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nitin (Engineer)     10 February 2009

Affidavit for Ration Card


I want to know the procedure to execute an Affidavit for Ration Card. I dont have any ration card and its required to execute this claim as an affidavit.
Please help me this .
specific query:

1) what kind of stamp paper needed?
2) how much value of stamp paper?
3) after drafting the matter on the stamp paper, i need to take signature of 2 witness . correct me if i am wrong. can those witness be anyone?
4) lastly how to get it signed by Notary?

Thanks a lot


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PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     10 February 2009

1.General stamp paper is required[Not court fee stamp].

2. The value of stamp depends on the provisions made in the local Stamp Act.

3. Normally signatures of witnesses are not mandatory on affidavits. But some one should identify the affiant before the Notary, if it is to be sworn in before him.

4. You have to approach the Notary. He will register it. In Maharashtra, a photograph of the affiant is required to be given to the Notary.

nitin (Engineer)     10 February 2009

Thanks a lot sir. I will ask some more details on it.

I am based in Bangalore and I want to execute the affidavit all by myself. I have no exp in this area.

I need to claim that i don't own any ration card anywhere else in india. I will give it a try to draft it. Someone who is familiar with stamp duty or stamp paper reqd in this case in Bangalore...please help me in this.

Please add or edit the draft.








I,………………………………….Son of Shri……………………………

aged…………years do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:


That I am currently residing at ______________ and my permanent address is ____________.


That my name is not included in any Ration Card in India and I do not own any Ration Card from any places in India.

That the contents of the foregoing paragraphs of this Affidavit are true to my knowledge and belief.

















PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     10 February 2009

The short draft is fine enough. But i dont know the amount of stamp that is required for the affidavit in your state.

Adv. Santosh Mahanor (Lawyer)     11 February 2009

Dear Friend,

1. You have to use Non Judicial Stamp Paper,

2. Presently Stamp value for Affidavit is Rs .100.00

3. There is no requirment of witness

4. Just take one signature of advocate and present it before Notery .

nitin (Engineer)     13 February 2009

 Well, I did some research and get to know this much information which will serve my purpose hopefully. I am posting this info for the other who will read this in future.

We need just 20/- non-judicial stamp paper for applying for Ration card in bangalore.

the non-judicial stamp paper can be obtained from State Bank of Mysore branch anywhere. and the timing is between 10:30 - 2:30

so the next step will be...type the content on the stamp paper, get the sign of Notary...( not a big deal...go to any civil bangalore ..Mayo Hall near MG Road will serve the purpose ) and thts all...

Thanks all for all the responses.


nitin (Engineer)     13 February 2009

  To be more on Notary: if you happen to stay near Jayanagar..then find the Adiga's restaurant and take right from thr...u will find lots of sign board of Notary. Official charges per sign for Affidavit is 15/-. Ofcourse they will ask more..but there are lots of u can negotiate if u have time.

For any other place...just search here to get a Notary nearby ur place of stay :

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sanjeev gupta (Advocate)     20 February 2009

Dear Friend,

u can go ur nearest court or registrar office, if u r from delhi.

u have require Non-judical stamp paers of Rs.10/-, and no witness is required.

U will have to give a affidavit to ration Card Office or food civil supply office of ur area, in this affidavit u will declare u have not any ration card in india and u r living in Delhi and u r citizen of india.

for further enquire u can write my

with regards

sanjeev gupta



I do agree with Mr. Gupta. He is absolutely right.

Clive Sinclair (Service)     14 August 2009

Can someone pl tell me what is Stamp paper value reqd for Affidavit for Ration card? I spoke to SHCIL who issues e-stamp paper & they said they will issue of value Rs one wards. However I am unable to find sta mp paper value reqd for above affidavit.

I found that for minor passport, affidavit is reqd on rs 20 stamp paper. So same rule applies for Ration card affidavit or will it be different

Pl advise



Clive Sinclair (Service)     14 August 2009

I forgot to mention that I am in Mumbai. So need affidavit in Mumbai..

Adv Lucky CS (LL.B CS)     01 October 2009

Can any one pls tell me that the signatue of ADVOCATE, is it necessary in the case of  preparation of all Affidavits or any specific affidavits

 Or only notarization of affidavits is suuficient & no advocate signature is required,

pls guide me someone

Clive Sinclair (Service)     01 October 2009

 OK. I got my ration card based on Affidavit draft posted here.

As I am in Mumbai, I got a stamp paper of rs 100. On that I typed the content posted above.

Then I took it to Notary. I signed the affidavit in front of Notary. No witness is reqd if u carry a photo identity prrof like votor Id/Passport/Drvg Lic/Office ID etc.. Notary fee was Rs 100.

Then I went to Ration office along with latest Electricity bill, One photo & a letter from society stating that I am staying at the flat since date & myfamily is consisting of wife & children with their name & age.

On the basis of above, I got ration card application form (from Maha gv website), filled it & subkmitted. Verification ws done within a week & I got my ration card in 10 days.



ashok (teacher)     26 November 2009

application form for new ration card

RAKESH KUMAR JAIN (computer professional)     06 February 2012

Is it compulsory to write in affidavit that I have no ration card in India? While preparing affidavit the typist said that writing "I have no ration card in Karnataka" is enough for applying for ration card in Karnataka/Bangalore. Kindly suggest.

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