Resignation due to personal reasons

 Sir, I have joined central govt service 2 months back.I also gave interview in other central govt dept at higher scale before joining this job.Now i have been selected and wish to resign from my current govt job and join new govt job.I wish to resign from my current job by giving personal reasons.Will i get relieving order from my current organisation as i would need it in my new job.



My name is manish & i am working in delhi bases it company as hr but some personal problem my resigned my job but not accpet my resign so i am leave company . then i try to my ful & final but he send me this mail 


Mr. Manish,


As for your kind knowledge please take note that

1.       you have been absconded /are absconding from your service since 20th January, 2016 without any pre information and without completion of your notice period, which was one month; and

2.       after many commitment on our request to come down office for proper knowledge transfer you did not come and for the same reason company suffered huge loss in terms of productive hours which cannot be termed in money and for the same you are liable; and

3.       We are still assessing the data and company properties and money which were handed over to you  as you were also handling the petty cash of the company, which you have in your possession illegally without any authority  and not visiting the office to deliver to us on many request and please consider that if company will suffer any loss for that reason or if you share this information with any unauthorised person(s) related to company which you have in your custody/possession  or try to exploit the information of company for whatsoever reason , company will take legal action against you.

4.       We are again requesting you please submit your written come down to office for knowledge transfer and failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action civil as well legal action(s).

5.       Please treat this very urgent.




Please help me out this problem 


Originally posted by : TGK REDDI
Is your two-month experience so beneficial for your new job?

I don't think you need to give one-month Notice.    I don't think you're under Bond.     If necessary, give twenty-four-hour Notice depositing one month's Basic Pay.

So will they provide me with reliving order bcoz i have mentioned in the attestation form that i am already employed in central govt dept.And in this case a relieving letter from previous employer is needed.

Retd Sr Director Govt of India/ Advocate

1) When u r resigning from the present Govt employment and joining the new job again in the Government, why do u want to suppress the material facts and misrepresent the reasons to be ur personal problems, may land u in problems later.



2) Better state the fact to the previous Government employer and tender ur resignation by complying with the T&C of earlier employment such as notice period if any required or salary in lieu thereof be paid, handover complete charge and get the relieving order.



3) No Goverment Office is bothered when u change the employment in career progression rather wish to relieve u.



i will comply with the terms and conditions.I will complete my 1 month notice period or pay for the shortfall which ever suits me.But the only thing is that i have been advised to mention personal reason in my resignation and not to mention this reason on records.




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