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upkar gupta (lecturer)     15 July 2012

Women's right


how many years it will take for a divorce if wife is not ready at all??

nd husband has not any sufficient ground for it except daily sas bahu fights

plz do reply


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R.K Nanda (Advocate)     15 July 2012

No chances for divorce.

R.K Nanda (Advocate)     15 July 2012

No chances for divorce.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     15 July 2012

To dispose off the trial in divorce case, minimum three years required.  In High Court, in appeal, it will take years together depending upon the backlog of such particular high court.

Ranee....... (NA)     15 July 2012

Don't worry .

rajiv_lodha (zz)     15 July 2012

Contested divorce is really very very difficult to obtain in INdia. But if carefully dealt, MCD way-out comes to ur rescue while contested divorce proceeds as girl may also lose hope of peaceful rehabilitation in ur house n time plays a killer wepon for her. Rest is all ur own destiny. No set time frame!


Please visit the court and waste your time,money and mind. You will come to know all Woman right and man right too.

upkar gupta (lecturer)     16 July 2012

my simple question is that

can my husband get divorce??  bcz..


i wll nt get ready for divorce at any cost



he wll not have nay sufficient ground for it..


Nikki, Grounds will be masala mix by good advocate and those can be simply proved.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     16 July 2012

To both questions the answer is simple NO.

But a seasoned advocate of your husband can always plead in such a way to get him divorce eventually whether you say yes or no even if it takes years for him. It is mental cruelty in a way to continue broken down marriage be it on sas-bahu cause or wife-husband initiated.

But at the end of it what good it will do to hear NO to divorce of a broken down marriage is better question to ask yourself instead of asking similar round robin questions till date in the Forum on same topic?  

And it is not fundamental right of either husband or a wife to say NO to divorce. Seeking divorce is a right of both spouses. If they get it or not is not a rosy ending as it is divorce of the society they keep.

Here is interesting illustration;

All he has to do now is to file a RCR petition instead of divorce. Naturally you will say YES to it. But at execution time he will put tyrinical 'conditions' such as you will not talk to sas at all or you will work at home like a yes master type and will not utter single word till you are at shared home or he may also say I will beat you if you donto listen to me etc. etc. (all out of record before taking you home). The question here comes is will you accept these conditions spoken by your husband verbally out of court? The answer naturally will be NO - right?.

Now what happens is, your NO is shown as denial of wife not to join matrimonial home to a RCR decree and with passage of time the decree in RCR becomes divorce case and then easily he will get a divorce. All these could be possible in flat 1-1/2 years time as per Gurgaon District Courts backlog of cases are concerned.

Now where is your No valued in above posisble illustration reading my previous paras!!!!. You loose the case ultimately to peculiar process of the Courts followed by his side and helped by a possible smart advocate of your husband. 

Nina Rakheja (unhappily married)     16 July 2012

Originally posted by : Rajendra kumar

Nikki, Grounds will be masala mix by good advocate and those can be simply proved.

Oh..thanks for the information?How to get a good advocate dear Rajendra?I am desperate.....

R.K Nanda (Advocate)     17 July 2012

1. No.


2.He has the ground of mental creulty.for divorce.

Arjun Gupti (Business)     18 July 2012

YOU WILL NOT GET DIVORCE IF GIRL IS NOT WILLING. SO DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON LAWYERS AND COURTS. Just ask her to go back to her house, she will file 498A on you and your family and then she will not be able to come back to your house. You will get rid of her. This is the only way. DO NOT FILE FOR DIVORCE... YOU WILL GET NOTHING FROM OUR STUPID JUDICIAL SYSTEM. 

Arjun Gupti (Business)     18 July 2012

Nobdoy (not even our stupid judicial system) can force you to stay with your wife. If you do not like her, simply tell her and move to a new house. File a fake complaint against her that she has beaten your mother.. then police will take action against her. Women laws in our country are cruel on men, so we have to find alternate ways. Just inform the police that your wife beats your mother, her brother or father is threatening to kill you, the girl herself is threating to commit suicide.. blah blah.. just add whatever you can and file a complaint in the police. Tell the police that you are afraid of living with your wife.. This is the only way you can expect to get rid of her.. But be prepared for 498A..

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