Procedure to copyright the "idea"

I have a concept in my mind and i am planning to copyright it and then launch it.

My question is it possible to copyright a "IDEA"?

My second question is If Yes please guide me with the procedure? If not what can be the alternative to copyright my "IDEA"?


Idea must be original, copyrightable and fixed in a certain medium of expression- as a story, audio/ video etc. for example.

The expression ultimately can be copyrighted, not the idea.

For eg., you have an idea of writing a book on " two lost brothers" - you may write a story and copyright the same. But  that does not stop anyone else writing with the same theme but with storyline, incidents etc. . different than that developed and copyrighted by you.


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@Hardeep: you reply did cleared my thoughts but got another query which is "To get more guidance on this issue can u guide whom should i meet" i mean lawyer or a judge or who?

To reflect my idea in a proper situation let me explain in a simple way ..I need to use only a resources of a company like a reliance digital and only through this my concept would work or else it wont ..So before approaching reliance digital to explain my idea i want it to be copyrighted/patent or trademark.Thats why i am planning to copyrighted it..!! 

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1. Simple Ideas can never be copyrighted unless brought in visible proper acceptable form by documenting it.  Hence whole a part may be tested by publishing in national and international reputed journals like IEEE, if not secret.  When once a published work, its the author's own property.


2. Some people confuse patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Although there may be some similarities among these kinds of intellectual property protection, they are different and serve different purposes.


3. It is not clear whether the original work would be a book or a design having backward and forward linkages to follow on with reputed companies.




Copyright is nothing but a simple process. The only thing which is required that it should be original and If it is original then it will get copyright. 

To read about the process of Copyright you find a long article regarding copyright and its registration. Click CopyRight Registration process

And to do a Registration or read about the Documentation etc. then Visit Copyright Registration India




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