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Is there a forum in India to improve functioning of constitutional mechinary?

I wish to participate in such forum with suggestions to improve judiciary

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LCI  is best platform but maximum registered lawyers must give their responses in time. Online petitions submissions must be allowed. All documents works must be provided through online by govt. departments/court section offices.Section 89 of the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) provides for alternate dispute redressal mechanisms (ADRs). After issues are framed, cases can be referred to appropriate ADRs. Streamlining this process can reduce the time and other costs of justice.



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As of the forum, LCI has different sorts of members, discusses variety of issues & LCI in itself can be made into that top notch portal.


The heading & the body of the query are different aspects.  Both the aspects makes lot of sense in the present day context. As of today, I may not be as much competent in the later aspect & this post is for the former.


True democracy means that every citizen who is expected to contribute be consulted when decisions that affect the masses are taken. Today technology affords that. The Law should be suitably amended & newer aspects be imbibed.


This portal need discuss the real life happenings, law, the way it got/is being administered & the dimensions etc.


WHY IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: Every system needs regular improvement for the benefit of society, for whom laws are enacted.  

We have digitized causes list of every day & justice delivered in a particular case on internet site of all H.Cs. ^ Apex court of India & other countries too.  We have enacted IT ACT too.

Positive Affect: No. of cases will be reduced thereby requirement of additional judges/ benches/Tribunals.  Wrong doers will reduce cases as decisions will be fast enough.  Really needy society will come with a confidence that justice weill be done in their life.  Crimefree state dream can come true.

Adverse effect on employment of Advocates, Notary Public & Typist in courts besides other employees: Off course it will be.  But in the common interest of society it is to be taken in larger perspective.  The dictum of justice, "Justice delayed justice denied" will be followed. The employment of advocates will be protected as drafting will be needed from them besides attending video conferencing.  E-stamping has started to reduce no. of stamp vendor & to avoid duplicate ones.

Overall it is required urgently:  It can be read in judgement: 

Standard Chartered Bank vs Dharminder Bhohi & Ors on 13 September, 2013: Author: D Misra Bench: Anil R. Dave, Dipak Misra

                                   IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA

                        CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION

                        CIVIL APPEAL NO. 8486 OF 2013

                (Arising out of S.L.P. (C) No. 12292 of 2012)

      Standard Chartered Bank … Appellant Versus  Dharminder Bhohi and others                  …Respondents

                               J U D G M E N T

Dipak Misra, J.

Leave granted.


I am NO stranger to digitization. I have been a party to setting up of West La India. I set up database of caselaw and assisted in integrating Indian caselaw data with Westlaw India.

However I find there is no ledership in legal community for setting up some facility to improve justice delivery.

I am looking for such a community through which I can contribute.

Such measures will reduce cost of justice to ordinary citizens, improve quality of justice, reduce case load in courts; the benefits to society will far out weigh the social cost.

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Noble thought. Dependable leader is definitely an asset. Sir, You can get variety of members on LCI. These members can get more expertise. LCI could be used as the platform you are seeking. Issues could be addressed professionally. 


Sir, you could as well be that leader. Members will feel happy with good leadership. Let the beginning be made somewhere. In this context, it is pertinent to note that LCI has facility for both open communicaion & personal communication, PM (Personal Message).


Thanks to those who liked the thread referred above  I suggest LCI forumn to think over & post.


If there such a forum I will paricipate.

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Pl. be assured that we can make this forum into that world class, vibrating platform. Make a starting. Let us see.


It would be nice if thread/s are started on '"Improving the functioning of the Constitutional machinery", "Improving the Judiciary" & even other such relevant, hot topics, needs. You may make a reference here.


We would contribute the best possible. It/they could be moderated & the refined thought, if it comes to it could even be taken up for action too.


In view of the fact that I am an ordinary citizen I cannot lead but only contribute.

Constitutional Machhinary.

If finance minister could stop pension for government servants and at the same time introduce pension for elected represntatives - do we really need this parliament?

I some times wish I had taken to revolution as a youngster than live long as I do to regret my folly in youth




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