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r. ram babu b.com (proprietor)     05 September 2017

Bank manager debited my a/c unauthorisedly- rti act- proceed

I have been filing TDS returns of various branches of a nationalised bank.

1 branch - am vexed with non co-operation of staff of that branch had discontunued i.e refused to accept thier calls.

in turn branch manager faced music from its depositors for improper form 16As. devilBranch manger debited my account with 20,000 rupees.

Without my knowledge and without any requisition slip for DD he has debited - as if i requested DD. 

Now I approached my base branch, for the reason for debiting without my consent. He personally coolexpressed his helplessness. 

Now, i want to apply for copy of DD requestion slip. On obtaining the requisition slip I will file cheating case.

I seek your advise on my above approach particularly !) that Branch Manager is influential (bank officialswise + bank union wise) 

2) MAY BE having good contact with police. 

keeping the above 2 factors, advise me how to proceed. whether the way chose is correct or not.

Next what would be the jurisdiction to file case. enlightenedpolice station of the branch where it is debited or the base branch ( where i have opened my account )  or my residence.

Thanks in advance.


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     06 September 2017

Do not assume such things and simply ask under RTI .

Application dt.6th Sept, 2017 seeking information under RTI Act,filed

Before:  CPIO, ..............Bank..............................

RTI fee: Postal order Rs.10/- fvg:............Bank payable at.......



Reference to Information:  Debiting of .....................account standing in the name of............................Account No...............on...............for Rs.............


Information solicited:

1.Please provide me certified copies of such debit vouchers.

2.Please provide me the copy of such authority/rule/stipulation under which a Bank can debit the account of a customer without his consent and knowledge.

3.Please provide me the purpose of such debit, and the steps that prevented officials for contacting the custoemer before such debit.


Information solicited:


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r. ram babu b.com (proprietor)     06 September 2017


Thanks for prvoding the format. 

will you please clarify  " such things and simply ask under RTI ."

you have provided  the ready to use format But the above condition ... " Do not assume ..... " 


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     06 September 2017

First sentence is simple suggestion to know facts.  The fundamental management word is  A S K. , You have to ask and get facts.

r. ram babu b.com (proprietor)     06 September 2017

Thanks for the clarification.

R Trivedi (advocate.dma@gmail.com)     07 September 2017

Why are messing up multiple things? What you do and how influential is branch manager is useless nonsense in the matter. Your problem is that your bank debited Rs. 20000 from your account without your knowledge, go to them and take a statement (online if you have that facility) and ask for what this amount is debited. They will tell you then and there, no RTI required. If they don't then come back here.

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