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wrong doing by banks

Harrasment by hdfc bank against credit card which is never issued to .even they have posted it in CIBIL.they

are supposed to be charged with criminal laws.



I want to tell you that HDFC bank issued me a credit card in year Aug 2007 and i used it for two years and after that i was receiving my credit card statements at  coimbatore address but in the mean time i left my organisation in Feb 2010 and i came back to my hometown in Punjab and i did not receive any statement thereafter . I was having my credit card  dues of around 1900 rs in feb 2010 .I was getting threatening calls from HDFC  recovery cell from coimbatore since jan 2011.After getting threatening calls from HDFC recovery cell at coimbatore i agreed to pay Rs 2800(this amount was agreed by bank recovery cell too) in Oct 2011,the recovery cell person told me telephonically that he will send me agreed statement to me at my address and for that i was keep on waiting the agreement letter of the setteled amount of Rs2800,but today i recieved the legal notice of the amount Rs 9504.84 which is out of my reach since my finanical condition does not allow me to pay Rs 9504,I  request you to sent me the agreement letter of Rs 2800 at designated bank at my home place in my town i.e Ferozepur(punjab) so that i can deposit the agreed amount of Rs 2800  and further harrasment by your recovery agents should be stopped in future.
As i have told here that my dues are around Rs1900 and bank deducted amount of nearly Rs 2000 and later in year 2011 i deposited a cheque worth more then Rs 3000 and still bank is asking for huge amount of Rs 9504 by sending me a legal notice of Rs9504,and already last date to deposit the amount as per legal notice  in bank has been gone .
Kindly suggest me some suitable solution of this problem as i donot want to go into these legal matters.


Bank shall :

-raise the bill when the Cc has been used.

-shall levy late payment and finance charges, interest if the card usage as in bill/statement is not paid.

-shall issue reminders by phone calls, letters if the bill is not paid.

-shall supply a warning letter that if billed amount is not paid tghe card member shall be reported to credit beuroe.

- collection staff shall approach the card member. Recovery agency shall follow.

-shall report the credit history to credit rating agency and declare the customer defaulter when customer has not made the payment.

Card is issued when customer submits an application and application is varified along with ID proofs, photographs of the customer by bank staff and/or third party agencies i.e after due diligence. Then crd is supplied alongwith welcome kit by courier and card is activated after courier gets security certificate signed by customer and delivers after varifying the ID if receiver at customer's address.

If you have not been supplied a card then you must ask for certified copy of all above mentioned documents from local BM of the bank by letter under acknowlegment so as to reach you by redg/speed post say within 7 days. If the BM does not comply you may complain to MD Aditya Puri email id:


and if puri does not comply lodge police complaint for extortion, forgery and simultaneously consumer complaint in consumer forum.



Hope you updated your new address with the bank. AS per RBI guidelines bill should be supplied ( not sent) a fortnight before due date. Read guidelines at RBI website.

If you observe carefully bank puts bul mail stamp which is about 3 weeks old and the bill is delivered by national bill mail service ( ordinary post) even after due date. While a letter by oridnary post from chennai is delivered usually within 5 days. raise a demand to supply bill by redg/speed post.Decline to get bill by email or demand refund of cyber cafe/internet charges to open email. Bank is duty bound to supply the bill at your doorstep at their cost.

Since you have not been supplied with bills you do not owe any penalty. there a lot of consumer forum decisions.If bank has extorted any extra amount from you demand refund with same interest, penalty,finance charges as bank charges. Record  threatening calls and report to police. bank succeeds with those who fear it.Escalate to SP/Police Commissioner and charge the local BM.


@kumar doab

Thanks for your reply.

Sir my temporary adrress was no more after feb 2010 since  i came back to my home town  which is my permanent address ,since i have not send any formal letter about this but i told recovery agents that i have left coimbatore and i went back to my permanent address and i told them that i have not received any letter for 2 years at my permanent address except this letter of legal notice in last. The legal notice i recieved is in Tamil language which i cannot understand at all.

please sugget me what could be done with this legal notice of bank  and how i can win this situation.




Kindly approach a competent and experienced lawyer handling such matters/consumer forum cases and your lawyer shall do the needful. If you have given permanent address and received notice at your permanent address your lawyer shall handle this also. If the notice is in tamil language at the least the address shall be in English or otherwise your lawyer may advise to make local BM of the bank at Ferozpur and MD of the bank Aditya Puri HDFC bank House, Lower Parel Mumbai ( Check complete address on web site or any of the bank brochure, statement etc) a party.




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