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Shobhan Serrao (NA)     28 April 2011

Aspiring to become an agriculturist - in Karnataka

I was working in an MNC in Mumbai till June last year. Due to health constraints (a kidney transplant in 1989 & brain clot in 2006), it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to cope with the (mental & physical) stress of professional life in Mumbai. I therefore resigned & returned to my home town mangalore, Karnataka.

Having had time to evaluate my priorities for the past 9 months & think what I would like to do with my life, I arrived at the decision that i want to become an agriculturist. Though I do not have a formal background pertaining to this field, but I'm sure that I would be able to garner the right assistance & support to become a successful farmer. With farmers increasingly moving to blue collar jobs, who would grow the food tomorrow to be put on our tables... & at what price would we get these scarce resources.

Having explained the background of my problem, let me share my actual concerns

Neither me nor my parents are agriculturists. What is the procedure I need to follow so that I may purchase agricultural land & take up farming?

What (kind of) support can I get & from where, for me to succeed in my venture?

I would appreciate advice / guidance on this matter..


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Chetan Pichamuthu (ACM)     28 April 2011

Hi Soban,

Its always good to return back to mother nature...

But in your case the following needs to be considered,

Since you worked for an MNC; i presume that your Salary would have been greater than Rs.2Lacs /annum...This would make you in-eligible to purchase agricultural property under the Karntaka land refroms act.

Hence suggest that you consult an lawyer locally and get the procedures in place failing which land purchased will be vested back to Govt.(Instances wherein non-agriculturist have purchased lands based on false certificates)

That apart base you business on budget, your liking, goal and for that you will most probably have to spend sometime with locals....Nothing is impossible. Have heard of a MBA graudate who started of with 20 cows and is now running an Dairy with 1000 cows near Hesargathha(B'lore)

So  all the best, but get your basics right.  

Shobhan Serrao (NA)     29 April 2011

Thank u for ur inputs Chetan (& the positive wishes on my goal).

You are absolutely right on all the concerns u have raised. Having worked in Vodafone for 13 yrs, I did draw a salary considerably in excess of the 2 lac limit stipulated by the Govt. I have no intention of doing anythin ultra legal or something that which will land me in a soup down the years. That's y I gave a complete background about myself & also clarity on my plans / intentions.

Just like the guy who ended with a 1000 cows, I too would like to make a difference in the farming sector. I am keen to start with fruits / vegetables & then move to animal husbandry. I know that the accomplishment of my goal is not a straigtforward task. I would really appreciate all guidance provided on how I could get back to the soil (& I dont mean being buried in it...)


Naveen Kumar (service)     29 April 2011

Hi Soban,

     As per Karnataka Land Reforms Act, if any one who is not from Agriculture background wants to buy an agriculture [Wet/Dry] land can approach the D.C for their intention to become agriculturist.  If they fullfill the requirements [Documents, Intention to become Agriculturist etc.,] then D.C will give permission to buy A, B or C Class Agriculture Land.  This rule will not applicable for buying Plantation Crops i.e., Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Pepper, Cardamom etc.,  The land having plantation crops does not comes under ceiling limits(section 63 & 64), that land has no application of section 79A and 79B of land reforms act. That is even non agriculturist or any one can buy land having plantations crop. 

Shobhan Serrao (NA)     29 April 2011

Thank u Naveen. I'm in the process of drafting the letter to be submitted to the DC / AC. Actually, I had been to the AC's office earlier this week. Sad part is that the staff in that office itself is unaware about the procedure / requirements for affecting such change in status, i.e. from normal to citizen.

With the 2 lac limit n all other restrictions placed to become an 'agriculturist' it seems as if the Govt wants to keep this sector in the hands of the marginalised, uneducated & gullible masses. They do not want to see growth & innovation to flourish in this sector.... In fact, does this restriction not infringe on my First Fundamental right as an Indian Citizen...Right to equality, including equality before law, prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, s*x or place of birth, and equality of opportunity in matters of employment?

MAHALAKSHMI (MANAGER)     28 December 2011

Dear Mr Naveen, Please advice how does one differentiate between agriculture land and plantation land

Naveen Kumar (service)     28 December 2011

Dear Madam,

As i explained before there are 3 types of lands i.e., A, B & C Class Lands.  If one wants to buy agriculture land he/she may be a agriculturist or their ancestors.  This rule will not applicable for buying Plantation Crops i.e., Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Pepper, Cardamom etc.,  One can buy any number of plantation land as per this clause.  The land having plantation crops does not comes under ceiling limits(section 63 & 64), that land has no application of section 79A and 79B of land reforms act. That is even non agriculturist or any one can buy land having plantations crop.  

The term for agriculture land and plantation land both are same but the difference is that what you grow and what type of land it is.  Plantation land has much value than agriculture land and these are called commercial crops.  You can buy plantation land without being a agriculturist, but in case of agriculture land it's not possible. 

MAHALAKSHMI (MANAGER)     29 December 2011

Thanks Naveen.....but i'm still not clear on few things

1. Can a agriculture land be registered as Plantation land

2. Is there any sealing on it ( Number of acres )

3. What is the stamp duty percentage

4. Will the seller have any objection in registering the property as Plantation Land

Please advice

Ravi Kumar (N/A)     13 June 2013

This discussion thread has not seen any firm response on how a non-agriculturist can buy agricultral land. If anyone can please recommend few simple step by step procedure for the same, it helps a lot of us. 

Prasad P. Burli (Partner)     16 May 2014

Dear Shobhan, Ravi  & MAHALAKSHMI,

Pls advise if you were successful in purchasing the land of your choice.

I am also intending to purchase agri land and like you I am also working in an MNC. Any guidance that you may pls provide wil be much appreciated.


Dear Naveen,  Much appreciate your guidance to purchase Plantation Land instead of buying agriculture land, however the cost of such land is 1::10 or even more. Pls advise if I as a person with a non-agriculture background can buy a agri land if my wife has an agri background and owns an agri land. If yes then pls advise how this is possible.

Would greatly appreciate your advise and feedback at the earliest.



Naveen Kumar (service)     16 May 2014

Hi Prasad, i don't know whether the Shobhan, Ravi & Mahalakshmi bought the land or not.  

Yes, you can buy the any kind of agriculture land [ like paddy, plantation] in your wife's name, but unless she don't possess the RTC in her name you cant.  In another case assume that either you or your wife don't have RTC [ i mean agriculture background]   than also you can buy lands.  Yes the plantation lands are quite expensive.  But if you do some research work you will get the lands starting at 2 lakhs per acre.  [The least prices are barren lands, after purchasing the land you can develop.  It will take hardly 2 to 3 years, if you do hard work on this.]  If you want to buy condition plantation lands means it will cost 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs - depends on the location, yielding, resources etc.,   the cheap paddy lands are also available, just do some research.  If you want further information write me.  Put the same question in "Farmnest" website. may be you will get the answer.  

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