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I am pasting the DO & Don'ts of the CSD , Min of Defence GOI in the backdrop of the 3 bench judgement of the SC presided by Justic Dr Prasayat .J delivering judgement on the status of  employees of the URCs being run by the Services as well as almost all departments in the ministry of Defence , Finanace and Home etc etc( Ref SC Civil Appeal No 3495 of 2005 decided on 28 Apr 2009, Dr Prasayat retired on 10 May 2009). The judgement has been hailed by the Defence Est . JAG Army extremely qualified legal luminiaries of the Armed Forces have inferred from that great Judgement that URCs are private ventures , not instrumentilty of States and hence not covered by RTI Act 2005. It has further reminded CIC that as per their own judgement Supreme Court orders are binding by the CIC hence such inferrence of the great JAG Army be respected. Annual turnover of the URCs almost unrestricted and most abused is in the range of 10000 crore per annum . Entire set up of CSD with HQ at Mumbai, 6 Regional offices in Metros, 34 Depot( and increasing) across the country is solely borne by the Govt Of India in addition to astronomical Defence Budget year after year.But profits generated at the URC end get converted into private funds by some SARKARI magic. More funny is the part that profits accrued at the CSD end ( 50% of it) is again diverted to those PRIVATE ventures . The CAG has proved itself unworthy of its reputation to stop this loot and plunder of govt money for the merriment of a few generals , IAS.COM, IRS.COM, IDAS .COM.

Pl have a look at the do and don't issued by the sarkari babus at the cost of sarkari money for the private ventures:-


DO’s & DON’Ts


  • Demand only what customers desire, not what is prompted.
  • Report failure in after-sales-service/ quality to Depot Manager / RM/ HO.
  • Nominate responsible representative for URC meetings.
  • Report non-availability of desirable items to RM / HO.
  • Canteen staff to ensure that consumer durables are sold duly checked by the customer.
  • Guarantee card to be filled and handed over to customer.
  • Get defective items (within warranty period) replaced free of cost as entitled to the customer.
  • Up-date the price list regularly.
  • Submit indents before 10th of every month.
  • Indents should be raised according to what customers need and not just the repetition of old demands.
  • Ensure that cheques are not dishonoured.
  • Accept new items for better appreciation and feedback from customer.
  • Report descrepancies like shortages, wrong issues, etc., duly enclosing Board Proceedings to the depot within 30 days.
  • Please adjust petty loses in your QD.
  • Check doubtful packing cases at the time of collection.
  • Collect AFD (Category-II) items within the same month in which they are received / invoiced.
  • Return within 60 days (if unsold) new items / substitutes issued without URC’s demand.


  • Don’t pamper CSD staff.
  • Don’t accept items substituted / forced without your consent.
  • Do not correspond for petty losses.
  • Please avoid leakages of stores to unauthorised sources.
  • Do not send clueless representatives for collection of stores.

Source: http://www.csdindia.gov.in/Login.aspx

Now who will undo the great damage done by the 3 bench supreme court rulings now?


I do not know anything regarding Army Canteens except that Army personnel get things cheap from the Canteen. What is the organisation of the Army Canteen? Where do they get their working capital from? Is it by contribution from employees and probably a part of it from the Government. Who manages the canteen? There must be an individual or a group of individuals called a Committee, Board or any other name. How are they appointed? Are they appointed by the Government or are they elected by the employees?

Even if the Canteen is a private body, I would think that they should report to the Canteen Stores Department. I would think that automatically CSD will have the "Right to Information" from the Canteen even without the Right to Information Act. CSD is certainly a part of the Government. So public will have the Right to Information regarding the Canteen through CSD. Any query for information from the Canteen can be addressed to CAG. This is only my own opinion.


retd personal

Dear Dr Ramani

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