want divorce against false education info

HI Madam/Sir,

I will be very grateful to you for providing me such information. Please advise me how to protect myself/my family by Fake dowry case/complaint if my wife does so. We are supposed to have upfront conversion her family for separation/divorce as we have been cheated by them as they provided us false information to get my YES to marry their girl, even girl also told me that wrong information personally. Please let me know the precautionary procedure /preventive action for fake dowry complaint. below i mentioned details about all happend.

i got married in Nov 2015..........i met my wife for 2-3 Minutes and ask her name & education and we also demanded her education certificates which they anyhow managed to hide or didnt show..............she lied to me by her toung & by her parents too and after marriege i came to know by herself that she is not even 10th pass and havent done proper regular schooling..........she lastly appeared for 10th exam thru distance  and got failed. 

in April 2016 under pressure of my & her family i agreed to adjust with her & took her to my home ....tried to adjust for 3 months. but that didnt work out.

as she is not properly educated and brought up in a rural family & environment. i am not able to sustain/adjust with her as i cant digest abt what she lied to me or the way she is in terms of behaviour,understanding,approach,talking ,walking ,lifestyle etc etc......

in short i dont want to live with her ........i told her abt this issue in July 2016,........she informed her family. now her family threatening me to do legal action against me.

they want us to do a meeting with them in near future. so should i register any FIR or complaint about them before they take any legal action against me.

NOTE: i consumed this marriege once before i was not aware of this fact, secondely twice when i was trying to adjust with her.
             now she is with her parents.

please advise asap 

Very grateful Regards 

Retired employee.

If you buy a vegetable also, you bargain and check the quality and it is your negligence in not vereifying antecedents.  Most successful males wives are not also so much educated.  It depends on compassion and compromise.  One can not live happily with mutual disrespect and distrust.  Contact advocate and let her ive her own life without hurling allegations against her . Live and let live .  Those individuals who are having well educated wives also have similar complaints that wives are arrogant.  I do not know whethr your mother is educated or not but still your father lived happily .



The information provided is not a ground for seeking divorce. You cannot have any precautions against the future other than not indulge in anything wrong, wilfully.


I feel that Mr. Prasad's reply was the most s*xist that I have ever come across on a legal forum. You sir, are replying on the assumption that women are inferior to men intellectualy and even if a woman is at the same "intellectual" level of her husband, she is bound to be arrogant. This is pitiful and downright insulting.

Coming back to the matter at hand Neeraj, you must file an FIR against your wife and her family for fraud and file a petiton for divorce citing mental cruelty. Let the court take cognizance of this matter and proceed therein.



You are trying to play victim card here. For reasons known only to you, you wish to come out of relationship and you're diggin some flimsy reason for the same.

There is a proverb which says one may say 1000 lies to get someone married.

If education has thought you anything, you should take her under your wings and let he complete study and be a better man. Since education has failed you in regard to be better person, how dare you mailgn her about her background.

From a legal perspective, you are at disadvantage and no court will provide divorce. at least not immidiately.

Just pray that there is no good samartian in their family who has some legal knowledge. If so, any lawyer worth his salt will make your life miserble.





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Mr. GLN Prasad has been making meaningful and valuable contribution to this forum. It is my considered opinion that this forum provides more than enough space for everyone to state hi/her point of view without being judgemental of others.

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We agree with Mr Venu that Mr Prasad though non legal person is giving realistic  assessments.


Others have freedom to give any aflatoon opinion but the same does  not  work in courts


And how some one can prove that false information about education was given. On similar lines hundred and one accusations can be made even against husband.


I never asserted the veracity of his contributions to the forum. I only pointed out the remarks he made. I was critical only of his sentence and not of him as a contributor.


Dear Neeraj,

It will be very difficult to prove that she lied about her educational qualification.


If you are able to prove it then it can be the case of fraud.  Please refer to section 17 in the Indian Contract Act, 1872 which defines "Fraud."


You have to prove that the particular fraud has affected your decision to marry her.  Moreover you can file for annulment on the basis of fraud but it has to be reported within one year after the fraud has been discovered by you.


It is very difficult to prove all these things instead go for MCD.




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