about the police control room no 100

need advice regarding the folloging matter

a person is repeatedly annoyed , harrassed by some unsrupulous people who happen to be in his surrounding.

let ihim  be called mr. X.

this X , when nuisancance becomes intolerable calls at the police conrtol room no 100,he tells them that it has been happening over the years , he has been harrased in different ways ,previously FIR had been registered against the accused persons,charge sheet is pending in court.. X is advised to contact with his concerned police station from the control room ..X immediately calls at concerned police station . the person at police station asks X to come to police station with written complaint .

is it appropriate ,lawful ,in accordance with the rules , on part of  police control room to direct X to some police station . should it not be that they should have sent some police personnel at the place of incidence to prohibit the nuisanance caused to X. are there any such laws ,rules acts, S C ruling about action to be taken by the police contorl room ,when any citizen contact it when  he is being harrased ,annoyed by some person(s).

in how much time the control room is supposed to take action at the call recieved at it. ( are there any such rules, acts ,laws etc)

when this X goes to his concerned police station ,and tell them everything that some persons have been harassing him over the years etc, they have chrge sheet in court etc, .they refuse to accept his complaint at that time ,and asks him instead that ,he may call at that police station next time when anything wrong happens immediately and that they would send police personnel at the spot to take action immediately.

after a few days when X gets harrased , he contacts at concerned police station on phone,tell them about the current incidence ,also the previous history .the person at the police station again asks him to come with written complaint at police station .X gets frustrated ,he contact sat police control room no  100,narrates everything ,tell them previous call he made to them ,he asks for immediate action from them . after talking to X in detail ,person at control room asks him to contact DCP with written complaint .
is it appropriate on part of control room ,n police station to give such evasive reply instead of reaching at the place of incidence at the earliest to prohibt the nuisance .

what action can be taken against the concerned police personnel for showing such utter negligence and making the person in distress to suffer at the hands of  pervert elements .

if there are any S C judgment in this regard ,those will be highly appreciated.
as the person who are harrassing have already charge sheet in court pending , they are free on bail . what action police should have taken as per law  when they receive repeated complaints .




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