Harashment from my husband & in laws

am married to my husband 2 year back, on conditional basis that he should not force for s*x, because i have 1 baby girl from my first marriage. After getting divorce from my first marriage only i got married to my present husband. Me & my family (Father & Mother) ddin't hide about my first marriage & divorce.My Present husband agreed to all my condition & got married but now from last seven months he is harrashing me daily by saying that i am character less women. For each & every thing i have to ask him or his mother without permission i must not to talk my father, mother & relatives.They are not paying me any money for any medical treatment to me & my daughter, they are not providing me food also properly. I applied for job with my own ability & got the job but my husband restricting me not move out of my house and asking me to leave(resign) my job and asking to look after the house hold work only. They are not giving Milk to my Baby Girl aged 3 yrs. My husband & my In laws blaming me that i have a relation with some other person. But, the real fact is that my husband has a relation with a women from more than 2 yrs orally he is not agreed about this relation. Now, I asked him to leave me by giving any compensation to live my life alone with my baby. But, he is not ready to divorce me or to give me any compensation. Due to his misbehavior & my job is also in trouble. So, kindly suggest me what action can be taken about my husband & in laws in this regards. I beg kindly reply to my email. Thanks & regards


I am sorry that I am have to ask you this - are you having an affair outside your marriage? If your husband has agreed to all your conditions then why is this all going on? Do you want to come out of this marriage or not? If you want to come out of this message you need to file for separation or divorce.

Mistake in previous. I am sorry that I am have to ask you this - are you having an affair outside your marriage? If your husband has agreed to all your conditions then why is this all going on? Do you want to come out of this marriage or not? If you want to come out of this marriage you need to file for separation or divorce.
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If you want to end the relationship then you need to file a contested divorce on grounds of cruelty. If not file a dv case and ask for residence order,monetary relief,protection order,custody order etc

The foremost question here is what is the base of all therse new problems? and prior to marrage was there a through discussion in regard to the child and her welfare? Is your marrage registered? What is his intention in regard to your future living? Did he agree to be a father/Gardian to your child? Have you claimed any maintanance from your previous husband for your sake or for your child? come up with all these we will sort out.

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In this case just obtaining divorse will no sort out the issue she obtained divorse and married the present husband with all hope that he would take care of her and now she is put in to great pathatic condition and she have undergone DV from her husband and his family members and she lost maintanance for all these time that she stayed with her husband no she and her child has to be composated with the loss from the second husband and the second husband is anserable for the harrassment faced by the poor lady and her minor child.


I, Thank you all for your valuable reply. But one think i have clear myself that i don't have any affair outside my marriage. If i was having any certain affair why i would have married to this person.Now, my husband and his entire family behaveing cruely with me & my baby. This people are not giving a single rupee for medical treatment for me & my baby. As a humanity basis this people are not asking what happend to us. I joined a private company job with my own affort but my husband putting pressure on the company by high level influence not keep me in their company. My husbands family member forcasting in front of their relation & family friends that there caring me & my baby girl very well. Before marrying me he assured that he will look my baby as his own baby. But everything was just a drama, instead of blaming me he s having an ill legal affair with a women from past 3 yrs which was hided from me & my parents.

I could'nt understand that for what purpose he married me. Its a Question to myself

I asked his family if they are not satisfied with my behavior let them leave me by giving maintainance amount as an compensation so that i can live with my baby peacefully.

Now, i kindly ask you people to suggest me that what is a solution for this matter. I am suffering daily as this people are keeping me & my baby starving or giving us two days before made food to eat. I don't have money to pay the fees of the lawyer also. If anybody can help me to fight to get rid of this family & help me to get the compensation i will be much obliged.

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Get clarified your self that wether you want to live with him or you just need economical support from him. Dont worry things will be alright and move ahead with confidence take this problem as an advantage to prove yourself. Indian juditial system will provide you justice.



Sir Saravanan have given you the right advice. You need to decide whether you want to live with this person or Not live with this person. You also need to decide whether you need to go down the divorce route or the maintenance route. You need to take appropriate action quickly because as you have stated you and your child are without food and are getting problems on a daily basis.



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