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Robert   28 March 2016

Are adoptive parents allowed change child's religion?

When I was 9 year old, my mother (widow) who was working in Dubai as a registered nurse became terminally ill with cancer and she arranged for me to live with a family who would agree to be my guardians until I turned 18 since no one else back in Australia where me and my mother are from would agree to take me in when she died. Fortunately, a Punjabi Sikh family with a 9 year old son my age agreed to take me in and when my mother died, I moved back to Ludhiana India with this Sikh family. As soon as we arrived in India. I was told by my Sikh foster family that I am no longer allowed to cut my hair and I have to wear a patka from now on. I am fifteen years old now and I still live with my Sikh foster family and my hair is down to my waist and I still wear a patka. Are adoptive parents allowed to change the religion of any children who they adopt who are of a different religion?


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KS Johal   28 March 2016

It is nice to hear that you have got adoptive parents. Please note there are many children who do not have parents, you are one of the lucky children who have at least adoptive parents. Adoptive parents have the same kind of responsibilities as real parents. Sometimes we as children do not like the decisions of our parents. If you are 15 years of age then you would need to abide by your parents wishes, unless you have a compelling reason why you should not. Even if that is the case you would need to talk to your parents. The question regarding religion would have been discussed initially when the child was adopted. When children are put into adoption generally they tend to put the child in the same religion as they were from. Sometimes if a match is not found then a child is given to a caring family who will give them good family values. I would not worry about this.

Robert   28 March 2016

Anyway I am not allowed to practice my Christian religion in their home, only Sikhism

Advocate Ram Prasad (Chief Lawyer)     30 March 2016

Iam very much pleased with d ans given by Sri KS Johal- a mature n parenting advice. Robert u shd be greatful to ur Sichk family instead of trying for ways to question them. Call them Mom n Dad live like a true son of them forgetting that they are adoptive for if not fir their genorosity where would u have been after ur mothers death?. At the age of 9 only u r questioning ur brought up parents on religion is very bad n would be ungreatful my boy. Love them obey them n u can find ur own path after u grow big. .

Robert   31 March 2016

My adoptive parents told me I am ungrafeful

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