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ragz hyder (PM)     21 June 2012

2 weeks bizzare girl


My Marriage is barely 2-3 months old where we have stayed together for barely 6 days. The girl is really erratic, psychotically adamant and hyper-sensitive. from day 0 she has been behaving very erratically. She comes out sane but takes real offense even on the smallest of the smallest of things like the way someone addresses her friends, or my mom referred to her, or a perceived insult to her, or even small things like no cooler etc etc. And is crying incessantly on these. She left house because some guy said some trivial remark. Exteremely hyper. And wont come back to senses for months together. She called groom names after honeymoon when nothing happened.

In such a scenario the guy does not want to bring her to abroad where he has been well before the marriage. Even incessant coaxing by her parents does not bring her to her senses. He is aborad alone and believes this girl will be causing him mental torture everyday although he does not attribute her going to cops although not beyond her in a fit of rage. Kuch baat nahi hain par bahut patangad banati hai. My parents are probably the most down to earth loving people but she is making extremely big hills out of moles or even when nothing is there.

In case divorce is applied for, is there any court that can force them to stay together. Marriage is less than 3 months currently and no dowry was involved. The girl had a job and might have one soon. What are the financial repurcussions if any?   The thing is she is making it extermely difficult when nothing has happened and there is an entire life ahead and anything can happen. How long does one have to wait before applying for divorce?


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randomethic (Professional)     22 June 2012

2-3 months is barely enough time for you to understand her and vice versa. Definitely not time enough for you to have realized that you should seek divorce.


Did you meet her at all, before your wedding? How was her attitude then? If she is hypersensitive in your eyes, could it be that you are insensitive and therefore feel her emotions are extreme? 


Do not look at her reaction and judge her behavior. Look at the complete situation and then decide. Newly wedded lady who does not know anything about your family and is totally new in an environment can feel overwhelmed by all of the attention and change in attitude from what she is used to. Not quite as simple to adjust in a new home. One can be nervous and scared at the same time and act in ways that are un-natural to them. Now, she might feel worse about how she acted and wonder if she will get accepted if she comes back so she will refuse contact altogether.


Also, you have said you do not want to take her abroad with you? Is this something you always planned to do that is, marry her and leave her with your parents or is this something you have decided on, later? 


Same as my story. Someday it will be a big prblm.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 June 2012

@ Author,

Before 1 year of marriage no case / grounds can be made used to file for divorce. However she is within her rights provided to her under criminal laws to take you / your side to CAW Cell / Police Station one fine brahmamuharat! So careful about madam ji's mood swings.

2. Wait for 1 year plus bonus another 1 year. Then take ground of desertion and may apply then for divorce.

3. Both have acute reversion for each other due to irreconcilable temperamental differences so it seems from the unilateral brief.

4. Before marriage – during marriage – and during Who 7 Din were no articles given as gifts to either party! How that then can be called as social marriage hua tha ji lekin kudi nakherewali hyper super duper hai J Well that is what you need to keep safe and return when demand arise as you are simply its custodian / trustee.


5. If she is not able to maintain herself with the salary that she is / may earn then deducting from your salary your liabilities the rest half or 1/3rd. may be discretionarily given to her if she files S. 125 CrPC and or DV Act. Under civil maint laws she may also ask maint. to fight civil case as well as litigation expenses in all cases she files and or you file after 1 year. Whether she gets these and or not is then subject (query) matter and till that time read last 1000 messages in Criminal /Family Law forum during your overseas honeymoon minus a bride phase!

6. Best would be to upkeep her till 1 year passes in this marriage and on low keynote politely part from each others Company at that time condensing her / her side to agree for MCD (Mutual Consent Divorce) if that is what it may then reach to. MCD is most economical Wall Street synergies ever given to Hindus by our Social laws.  

I assumed you and your side people not interested in socially solving the presented facts thus presented same before legal forum for legal solution. Above are legal way outs and for social ways wait other writers will place their wisdom.

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