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Rajesh Saklani (sole proprietor)     02 August 2012

Can i take mother-in-law pension legally?


I have mother-in-law which get pension of around 10,000 .

She is living with her son and his wife but she doesn't talk to her son and his wife.

sometime ago, she came to my house and offered me around 8,000 rupees every month, because she doesn't want to give anything to her son.

But, I don't want any liability. I don't want to take care of her. I want she just live with her son and give me the pension.

Because, I know that she is a evil woman and I hate her.

I want to know if I take her pension, will there will any liability on me for taking care of her when she will be ill, legally.

Do her son can do anything legally against me?

Please don't misunderstand me. but, I need money because of my financial problems. but, I can't take care of her because I just hate her, of course everyone hates her.

She will not give anything to her son, so may I can utilize the money. is it wrong or illegal?





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Krish (unavailable)     02 August 2012

If you hate her then your should not take her money either. That is the morally correct thing to do, despite your financial problems. You need to solve your financial problems yourself without taking money from her, and learning to live within your means no matter what they are. At least then you can hold your head up high with full integrity. I would tell her thank you for her generous offer,  but she must really spend the money on herself or give it to her son after all he IS looking after he in some way. Do not practice hypocrisy. It is not the Hindu nor is it a Muslim way to be a good human being.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     02 August 2012

1. MIL is not your liability. She is liability of her son and DIL.
2. If she offers voluntarily money p.m. without seeking anything in return then you can take the same for your financial needs. Even SC says money given to Son-in-Law for financial needs without demand by Father / Mother –in-Law does not come under “dowry” or forcing In Laws for “dowry demands” by son –in-law or his side of family.


Ranee....... (NA)     03 August 2012

No.It is not wrong and illegal.It is clear from  tajob's post that Sc also says it is not wrong and it is not dowry..Why should she need to give him(SON) if she hates him??You must be a very good Jamai Raja, right?

you can get her whole pension.Instigate your dearest sweetheart sasumaa (tell your wife to shed crocodile tears before her mother that you need more money) to file a maintenance case on her son.

For details you ask Tajobsindia how to proceed.

Be happy and keep posting fake query so that great lawyers give you legal remedy calmly.


why don't you do robberries instead.....u filthy b*tch !!!

Rajesh Saklani (sole proprietor)     04 August 2012


thanks a lot. I can take mother-in-laws pension without any tension.

Please don't misunderstand me, but can I pursue mother-in-law to launch a maintenance case against her son?

some people are not happy with my query, but think logically, if she doesn't want to give pension to her son what is the problem If I take it? Now, when no laws can be used against me, then it is legal for me.

thanks a lot.

Rajesh Saklani (sole proprietor)     09 August 2012

One lawyer told me daughter has liability towards her parents if she is working.

My wife is a working woman, will she be liable towards her mother?

if yes, do her mother can file or her brother also can file a complain or suit against her?

jlisting (adocate)     15 August 2012

People like you give humanity a bad name. There are legal laws and there are moral code of ethics. . You have no morals and o ethics. I hope someone treats your own mother the same way even if she is a witch. Maybe then you will nderstand, or better still when you are old and frail, and someone takes advantage of you even though you are no prize to humanity. Shame on you.

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