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Can wife withdraw dv case ?

Page no : 2

sandeep   09 August 2015

I agree with gyanprakash. Told you dont go there is no turning back in such decisions he is just calling you out of fear. He will only take revenge from you then where will you go?no court will take your case thn what will you do?move on girl.

H.JanakiManohar Rao (lawyer)     09 August 2015

You are the  best judge for yourself.You alone know the reasons to come to the court.It is not good to blame the courts and lawyers and you came to the conclusion that the courts and lawyers are there for seperation.You have come to the court for legal redressal. The court will protect you from the clutches of your husband if he is going against law.It is your family and your life.Hundred people will give hundred advises.You hear all the advises calamly and quietely and take your own decision.Then you will be held responsible for your decision.In your interest only everybody is parting their views and advices.Much can be said on both sides.So think well and take judicious decision.Any desion is welcome to everybody.   

jaig   09 February 2016

The things you want are contradictory :

"assurance that he wont repeat domestic violence again"
"have a condition that he should come atleast once in the hearing and in front of the Learned Magistrate he should sign some bond that he wont repeat DV again"

Do you understand, agreeing to such things is actually admitting to the commission of DV, and that he is wrong and you are right. That is to say, you want to win the same case, for which you are fighting in court, outside the court !!

It seems you have a good chance of reuniting. And you are also somewhat bent towards that. Thats good news. But you cannot stick to the DV allegations at the same time. You can win the case, or you can win the husband, but not both. You have to choose.

My case is very similar, I also wanted to reunite after wife left, but not at the cost of bowing down to her false allegations. I would rather let my marriage collapse than my self-respect. And I guess many men think alike. Compared to that your husband sounds still caring for you. Did he also put similar condition to you - that you have to sign a bond for not filing a false case again ? I surely would have done that.

I never say, you should compromise if you were victim of DV. You should carry on the case, and forget about reuniting with an abusive husband. Hope you get justice.

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