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RaghavKend (CA)     25 May 2010

30 year age rule for LLB 3 years course


BCI is making a mokery of itself by so called "quality-improvement" process by making 30 years max age limit for 3 year LLB. I have the following reasons;

1. India is laging further behind in solving IPR related cases. The reason is that to understand IPR, the lawyers and the judges have to be competent technically to understand. This is lacking severely, when India is making huge contributions in WIPO and recently India is a signatory to TRIPS. In order to solve this there is a requirement of technical persons with expertise to take up law so that these IPR related cases can be handeled.

2. BCI has a list of foreign universities/Institutes which accord law degrees which are recognised by the BCI. The foreign applicant who holds this degree can write a qualifying exam in India and get him registered in Bar council. These foreign universities/institutes do not have age barrier for doing these degree courses. According to University of Buckingham, London, any matured individual above the age of 25 can take up this course. When BCI recognises those degrees, our own citizens are barred from studying the law of the land. What Irony is this ????

3. If quality is a concern, the BCI should set a year say from 2020 etc from which the age barrier will come into force. This time limit will help the technical knowledge to be gained by the lawers or technical experts to take up law.


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Krishnan Venkatachalam (Legal professional)     25 May 2010

Mr.Solomon's views are to be pondered with. However we have to look at the other side of the coin also. As on today the legal education is lacking quality. Many lawyers even do not know to draft plaints properly. Continuous improvement in legal standards have to be brought in and this can be possible only if age restriction is brought. For any field, young blood is required for bringing about a massive change and development.

RaghavKend (CA)     25 May 2010

I  completely disagree with you Mr.Krishnan Venkatachalam with all the due respects. If fresh minds have to be brought in to improve quality, can the judges age be reduced to 40???? It may sound absurd. India is making its mark in the 21st century and we have to be at least in line with the global scenario if not leading. The lawyer who is of bad quality will eventually fizzle out. It is the entry of technologically competent individuals who should be welcomed into the law stream. The entry of individuals above 30 from other domain bring with them their domain knowledge which is ut most essential in Indian courts.

In US Federal circuits (equivalent of High Courts in India) have technologically competent judges and advocates who understand much more than just law. Our Government seems to have now woken up but initiating the setting up of commercial courts. But this will take more than five years for a lawyer to attain specialization, which is very tough.

Bar council of India recognizes law degree accorded by those universities who dont have age barrier then why not our own citizens? This will result in an Indian citizen to get the foreign law degree and he will write a qualifying exam to get himself registered in the Bar. While the back door is kept open, why close the front door?

I once again appeal to the fratenity to have a holistic view instead of citing a lame execuse for improving quality.

vivekanand (executive)     25 May 2010

Law covers every aspect of our lives.  The legal aspects of technology, involving advances in pharmaceuticals, electronics, material sciences, genetic engineering etc need to keep pace with ever-advancing progress in applied sciences. Thus,  It helps to have people from various disciplines especially the sciences/technology area  to be a part of the legal education process.  Setting a bar on age will put a spanner in the progress of law education, which is always in many ways a continuing priocess.  Since laws follow technology which in turn changes consumer .preferences, this age bar move can also be construed as an anti-consumer move.

Nowhere in the world is there an age bar in pursuing legal education.  The BCI, in the name of 'stream-lining' law education is clearly barking up the wrong tree.  It will be just a matter of time before they will have to abandon this dubious move.

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HANUMANT DESHMUKH (Activist)     25 May 2010

Age Restriction - Why is it such a bad idea?

I am willing to provide financial assistance to whoever is fighting against this stupidity and injustice. Contact me at

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Sanil (IP Analyst)     28 May 2010

It will be great fun if anybody can check the percentage of pass based on the age. The young brains are far far low % than the aged ones. The reason is very few good students only interested in Law at first place, all others are joining to Law, as a last option. This is not the case of elderly candidates, they all joining because of real need and interest. The quality is thus no way related to age. If some one feels my points are wrong, please have a look in detail at the % of pass, %marks, number of chances based on age. I hope this matter any degree, if the student is interested, why there is age limit. Einstein started his mathematics at late age, still he is number one in maths history. So be sensible.


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