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Manju Bhargavi (Software Engineer)     29 August 2008

Can i file case on my X-boyfriend

Hello sir,

My situation is bit critical to me. Let me explain in detail. I liked one guy in my company and had relationship with him for last 1 year. He never said that he love me, but he told in the starting of these, as these things(s*x affair) are not good between us as we dont have any intension of marriage. In the begining i was also not having any intension of marrying him, but because of his good character, i feel in love with him and we crossed the limit(the mistake i did in my life which i regret for). After some days, my interest towards him drove strong and i proposed marriage with him, for which he told his parents will not agree. After some days, i found i am pregnant, and i had been aborted. Now, i feel i dont have any other option rather than marrying him. Seeing this situation, he also told he will speak with his parents and try to convience them for our marriage and he is telling now he did that and his parents did not agree for that. Now, he is cheating me by not even lifting my call, not talking to me nicely always shouting at me. I am going in-vain. He is planning for arranged marriage with some other girl. I dont know what to do at this instance. Some times i feel, literally I have been cheated and want to commit suicide. But i can't do that. I want to file a cheating case on his. Is this possible by any ways.

Please, please help me out in this regard.





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Guest (n/a)     29 August 2008

Yes, you can file a cheating case against your ex- boyfriend. Take guidance of a good advocate locally to win the case. Even though the boy is not intrested in the physical affair with you initially that will not prove his innocence in the present situation.Save all the medical receipts for evidence of abortion.
This advice is as an advocate . But as an Indian I wud advice you that taking your self as the best example try to guide people around you to utilize ones education and freedom to kepp up the Indian values and culture.

H. S. Thukral (Lawyer)     29 August 2008

There is no case of cheating made out. In the stated fact your ex-boyfriend  never promised to marry you. Had it been the case, the boy were in serious trouble of having committed a Rape. Since  you are getting revengeful, you also did not love him for that matter. Look, if he marries you, you are ready to condone his act otherwise you are prepared to create trouble for him. Just because you have suffered, he alone can not be blamed for that. 

I may be wrong in my advice and therefore I would like to be enlightened by Ms. Anitha, how she thinks a case of cheating can hold against the boy.  Mine is not a bullish male sympathy but an interpretation of the facts.    

guest (advocate)     29 August 2008

Dear Manju,

As per your version, it is apparrent that, you have been cheated by your ex-boy friend. Eventhough he was orally said that, he is not interested in physical relations with you, then he shoud have avoided the same, but it is not like so. Hence, his intentions are also very clear in this matter to have S#xual relations with you. Now, if he denies to marry you, you are at liberty to file a criminal case alleging him for Rape and Cheating, you drag that fellow before the Media, then only you can achieve what you want. First of all, you should approach your area State Human Rights Commission, that is the best way to get the justice at an effective manner without any cost. I wish you all the best for your success.


N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     29 August 2008

Dear Manju,

                         Not as an advocate, but as a brother this is piece of my advise: Well its not surprising to hear such thing in this country or in any other corner of this world, as such things do happened to millions of youths, boy cheating on girl and vice versa. yes, there may be a case of indictment against your boy friend, but not the vengance but your future and the unborn child in your womb are at stake. Take things cooly and ponder all the pros and cons least you take the wrong steps to be regretted through out your life.

                              Supposing you won the case against your lover boy and embrassed him through legal action, what is the benefit to you and the unborn child in your womb? The matter will get worse never to be reconcile in life for both of you, more over it was a contributory negligence for both of you to go up to that extend without any future plan for marriage? So stop the blame game and all those dirty washing linean in the eye of the people and stand up courageously at lest for the sake of the innocent sweet child in your womb. Indian women are known for their courage so keep it up and face the future courageously. One monkey goes thousands monkeys will come in, dont bother.

                       Just go for maintenance under section 125 of the Criminal procedure Code, as 125 Crpc is not confined to legitimate child only, who knows one day your lover Boy may come to you with folding hands to forgive him and your child may become one of the most important person in India..May God Bless You.


Manish Singh (Advocate)     29 August 2008

 I support the viewsof Mr. Thukral ans Mr.Assumi.

 This case can not be made out for cheating under IPC or Refusal to Marry and cheat under IPC.

things would have been different if you both had in live-in relations.

