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s12 (xyz)     20 November 2011

Any punishment for 420 wife


My wife had filed false DV case,and dragged it in the lower court for 80 hearings, after which We got stay order from High court.
In this situation can wife withdraw the DV case or has to fight it in The high court,
I want to get her punished for torturing me with her false DV case,
Is it possible by any criminal LAW.
I have just won my Divorce from this torturing woman after 5 years of running around.
Please guide me to get justice now, the 420 woman destroyed me completely & my total legal expenses on getting divorce till date has exceeded rs.15 lacs/-.I have had to run around in 3 different states& 6 cities & appointed 8 Law Firms
And was admitted to mental hospital,due to this torture.
Can I claim damages also?


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Use M.Naghten rules if you think that she's again driving you insane.

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     20 November 2011

now that u have got divorce decree, forget her.

start ur life newly.

the thoughts of taking revenge will spoil ur own peace of mind.

best of luck for ur future life (of which u should think now & not her life)

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     20 November 2011

''If a dog bites u, there is no wisdom biting the dog in turn''

... Baba Amit Maharaj.

take it easy dude.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 November 2011

Originally posted by :ONE GUY IS MISSING
Use M.Naghten rules if you think that she's again driving you insane.


Fantastic advise

2. McNaughton Rules in Common Law re. to India is S. 81 IPC deadly defense plea advised by you............. 

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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     21 November 2011

Sorry Folks, i disagree with all your opinions ..... 5 years, running around 3 different states& 6 cities, this is heights of torture. Now why not set an example by teaching such people so that further lives are not destroyed.

I must say, defamation is the first one to be used after consulting an able lawyer. 

(Pls Note - This is purely my personal stand not meant to influence anybody's view)



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I bite dogs back if they bite me and bite is lethal.

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Hey Tajob, u r gal? !!!!

Originally posted by :ICHCHADHARI NAGIN
Hey Tajob, u r gal? !!!!

ha ha funny que....

actually he is a ichchadhari tumhare andar sama huwa hain...aaina dekho to thik se ..tumme do nagin dikhai dega....;);)

Krishna Kumar (Business)     21 November 2011

Hi s12,

You had gone into lots of tourture and it made you to admit in the hospital. This is not acceptable and you only can feel the pain from the heart. Its your decision you want to fight again with such a bad law or want to forget.

I feel if you have guds to punish her, punish. There are lots of ladies are in socity like her, and if someone starts punish such ladies only can other learn lessons.

I am against leaving a women to lead happy life for the tourture she given to her husband.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     21 November 2011

@ Author

1. FIle U/s 211, 500 IPC a case and there is no Bar under S. 195 CrPC to exactly do that at this stage as per brief narrated facts. You will get great amount of relief and desired punishment as wished by you in your brief.  

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s12 (xyz)     21 November 2011



Thanks for the good advice, Further if you can guide me on the Limitation period for taking such action,As I would not mind to wait sometime , as it has come to my notice that inspite of her having the DV case pending on my family, the WICKED 420 LADY'S family has caught another BAKRA for marrying her , I would love to Gift her this Case, as a Wedding gift. Hope u all understand the intensity of the fire in my belly.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     21 November 2011


Originally posted by :s12


1. Further if you can guide me on the Limitation period for taking such action,
2. Hope u all understand the intensity of the fire in my belly.



1. The limitation question does not arise at all in presented brief.

1.1 The Bar of S. 195 CrPC gets removed due to on-going “judicial proceedings” you have stated in your brief. For the same you yourself need to kindle SC's Marwah and Marwah to this months Abdul Rehman & Ors. SC case Laws especially later one which is very specific to family / matrimonial cases vis-à-vis S. 211 / 500 IPC that I hinted to you to file for that elusive JUSTICE you are chasing........J

It is not possible atleast for me to elucidate further on Bar of CrPC here as it is very lengthy gyan. Search above re. in and skim it through you will get the essence and desired confidence.

“Feeling of fullness at eternity from a lighted fire in belly and by keeping kindling the fire in belly has two opposite motives, bespoke packaged for two different end results.”
By: Baba Goraknath

BTW, It is always better to decide FIRST once for all which is better for YOU removing things becoming a (clouding) judgmental error on a road less traveled by party-in-persons......


What a superb and simply reply given by expert Mr. AMit Baba.......

'If a dog bites u, there is no wisdom biting the dog in turn'

we can hit with a stone to that Dog Naa....!!! is I'm right Mr. Amit??????

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