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And we say marital laws favor all women,including poor w....

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CommonMann (Software Professional)     14 September 2010

Just to reply of Renuka Gupta "Well, in another thread I have seen Mr. Hora has again used the expression women vampires and this is just unacceptable. I have sent in the expression along with the thread to the admin. " Meaning of saying vampire to the women here is that all educated women who file false 498a cases. I have faced this practically, so thats why I put my views on this forum.  Now no body can change my opinion in this world for these sort of women vampires who file false cases to their husband families. I believe in WAHEGURU(GOD) and one day WAHEGURU will punish these creatures automatically. Ek kahawat hai na hindi mein ki UPAR WALE KI LATHI MEIN AWAAZ NAHIN HOTI. Jaisi karni waisi bharni. People have to pay for there SINS in this life only.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     14 September 2010

None is asking to change your opinion Mr Hora. But  avoid using these words such as women vampire, women parasites and many such words which I do not want to repeat again. Express yourself minus abusive language. It would be appreciated. 



14 September 2010, 08:48  

Renuka GuptaI am Online

Gender Researcher

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@ Jogeshwar

If you are not interested, do not bother about the thread. Obviously people are interested in this issue and that's why this thread has to attract so many replies. No one is forcing anyone to participate or challenging one to participate. Staying away from a thread that does not interest one is much healthier than calling others' opinions as wrangling.

CommonMann (Software Professional)     14 September 2010

Miss or Mrs Renuka Gupta. I think it hurts you. And I am not commenting as per your want or you like it or not. But 498A women are always Vampires and parasites to me who falsely file case against there husband. They file such dowry cases for extorting money fro innocent husband and there families. And again I am saying they are doing legal terrorism and prostituion. These are the supreme court wordings. You should ask those women for not doing this misconduct rather then defending them. I also respect women. But I dont have respect for women whio file false 498a cases. Not at all never.  These type are women are more dangerous then AJMAL KASAB, the pakistani terrorists.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     14 September 2010

It will hurt not only me but will hurt and infuriate all mature and sensitive women and men that someone is openly degrading women in a well moderated forum like this. I have nothing to say more, no body can be justified whatever be his/her personal experience in using abusive language and keep on using it  in spite of several times being asked to avoid such language in relating one's personal or otherwise experience. I am sure I am not alone in this forum who will object to this type of verbal abuses while posting one's views whether personal or impersonal. I for one do object and would keep objecting whenever I come across such expressions. 

hema (law officer)     14 September 2010

it has become order of the day to call women chalu, prostitute, vampire, thief, beggar etc. by the minists - masculine gender of feminists.  the women on this forum are using polished language.  in the street brawl, a person who uses more vulgar abuses will win the fighting.  this forum is a street brawl.  if women will not learn to use foul language, they will lose the fight.  use them vigorously and frequently. 

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Where were you Law Officer when women as well as their male supporters were abusing others on this same forum? I do not want to name them but would request you to please check all the threads before commenting on a particular group / gender.


I agree that the decency should be maintained by everyone in this forum but there are people who do not know on how to talk to their elders? One of the respected members says to other - Buddha, going to die soon etc etc. Where were you and others who are now creating a scene and not replying as per the topic of the thread?

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     14 September 2010

Mostly women shy away from invoking law, it is true, and most of them who with all their courage come forward to invoke the law get falsified due to loopholes in law rather due to faulty implementation of these laws. Here corruption and inefficiency, lack of apathy of law enforcement agencies. Also it is a cardinal principle that all the allegation must be proved beyond reasonable doubt, which is almost next to impossible. This makes them (woman) loser all the way.

Glaring examples are Priyadarshini Matto case, Ruchika Girhotra, list is endless.

Also in the case Rape and murder of Hetal Parikh,( the famous Dhananjay Chaterjee case) her parent too loosed interest in the case and stopped following, and shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai since they faced so many hurdles and hooliganism. But credit goes to the sitting Hon. Session Judge who took interest in the case and got investigated everything. Delivered/passed an excellent judgment with all the findings, discussions, and the culprit got capital punishment and this got upheld by Hon. SC, and all benches of Hon. SC refused to show any leniency, even our great President APJ abdul Kalam too did not show any mercy. Finally that man Hanged.

This I described in length, since all women who approaches court, are not that much lucky. Even their parent/guardians too loose interest, at last they go all alone. Ultimately they met with injustice, accused get acquitted as usual.

Fighting legal battle is not easy, even veterans avoid getting into it.

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     14 September 2010

Yes Sir, you have mentioning the ground reality of justice delivery in India. Only some corrupt & elitist people are getting justice.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     14 September 2010

Rarely people are getting justice, rather it is judgement which is being delivered not justice.

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hema (law officer)     14 September 2010

I was very much here just reading the posts of respectable old gentleman comparing the women seeking maintenance as beggars seeking alms from the windows of car he is driving, prostitutes standing on g.t. road etc.  if a person compares the women in such  bad languages, he receives the same respect.  give respect and take respect  and do not beg respect by showing white hair and bald head. 

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