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Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     27 April 2012

Afraid of 498a misuse by my wife and her family members

I am having marrige on Feb 2011 and from the day we married to till date I do not get any peace of mind from my wife menatlly or physically. She pretend to be not knowing anything like cooking, how to go for shopping, bank transfers/ withdrawal etc. But when she do something personal for herself she is quite efficient in doing the same.

When I am alone with her in our bedroom she abuses me TU YEH HAI, TU ...........WOH HAI , i even can not touch her for having physical relation with her as she use to scratch me badly and behave like a mentle lady.

She wanted money on monthly basis without telling me any possibe cause of spending the money and usually warned me that if u do not gave me money u have to pay me HARZANA everymonth.

When she is in front of my relatives friends she use to behave in very well manner and shows that I love my husband and talk to be like a respectful wife and very kind hearted women.

She is much more qualified than me (MA, BEd.) and I am 10+2 and usually point these things that i am more qualified. Before marriage I told her clearly that nothing should be like this between us.

She is taking contraceptive pills out of my knowledge and calls of boys use to come on her mobile. When I asked she use to say that these all are nothing but wrong calls. Surpringly all  calls are of young boys who use to talk in very rude manner when i called all of them for knowing their location where they live.

I am on job with Rs. 5000/- Salary per month and she is simply a housewife. Can she claim on my father's property if she filed false Dowry case or harrasment case against me. I am not the member of my father's property which father have before our marriage, but we both are living with my father after marriage.

She is now a days not in our home and went out from our home without telling us for how many days with her mother who used bad words for me while taking her daugher on last month of Feb. Still she is in her mother's home.

My brother is living seperately from us but unmarried and sister is married can she sent jail to them also with me and my parents.

We all are afraid if her family members will file false DV or 498a case. My mother is a cancer patient, old grandmother and my father is a diabetic Govt. retired employee.

What should I do plz give me ur valuabable suggestions.


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Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     27 April 2012

Wife = Ma, Bed

Husband = 10+2

How come she married you and for what....?? 

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Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     27 April 2012

Sir actually I am brahmin me Manglik age 32 and my wife also manglik age 30 and Gun Milan was also good as per pandit. Thats why we accept the girl. But we do not know the result now we are getting.

Anish Thakur 7018812737 (advocate)     27 April 2012

dear dawoo dnt afraid

there is nothing going to happen like this ,hire some good intelligent advocate before its get too late.

file petition for divorce in the ground of cruelity to husband.

there are many latest decisions and jujgements where courts and SC had passed decree for divorce in the favour of husband on the ground of cruelity.

but file the suit fast before she starts manculating things again your family .

anish thakur


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Pradeep Sensharma (Teacher)     27 April 2012

My brother-in-law and his olp parents who are seriously patient (one is parlatic and another is diabetic and high blood pressure) have been victimised by my brother-in-law's wife using 498A. They have been sent to jail on 16-12-2011 and got bail on 21-12-2011. She used to blackmail her husband for money and thretened that in case he won't she will file pitition against them and she has filed a total fasle pitition using 498A against them. How can this be get rid off? A case has been filed in KUTUMB NAYALAYA and he is paying her Rs.1200/- per month because of IPC 125 whereas he earns only about Rs. 3000/-. All the conditions had been clearified to them before marriage. Please give suggestion how they can be safeguarded. Who will be responsible if any death (suicide) is caused? (This question is for all - to the judiciery system, to the law makers, to the parliament, to the Human Right Organisation, to the Media ). Please please suggest some concrete solution.

Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     28 April 2012

Dear friend Pradeep Sensharma I can not suggest u the solution as I am not a lawyer. But I think u must have your voice spread to all the Indians through media like aajtak, NDTV and more of the local channels or newpapers so that whole world may know the truth.

I think there must be some change in 498a , DV Act and dowry case because now a days women are well educated they very well know their rights and duties. Most of them are self employed means the not dependent to their husbands or family members. We can say "ANGRAZ CHALE GAYE UNKE KANOON ABHI BHI CHAL RAHE HAIN".

Days are now totally gone when women is simply a housewife and can not go out from her house. No sati pratha, burning cases like old days. So its better to have some change in 498a law so that man can also get freedom peacefully and calmly without any problem. What is this law is doing is there any decrease in the cases no I think no change. But misuse of 498a you can not count how much.

When Divorce is there and after divorce he bound to pay whole life maint. to her wife from hard earned money, share of property than why this much of heavy dose for the husband family and his family members by forcing 498a law to them. Is this not a harrasment ! If a father slapped her daughter or son will he or she go to court for all that. Fighting between husband and wife in normal way is common, when we love someone, we have also fight with him or her this natural. If somehow husband slapped his wife on her cheek because of some anger or tension how this law came into existence for that. Will she die after getting slapped. Just think twice! But when a wife slapped his husband and keep his mouth shut because of society and his relatives than what will u say. Today's women is not silent women she can not bear this much so why 498a in old way there must be some change for equal rights given to husband's side also. Do not make this law for earning money from husband side by the wife family members and others.

Equal rights in a peaceful manner  must be given, must be in the law so that both husband and wife can be seperated peacfully without any problem, because seperation after marriage because of whatever be the reason is not a crime.

No jail to husband's side relatives and his parents just think what is the result of all that just for grabbing money by the lawyers, policemen and other people from wife side is it not a corruption. Very bad law of India it must be change. In the end result is nothing husband and his family members are piece of paper, nothing left to them they are like beggers of the road just because they refuse to keep the girl  because of her ill or abusive nature.

We can if we want raise the same voice against the change and amendements in tha law through media, writing letters to the concerned person, through social organizations. In most of the cases husband side are not always responsible for all most of the time this law is misused by the Indian wife.

My english is not so good so i am sorry if i can not put my thoughts in clear.



friends, one of your friend is boldly facing the false alegations. please see the link below

Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     03 May 2012

thx sir for nice suggestion, we need people like u for us in this forum.

Keep it up. God is with us. God is with truth. A hope always in this little heart.

May be someday days will be changed our honoble SC will wake up and manke amendement in this 498a law.

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