual usage, Tikona kept on sending the bill with delayed charges of Rs 100 per month. and now for total bill of Rs 1800 (including late payment charges) tikona have threatened me to file a case in the civil court at Delhi.

Jaya (tikona id 1112017625)

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