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Car Parking in housing society

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A fighter (NA)     08 January 2018

Ok, thats really bad then. I understand your point Mr Ramchandran, but this is very grey area then, what are the options for the members who are affected, Does Byelaws grants MC or office bearers to lock the owners cars without stickers, even if they are parked at their own designated slot without disturbing fellow resisdents. Another point is this MC tenure is over, how much powers would such MC will have? Can they forcefully ask watchman to lock the only few owner's cars in society premises. Who will be responsible in case of any emergency comes and member's car is locked? (sorry if am repeating few things again and again)

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     14 January 2018

Please answer the following questions.

1.Are you a co-operative housing society?

2. In which State and which city are you?

Laws change according to type of society, from State to State and from city to city.

A fighter (NA)     14 January 2018

Yes We are Registered under CHS in Maharashtra, its in Mumbai. But locking owners car parked at his own parking slot is worrisom.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     14 January 2018

In Maharashtra, in Mumbai a certain number of car parking lots have to be earmarked under the Development Control Rules (DCRs). All parking lots shall belong to the Society and they have to be alloted to members. A parking fee as decided by the General Body can be charged for parking cars. Once registration for the society is obtained, the provisional committee shall inform the Election Authority (EA).  The EA shall send a representative to conduct elections and form the new Managing Committee. In case elections are not held, you can complain to the election authority. Locking of cars, charging Rs.500/- etc. are illegal. You can complain to the police and to the Deputy Registrar of your ward at Malhotra Building, Opposite GPO.

A fighter (NA)     14 January 2018

Thank you Sir.

Disha Sharma   13 March 2022

@R.Ramachandran - Do you live in a society?

Do you believe in your rights?

Do you always take the easier route?

Do you ever stand up for what is right?

Do you question anything in life?

Do you believe in Freedom?

It is given that there are ways and rules made to live in a society but the society has no right to shove the rules down the throats of everyone. Puttting a lock on a private vehicle when parked in the private layout is illegal and downright offensive. Paying a fine to satisfying the Society ego and buttering the members by accepting these rules just to make things 'easier' may not be the funda of life for everyone. These are baseless rules the society makes just beacuse they cannot and do not want to focud on the better ways to solve the problem.

Also, if you agree that this is the right thing to do Sir, you too surely are agreeing to the illegal things that is being done. And you too are a part of the whole gambit. Congratlations!!

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