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PALNITKAR V.V. 's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 1786

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I was serving Judiciary as a District and Sessions Judge. I took voluntary retirement . I have good experience in Civil, Criminal and Family laws. Settled at Pune .

Presently doing arbitrations and consultation. 

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answer any question on Civil, Criminal,Contract, Property and Family laws but not on tax laws, labour laws, environmental laws, Insurance laws and international laws.

    My area of expertise
    total experience of more than 30 years in Civil, Criminal, Property and family laws.

    My experience in the area (years):
    15 years in family laws, 25 years in Civil and property laws and 30 years in criminal laws.

    Organizations I belong to:
    I am a retired District and Sessions Judge. Now practicing in Bombay High Court

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    I have assisted my sister Nilima Bhadbhade in editing Mulla's Contract Act

    Educational credentials:
    B.Sc. LL.B

    Award & Honors:
    Awarded two advanced increments while serving as a judge for outstanding performance. Got 63% marks at LL.B final.

  • Legal Manager says : advise request
    Dear Sir, I would like to have your personal advise in below scenario. We have 6 small various companies in at one campus and same location with different name deploying less than 50 manpower on daily basis since more than one year. We have two union at work place. We have made settlement with majority of Union.The other union have not accepted the said settlement hence they have given separate charter of demand and later this dispute referred to labor court for adjudication. Meanwhile they have resorted to illegal strike in April 2007 and till date they are abstaining from the work. By the way we have submitted an application to Labour court to declare this act as illegal strike and case is now on leading evidence from our end. In such situation can we close our sister concern ? Do we need to seek permission from Labour court where dispute of illegal strike is pending. What is the procedure for applying closure of establishment? What reason we can lead to justify the closure? What can we do with the employees who are with majority of union and are working in this sister concerns? Would appreciate your help and reply. Thanking you, Regards, Rita

    i am staying in ghatkopar mumbai in pagdi system from 1976, and all rent recipt till date with me . Landlord owner died in 2004 and his son and brother sold property to builder for development and from 4 brother one brother is live and has put case of 1/3 right in property .we has recd notice when this people sold property and rent is to paid to builder and he is collecting rent 6 year .and 2nd notice recd from brother of land lord say ing this cousins have cheated him and sold property .so may also loss of ur house .As i am an tenent and paying regular rent why shld i suffer between them.WHO IS CALLED of property builder who collect rent or person who has filed builder is not communicating as several time contacted here for problem what can i do .and what right an tenant recd during development of building (addition area + corpus fund + rent )from builder .and if any damage is happen in buildng and life goes who is responsible builder or person who has filed case.Kindly let me know waiting for reply from experts . thanking you

  • ashwaq says : retirement benefits
    sir can you please help me...... sir my father is a Janata Deposit collector in State Bank of Hyderabad which is commision based , he has 30 years of service and his age is 56. when he was appointed in 1980 after 4 years this scheme was removed at that time he filed case in court for continuation which court accepts it stayed the order of SBI, from that time my father and other agents (in other branches ) have been continuing by the help of court orders. Now SBI recently passed a circular to stop the job by taking some money 2,50,000 by some formula applying on commision you have earned in past 2 years now my father earns 22,000 to 25,000 commission monthly this 2,50,000 will become one year salary my query is that is there any law which directs SBI to give retirement (all funds including pension ) to my father who has 30 years of service like central govt emloyee my father has met one lawyer he said that my father cannot get that retirement benefits and can only take that 2,50,000 suggest me how to proceed in this case to get all benefits as no one in my family is employed my family totally depended on my father if he looses his job my family cannot survive

  • S P Goel says : D V Act case
    Dear sir, This is S P Goel, from Delhi 9810101999, my wife lodged a petition in Karkardooma court under Domestic Violence Act, and demanding Rs 45 lacs and Rs 15000 per month, my monthly income is Rs 8000 from Interest, I am unemployed, house is in my name, judge advised me not to sell in first hearing. My elder son lives separate in Delhi , in ICICI bank Rs 18 lacs pa , earlier he was helping, she left house on 20.10.2010 younger son is a student. Please advise sir thanks s p goel, Delhi 9810101999

  • Manish Sinha says : Threats and false allegations-- Divorce
    I got married in 2006. A love - arranged sort of a marraige. There was some restraint from my father due to the girl being from an inter-caste OBC family. Finally it was solemnised. After 5 years of a truly mis-managed marriage, my spouse left me on 5th oct 2010. she has been absolutely indifferent and indignant towards my parents who are senior citizens. She was a working lady and the family support was there, however, she avoided household responsibilities and the care deserved by my parents. She wanted me to live separately which I resisted. She bad mouthed consistently about my family and has shown dis-regard to me as a husband. She avoided my sisters and with the contempt growing over the years due to daily fightings, we decided to call it a day and she moved to her parents home. we have a joint home loan and she took back her contribution towards the flat. she moved all her istridhan/car etc to her parents home and filed an application with the bank / builder to delete her name off the loan... I have a few messages which refers to her asking me to leave my parents, threats to commit suicide, asking her money back, abusing my family. An email sent by her to take her name off the bank/builder records. A signed receipt of 1,44,000 returned to her. A recorded conversation of her father discussing formalities etc. Now they have back tracked and blame my family for the break up. Her family is threatening section 498 to implicate my father and my sister. They called and obtained slyly my sister's address and then threatened of cases against her/blaming her for the situation. A mixture of revenge, hate, and greed will lead to painful accusations. Please advise. I wish the marrage to end but by mutual consent and at the same time want to avoid any false allegations or police troubles. Manish Sinha # cell : 9953105638 e-mail

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