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Hello All,

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could shed some light on the above mentioned case from the High Court. These properties belonged to Asman Jah Paigah. Moin Ud dowla bahadur was the last Amir e paigah. After his demise one of her daughters had filed a suit in court for partition of properties between the L.R.s of Moin Ud dowla. He left 15 sons and 7 daughters.

My grandmother was one of the defendant in the above suit. Preliminary decree was passed by AP high court for the partition and distribution of property to the shareholders.

My grandmother was unaware of the properties and the proceedings. Since she had no knowledge, the same wasnt passed to her daughters.

After a lapse of almost 50 years certain parties started approaching the Lrs and started making various MOU, GPA, Agreement of Sale Etc. Some of them were registered instruments and some of them were unregistered agreements.

The moment any of these instruments were signed, the second party would give out meager amounts as token money and then disappear without hearing anything from them. Since my mother is one of the Lrs and she lives in Middle east with my father, she was not aware of the proceedings goin on after the agreements.

Some of the GPA's or MOU's or unregistered agreements were done as far back as 2000. Most of the agreeents were carried out until 2013 without any benefit to her. Agreements were done for ridiculous amounts and balance money was never paid after the agreements.

I used to live abroad as well but have recently moved back to Hyderabad. After discovering these diabolical freak accounts i decided to take matters in my hands. I would like to know the following


1) What is the validity of registered GPA or Agreement of Sale. After how much time of inactitvity on the GPA can it be cancelled?

2) Are unregistered GPA of any value in the eye of law?

3) What is the procedure to cancel all existing inactive GPA's.

4) Do we have to pay the money that was given to her at the time of sigining the GPA back to them, eventhough after years of any activity or any further payments by second party?

5) What is the appropriate to get all these instruments to be cancelled properly through law.

Please help me in order for me to proceed further and cancel all these and work on the properties myself.


Thanking you


Kindest regards




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