a girl filed a case aganist boy coming out from living relation ship

Hi all,
I am enclosing all my information as below :

At initial stage she sent a friend request on facebook and I accepted
it. Later the conversation begin and I referred her in my company.
These conversations prolonged and I flirted with her for one r 2
days.later we met at outside one day and spoken to each other. On the
same day itself I told nothing will work out as I cannot marry a
outside caste person she accepted the same and said that she will
marry a guy to whom her family shows.
We went out for once and hangout for whole night after 2 days I was
completely restless and couldn't able to talk with her much as I am
busy with my activities then she started fighting saying that she will
tell to her father or brother and blackmailed me to talk with her and
spend time with her. Soon after the days I convinced her that I am
busy but she keep on insisting me to talk till late night 3am
continuously blackmailing me saying the same thing.

When days getting increased fights and possessiveness increased and
everyday this is daily routine for me to console her till 3 am like
that.i was literally scared and cornered because of her blackmailing
activity on daily basis assuming she will leave me soon asap when her
family sets a match. As expected Oct 4 a new match has been found for
her ( she told me like that ) and said she need memories with me and
made me not to deny any of the activity either by crying or
blackmailing. She made me to go out many times to.make her wishes as
true ex : going to Bangalore,laknavaram ,Vizag  all these are her
personal interests to visit.
She clearly made a trap by making or creating a situations like this
and pulling my leg into this by black mailing too. One such drastic
situation few times a physical relation is also happened before it was
happening also she is agreed on terms of not marrying and nothing (
note : we have voice recordings on the same) .

She literally harassed me like anything from past 3 months where I
didn't slept or ate and hurted myself manytimes

Since the Oct 4 is arriving, she revealed a thing that is pregnant ( I
am not sure on this . I asked for many times for check up she denied
and I booked an appointment for checkup she denied and she said went
alone (not sure she went or not ) and got a report as 8weeks pregnancy
.. I asked for a online report or payment info she said she didn't
have any ) as I was scared by her words she said she is saying that
she need a memory with me she got it so she won't abort ( ideally at
the beginning she did she will abort of something went wrong ) but I
kept on saying her to abort which is not good as I am scared of her
words. So finally she said yes on a condition that I should marry her
.. on a long conversation I nodded my head as she did at initial
stage. From that day she contiously asking me to marry on the same day
same spot.
She didn't aborted and insisted me to marry her and tortured like
anything. I got frustration and cut my hand to do the abortion and she
finally said one day to do. I relaxed and booked an appointment as she
committed.On the same day of appointment she said she has a friend who
will give tablets for abortion and she did the same.( We are not sure
which tablets she took ). Now at peak pressure she is presssuring and
torturing like anything to marry.
To be honest she is psycho person and made a trap which i realised
lately. During this my mistake was as she is insisting and frustrating
me I said leave ur family and come ,u should not talk with anyone etc
to scare her and she came I tools her to Secunderabad railway station
after reaching station she said she wanna see her daddy. I returned
with her on the way she said she will stay outside for 3days I said ok
and one the third day same fight was happened and took her again but
this time she didn't returns .. ( my mistake here was I broke d sims
of both ) then we returned on the same day as their parents and my
frnds all know the issue and issue created in her office too.
From that day she didn't went to Home it means close to 10+ days ..
saying that I need to marry her right away on the spot else she will
sucide herself writing my name and my parents names on a paper so that
me and my family can't be happy.to console her and am scared she may
do anything to herself writing  my name or parents name. I am sacred
and locked by her with her phyco activities and black mailing things.

For every thing she will start asking pleasing then within 2 min she
will cru then she will blackmailing or talk in reverse manner.

She used shout like anything on roads to make a nusense in public,  to
grab people attention which illustrates she is a psycho

Action items :

At an initial conversation of starting day, she said she is married
after sometime she said she joked. It need to be confirmed.
Above point have a strong base , her fb status is as married ( 3years
ago ) when I asked her the same she said some story.
Point 1 , another base is .. she is having a long tatto on her hand
with a name as Chaitanya. She said it's her relative name.

Her brother marriage was done in March this year, and she is 1990 born
and brother was 1992 born this won't happen usually in Hindus and that
too they are from Brahmins

Important point to mention :
As Oct 4 is approaching a guy who is working in her company polluted
her mind like anything saying that, you shouldn't leave that guy ..
guys will telll like that only , that they need family , mother bla
bla ... As a girl u will cry for long time if u leave this guy. If u
insist and marry ur parents and her parents will cry for one r two
years that's it.
He insisted her to give pressure on me to marry right away.
He insisted her to go for Arya samaj etc too

Her family :

I spoke to her mother and brother in the month of aug first week
stating that both me and she are friends and ur girl is going to marry
a guy to whom you show but now a days she is more possessive on me so
please Take care on that.her mother and brother approach on it to her
was nothing.

Second time because of her torture  I spoke to her brother stating
that it, your sister is harrasing me like anything to marry me on the
spot what the hell you are doing.their response on it was making a
call to her and pleasing her.

my father to talked with her daddy, her dad said take your son we are
not stopping you but this girl is not letting me to go by doing a
blackmail process.

I ran away from Hyderabad to live a peaceful life without these
tensions wiritng a letter that because of mental pressure she is
giving I couldn't able to take it up and leaving job life and family .

So far I have given all my points which I recollected.please do the
clear manner.
Thank you sir



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