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Rajeshwari (software engineer)     12 May 2012

Advise me plz

I am married foy  1 year 9 months.I am  working  as software engineer in banglore .I left my husband who is working in US, 7 months back . I was not working at time of marriage and after marriage.My husband  stopped speaking to me  and  mother in laws , sister in laws used to harass me for not geting enough dowry and for not working(earning money) .I didnt work as am on H4 dependent visa.I tolerated this mental harassment  for 1 year  and left to India. Will i get all my streedhan back??? In what way Indian law can help me out ?? how can we back our lost reputation  because of this marriage ??


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Kshiteej Anokar (Advocate)     13 May 2012

First of all you have not lost your reputation because of this marriage. You are having so many remedies in law but first you have to deside that whether you are actual need of the same. Because from your post it is clear that you are self dependant and young girl. In such circumstances you may start your new life, without looking back and if you want to take any legal action then you can call me on 09422177689 or email on adv.ksh*teej@rediffmail.com or you can also use facebook chat to discuss with me. I can prepare petition for you or guide you to take legal action in the court of law. With best Wishes

Kshiteej Anokar (Advocate)     13 May 2012

adv.ksh*teej@rediffmail.com use i for star

Rajeshwari (software engineer)     13 May 2012

Thank u :)


Dear Mrs.Reddy,

As a last resort is there a chance for reconcialiation from your husband and your inlaws?Or a good family councelling would be of some help?If as per your version that is not possible,just do as per the suggess tion of Assish.

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     13 May 2012

amicable settlement is best option.otherwise you can file 406 for SATREEDHAN recovery.donot file false cases,please

Rajeshwari (software engineer)     14 May 2012

i went through lot , those people many times insulted me and my parents in public.My husband harassed me mentally and physicaly My sister in laws(5) and mother in laws(2) harassed me mentally  and they provocked my husband against me.always wanted me to be under inlaws control.I felt like i lost my freedom .If a girl went through all these ,,where she need to complain??? , and my in laws and husband family they wont listen to any one .I want to come out of this evil family totally ..so what kind of justice am going to get ? people who committed sins are left to their fate ??  i dont need any compensation  , but i need money whatever ,my parents gave to them (they have demanded and took them)..reputation is lost, in our community if a girl is going for divorce or seperated or widowed ...it is still treated as bad thing .what about this??? i dont need any single penny from those peoples pocket , nothing even crores of rupees  cant be compared to girls life.I always wanted to have one marriage , one husband .happy married life..divorce is far from my thinking ..but situations made me to take step..A marriage itseld changed everything , i seen worst when i got married , i have my self respect  and dignity ....i need to stop thinking of it when am with husband and in laws , I  even felt of sucide many times ....If  my name is spoilt , what about my family members..Its just spot in family..This is INDIA ..girl is always treated as secondary ,though she is educated , working , from well settled family .

V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     14 May 2012

FILE NECESSARY CASES, AS suggested above. 


Let Court & Police do their job. 

You continue with your  Job/ carrier, forgetting past. Enjoy present. 

Time ia a healer. it will cool down your pain, and meanwhile, law will punish your husband and his cruel family. 

Your Profession can keep you busy, forgetting  sad days. 

pradeep (na)     14 May 2012

Are all the inlaws are in US? As you are in India, any councelling or amicable settlement are difficult task for such people (as described), they only understand other language. Do you have any evidence of harasment or ill treating, like recorded conversation or witness? Consult a good lawer and bring them to negotiating terms by threatening to file under relevant IPC (406 or 498a or both) and go for mutual settlement. I also should repeat here that do not file false cases against them.

Rajeshwari (software engineer)     14 May 2012

just to frighten me he called police twice ..once we had argument after 3 hours  then he called police 911 then they asked me,( it was the first time , I had talk with police) i said we had argument but i love my husband lot.....that time i didnt notice but frequently he used to threaten me , they used to tell me that your husband is not willing to stay with you and to divorce him .i got pissed off(always frightening me as i donno wats gona happen iinvolving police that to in unknown country)and i contacted NGO in USA (indian councellors) CHETNA ..they told me to record when ever he threatens you , i used to record but  1 day he came to know about it and he hit me badly and spited on my face many times then asked me to leave house , i said i wont .. i didnt argue anything..he took my gold and called police ....police enquired me and asked me to leave to India as its not safe with my husband...that time also i felt due to short temper he did it..but later he used to hit me then one day i  myself called police and there is complaint in US.( but i was scared coz as am H4 , i cant leave to any where ),h4 is just dependent on husband..i have proofs like complaints to cops in US and i have some foul messages from him...even i have my neighbour ( american)...one day he hit me badly on my face ..she  gave me first aid(puting ice on my face) ..that time i have no idea of complaining to police and i went through lot of mental harassment  which triggered health problems .My in laws have done lot of mess during marriage*(yelling badly on my parents after marriage ) ..they brain washed my husband always they are harsh to me when i came to INDIA , I went to stay in my in laws house they pushed me from house....who ever came to marriage are proofs.....IS this proofs are enough?????my in laws have bad name too like they have killed a girl(servant 17 yrs old) in their house and  made it as suicide(how girl can suicide in my inlaws house).......i donno much about them ...we didnt enquire intially but later we came to know that cruel people


Dear Mrs.Reddy,

My heartfelt sympathies for the mental and physical turmoil you experienced with your husband.To be frank your's is not the first case,there are thousands of NRI victims,some of them dare to make it public and some keep on experiencing the same kind of treatment.

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