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498a is a very weak law

498a is a very weak law. There should be law for death sentence for husbands who torture their wives physically and mentally and also demand dowry and harrass and torture in laws of daughters. 498a of DV act are insuffient and weak. There should be a law providing death sentence for husbands in cases involving torture of wives.Even visitation Rights of husbands should be banned if they torture wives. My daughter was mentally tortured and child snatched away. I know law though I'm not a lawyer who will take husband's side. I run a Foreign Women PG accomodation and they get shocked when they hear this nonsense about husbands going scot free.There shouldn't be any trial in enlarged scope for 498a providing for death sentence to husbands without trial who behave like Nazis treating their wives like jews. Enlarged scope of 498a should also include free arms to women, 50% of husband's salary and 50% of his own as well his ancestral property. 498a is a very bad law because its very weak.


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shrinivasg Advocate. (N)     09 November 2011

I read your post and I also agree to the  almost all points raised by you .The responsibility of counciling in also not properly done by councillar to save the marriage. 498A should be included in the D.V.Act itself and  affected woman should record the events in their mobile and judge should accepted the recorded evidence produced through witness. For maintenance and residence order judge should act immediately, after 6 months are over.erred husbands should be punished heavily. 


To: Shrinivasg:

Since my paying guest are American women, I'm given to understand that there women apart from getting lofty alimony they also get a very large share of property rights. Additionally they get such maintanence as befitting their status as was during marraige. E.G if a woman gets married to US president then she gets everything equivalent of the first lady of USA. Further under US laws when visitation rights of of a gild child are granted then the said girl child gets a seperate room plus a bedroom plus a seperate bathroom[isolated from from stepfather and her mother].


Indian position: Maintainence is a recurring process and hence continous recurring contempt occurs if the husband fails to pay her monthly maintainence then he committs contempt of court even after 10 years. Since you are an advocate you must be knowing most of the innumerable case laws on it.


Indian women file very large number of Criminal Cases against their husbands because they want the husbands want the best of all the worlds but neither give their wives maintainence nor property rights for the children.


Why do husbands cry that they are harrased? Why don't they pay maintenence and property rights?

venkat chintapikkala (private employee)     09 November 2011

hello dear 

you are looking from one side and you are following foreign culture i agree with you some husbands are there but not all husbands do the same in the same way most of 498a cases are filed by wives for harrasing husbannd you can check them. if you think in foreign style then they should not ask maintainance.they can lead happy as they want they dont need husband and child but need his money. is my argument correct?


bye my brother


Ramgeh: Why do Indian men keep running toUSA/WESTER EUROPE with foreign cultures?


"most of 498a cases are filed by wives for harrasing husbannd you can check them. if you think in foreign style then they should not ask maintainance.they can lead happy as they want they dont need husband and child but need his money. is my argument correct?"

No foreign women marry Indian men as they terrible. If you think many men think that 498a is wrong then many terrorists also think that they have been not only harrased but ruined like the maoists.


Why do we use foreign goods and build websites of foreign make. Aren't are scripttures and Ram Mandir good enough for us?  Why do we run after US dollars, Their Software, AND INTTERNET which US Controls globally from California, Admirality Suite.


I've petitioned Her Excellency the President to get 498a very much stronger then it is as of now.


Talking of FOREIGN CULTURE, why do we Indians from North Pole to the South Pole Worship Sonia Gandhi as a GODESS and who is a European--A FOREIGNER. Why do we eat pizzas from Italian Restaraunts spread all over the country?

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     09 November 2011

Cool. Good place to rant.





Shonee Kapoor

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498 A Fighter (Manager)     10 November 2011


Why do we eat pizzas  and run behind dollars ?

Before you ask others,you ask yourself .WHY DO YOU RUN FOREIGN WOMEN ACCOMODATION ?

Why dont you run an accomodation for poor,sick,destitute and orphan INDIAN women?

Just because your daughter suffered, dont come to conclusion that all 498A victims have tortured their wives.Dont u know that 99 % of 498A etc cases filed against men are false and were done to harass ,torture and extract money from Husband and in laws ?

We  want all these dangerous, liar women to be punished legally and we will fight for our cause no matter what it takes !

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DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     10 November 2011

You can not compare both cultures. If this process goes on already more than fifty percent brakdown abroad and same is picking up here the institution will go as bust.

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498a Fighter: I'm running a place at 10 Janpath .I'm angry. with you and will report you to RAW.  Poor Soniaji is the poorest lady in the whole world.

498 A Fighter (Manager)     11 November 2011

Hmmmm, no point in arguing . I will leave it to the experts !



Adv.SunithaBeegum.M.P. (L.L.M. POSTGRADUATE ADVOCATE)     11 November 2011

Dear Friends,

Only 498A victims will know whether it is strong or not.

My husband and his parents and sisters are pathetic and sympathetic victims of 498A.

I took and argued the case and prooved that it is a false 498A from my husband's first wife and her parents.

498A is much stronger to kill a husband and family than a death sentence do.... because most of husbands and his parents and sisters are not criminals as we seen in street. they are hailing from reputed families and it is sympathetic to see them with the criminals in court.

498A and D.V should be to protect women and it should not be to harras husband and his family.

As The Honourable Supreme Court said in one judgments, 498A is a legal TERRORISM.

As a joke I can conclude this matter,

Only a human who ate Indian Dosa is eligible, qualified and desrved to tell about it's taste.

Scavengers may not be knowing the real taste of Indian Dosa as they eat human beings...

law is to protect citizens and not to destroy them. to destroy the citizens there are criminals in this world.

I wish my friend should not be one of them

All the best and may god give you good intelligence and justice to human beings

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     16 November 2011

Law should be applicable to both the parties equally without any gender bias be it husband or wife.If death penalty for husband then same should be for wife also.


More over if women wants money only and not relations then it is better to do DHANDA instead of MARRIAGE.

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