Guest (n/a)     29 August 2008

After going through all the advice for your problem. I further like to adivce you to go to the boys parents directly and talk to them regarding your conceiving and abortion. If they reject even after that please do not hesitate to drag all of them to file a case.Since being boys parents they cannot destroy a girl life. Inspite of all this if you still love the boy you have live but not commit suicideequeses.

Shree. ( Advocate.)     29 August 2008


If you are legally married then your work will be easy to complain to police & if not married then also you can lodge complaint but it may take a long time to get justice. Anyway if you are ready for anything then go on & lodge a complaint to the nearest police station & if possible contact an advocate who will help you in legal proceedings.

simply tell him "you are history!"


Ravi Arora (Advocate)     29 August 2008

no case of cheating is made out. at the most you can file a case of rape, for that you have to proove that your BOYFRIEND Promised you that he will marry you only then you entered in that .. physical relationship and you get pregnat and now he is not agree to marry.


But i will not advise you to go for a legal case,


it will be very painful for you and at Last IF YOU WIN ( dear you will find that you lost every thing )


better to forget  every thing ( you are also GUILT )  and strat your new life in a new way. it will be good for you and your father mother and every body at your home.


take care

Mohit Attri (lawyer)     29 August 2008

miss manju its very simple prblm ....and u hve so many option

its a case of rape. u hve to show befor the court that my ex- boy friend  was agree for marriage nd now aftr physical relation he dnied his promise.

prof s c pratihar ( urologist &legal studies)     29 August 2008

dear manju, am a sr doctor. like daughter i sadvice you not to go for legal battle. this happens with many.you can take retaliation at the cost of yr total mental peace.keep trust in GOD.some one wl  come who wl compensate all.to err in human -to forgive divine.you have manythings to do in life.drscpratihar

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     29 August 2008

Consensual s*x does not amount to rape - says the Supreme Court in a judgment passed by Hon'ble Justice Arijit Parsayat and D.K.Jain in 2007. If the consent was not obtained by coercion it is not rape. However no hard and fast rule can be laid and each case is different. All Advocates have given good answers which shows they are inherently good.

To Manju

" Do not commit suicide " Gallti sabse hoti hai. You say in the beginning he said he does not love you and it is not right- in such a case how can you make out a case of cheating as there is no misrepresentaion. All is not lost . Keep your head high and go after a noble goal. Please do not cheat yourself by hiding this from your future  husband.

To Anitha [ guest] Please do not sent a client after a wild goose chase with his hard earned money pursuing a legal remedy which may ruin her and her family.

We also feel bad as also we are fathers of daughters, but then what to do? If you had got enough love , affection , care , attention from your house and would not have watched romanticising movies, read good books, been able to distinguish between attraction, love , s*x this problem would not have arisen. Human beings are helpless against torrents.  We may wear clothes , act civilised  but as Tolstoy said " the blood of the beast is always in man"

I feel bad for Manju as well as for ...............

Srinivas.B.S.S.T ( Advocate)     30 August 2008

Well said Rajan Sir

Guest (n/a)     30 August 2008

The advice of Mr. ranjan salvi is good as a daughter of a father.

But to Mr. Ranjan Salvi , sir i have given ms manju the legal remedy, but not suggested wild goose chase. I have adviced her the legal stand of her case. I have advised the rights what she have at this juncture of her situation Only after seeing her interest in filing case.
Please kindly note that.

But one thing sir in spite of you being advocate and fighting for other rights only because you are father of a daughter you cannot degrade yourself that mistakes would be done only by daughters.

As men have emotions women do have emotions. Only because of being born as boys are they not taught by parents to control their emotions and feelings and only girls have to?

I believe that moral values apply to both the genders equally and this has to be taught at home.

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     30 August 2008

If there was a protest march in favour of gender justice, i would be amongst the forerunners. I am totally for it but we cannot go against the laws of nature.

You have a legal right . O.K. well and good. It is a power and power is like a wild beast. It has to be exercised keeping in mind the after effects. I do not have two thoughts about the genuineness of your concern while giving advice.

All human beings have emotions. But we men hold women in so high esteem that we feel outrageous when somebody steps out of the line. Man is a product of his premises. Being a part of the society knowingly or unknowingly , the values/customs are imbibed by us. Ham to bure hai. Yaar , koi to acha mangta hai. The most corrupt man will also want a driver to be a teetotaller , his family members to be virtuous.

I agree that moral values apply to both the genders equally and this should be taught at home , but dear friend do not forget to make your daughters to be street smart and aware of the ways of the world. Both the pros and cons of loose morals should be taught.

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