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ranjeeth (manager)     13 January 2012

After filling 498a and dvc wife asking to meet outside

Hi All , 

  my wife is asking to meet out side court  so that we can  come to conclussion and comprimise and  decide abt our future ,,, is there  any risk in meeting her 


Thanks in advance


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Better Safe than Sorry !!

Sanjeev (Lawyer)     13 January 2012

You can meet her at any public place no harm resolving.


is it to resolve issues ????

Chaitanya_Lawyer_Mumbai (Lawyer)     13 January 2012

She would ask for the alimony amount she has in the mind.

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sting operation is a good idea ... go get a high quality tiny cam to record the conversation of Negotiation !! Good luck

A.VIVEK ADVOCATE (ADVOCATE)     13 January 2012



Do she want to meet alone? If she is a 498a (on false case) wife how can you trust her. There is a chance that a guy will be beaten if he is alone.

A.VIVEK ADVOCATE (ADVOCATE)     13 January 2012

i am very open  with you most of the cases are filed against the husband and her in laws based on the direction and instruction of the other person (* relatives)  and her advocate  see everybody is marring for the happy  life nobody is marring  for the purpose of filing case  at the same time some un expected things are happend. 


is there any way by which this can be ensured that she will not file the case again? and her relatives will stop giving ungli in his married life? YOU HAVE GOT THE TASTE OF 498a ONCE , THE SETTLEMENT OUTSIDE THE COURT IS NOT VALID IN THE EYES OF LAW . ASK YOURSELF IF YOU CAN TRUST HER ? IF  YES THEN GO AHEAD  BUT  STILL BE CAUTIOUS !!


sometimes it sounds funny that a husband is asked to be positive even after the wife has crossed all her limits to implicate him and his family. but no one asks a wife to be positive , and try to resolve the issues in family before filing ridiculous cases ... if war is declared from the other party and has started attacking you, then there is no other option but to fight and protect yourself.  

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**Victim** (job)     14 January 2012


If i was you i would go with a mind set for two things (1) Get prepared on how to negotiate (2) or change your colours completely get emotional and make her emotional as well. Tell her why this kolaveri ? if everything was fine in ur life.  Matter of fact i would try second option first and then if it doesn't work then try other options. I suggest you watch one of the movies of sharukh khan and then u will be fine. I don't want to be love guru but to convincing ur wife would be easy if that's what u wanted in case if you are not willing to reconcile then try second option. Tell her that it will never work between both of you also even if both of u push each other and live together then there will be instances from your end where u will remind her of those cases which she filed on you in past it's better to choose a different path from now on. If it didn't work right now it will never work in future espcially now she has filed several cases on you.  If after all this she is after money only then tell her to demand legitimate amount and you will be happy to pay her.


But brother from what i understand based on your query i don't think she wants money she want to live with you. I suggest you speak with your family members wisely just discuss your options and then go and meet her. If both of you agree then ask her to put in written on whatever agreed outside so that a better life could be lived afterwards. But make sure if you don't put any conditions in court and you just try to work it out outside then there is no guarantee she might or might not file cases on you again.

1 Like (def)     14 January 2012

In my view, meeting a 498a girl OUTSIDE the court while litigation is on................IS NOT FREE FROM RISK. She can stoop 2 anything u cant imagine 2 trap u further.......there may be some plot!

Why not u ask for LOK ADALAT/COURT'S MEDIATION CELL for such resolving that way, safety is ensured & anything u reach mutually can be better taken on record 4 easy persual furhter!

Rest is ur choice!

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     15 January 2012

Wife is wtiness in criminal case against you.  Meeting witness outside court "alone" is a sufficient ground for cancellation of bail. But views of Mr A Vivek cannot be ignored. Every tunnel has an end. Every false allegation maker is human. The possibility of reconciliatin cannot be ignored. She has probably done the maximum she could and lost the maximum she could. She may be repenting and willing to mending fence. Highly subjective issue.

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rajiv_lodha (zz)     15 January 2012

If she is true in her intention & words she wont say no to LOK ADALAT ROUTE...............this is the best card 4 u to open on her face

It will ensure ur safety too

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