Carrer inputs needed for a law aspirant

I am B Tech graduate. I am a native of Pondicherry. I worked for 5 years and then took a break of almost a year and now actively considering doing the three year LLB course 
1. Is it worth doing LLB at this age - 27? As you know as per BCI rules, the age limit for the 3 year LLB course is 30. So I dont see any eligibility restriction. But are there any obvious risks which I dont see as I am new to this area? 
2. What are the career options? 

3. Read about Indian Judicial Service somewhere. What is it? Is it like IAS? Does it mean we will get posted anywhere in India and not in native? My primary goal is to become a judge how easy it is? what would be the procedure?
May get more , but I think this is fine for now. Looking for your support.



I really admire your optimism after reading your post.  If we do the cost benefit analysis based on the facts enumerated by you - you are only seeking out the brighter picture.   My point is you seems to be only interested in status and monetary benefit  and have not indicated what this noble profession can expect from you. 

Secondly God forbid if your goals of becoming a judge or succeeding in IAS are not fulfilled then are you ready to invest about at least another five years.

Thirdly you have not indicated your reason of shifting from pure sciences (B Tech) to career in Judiciary/IAS.  Always keep your options open.

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Thanks, Daksh. I agree with your point am looking for status. But not on monetary benefit. I was earning close to 5 lpa in IT but quit job. So i understand that i may not get the same sal initially and i have to adjust my lifestyle now. I am still a bachelor though. This noble profession can expect from me straight forwardness, a different prespective as I am coming from a different background. I am not planning for IAS. I was talking about IJS, I read somewhere that there are plans to introduce a Indian Judicial Service on the lines of IAS. So I wanted to know what is IJS is all about.


You brought a very valid point what if things go haywire and thats what even am worried and thats why seeking the help of all people here in the profession who can advice me as what are the pros and cons. What are the chances like a probability


Dear Velmourougan,

In a layman's way there are two approaches one is like one day match - Prepare objectively get selected and learn while you earn (monetarily as well as status wise).

The second is having more deep meaning  and is more subjective - there might be trials and turbulance but everyone is a winner in it.  It is called the class of its own - being test match approach - it requires you to give initial about 10 years of your post LL B years and then there won't be any looking back.

I hope I have made my point emphatically clear.

God Bless

Best Regards



Thanks Daksh again. To put in simple words

Second approach  - Join a lawyer as a junior and then practice independently - 10 years you have to slog

First approach - Is not clear to me - You mean to say join a law firm?






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