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modihemal123   10 March 2016

Wife want divorce but not giving

hello my wife is not staying with me since more than 3 years. My wife and mother in law started playing politics with my family members and tried to make me against them so that she can live separetly . 

i knew about their intentions and i did't support them in this matter so they told i want divorce and i accepted her decision . her parents demanding money which is not at all practical to give as she stayed with me only for 7 months . Now suddenly she wants to come back i am scared as what her intentions will be ?? their decisions are not firm as they keep on changing their decision first they wanted divorce and now suddenly she wants to come back. 

what can be the ground for me for divorce ??? shall i file the divorce ??? will i have to pay alimony ???

my salary is Rs 15,000 per month. i have to care of my parents as well. 

please suggest 



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Born Fighter (xxx)     10 March 2016

Since the seperation period is more than 2.5yrs any cases like 498a/DV at this point in time will not go in her favour.


She may have realized her mistake OR she might be returning to teach you a lesson.

Its very difficult to read a womens mind under such circumstances.


If you plan to take her back in your family where i feel ur staying in a joint family then remember nothing will change. If you sincerely want to save your marriage then take a seperate accomodation closer to your parents. If you reconcile with her then dont go for a child atleast for 2yrs. Push your wife to do some job to play safe. Also do some introspection you will find out what is good for you !! 



Manjaly   10 March 2016

if she had realized her mistakes, it's better to accept her. Sorry, I don't know what is actually happening in your family. If she has realized her mistakes, go ahead with a better life.
happy Life :)

saravanan s (legal advisor)     10 March 2016

Actually she had deserted you for more than two years continuously. That itself is a ground for filing contested divorce.if you would have proved it before the Court then you could have got divorce without giving any maintenance to your wife.but now she is expressing her desire to join suggested by learned friends it is not possible to read what's there in her mind.consult a local lawyer as to whether you can file contested divorce on grounds of desertion now.
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498 A fighter (Advocate)     11 March 2016

kutte ki dum aur aurat ki fitrat kabhi nahi badalti. remember

fir bhi agar aapka ghar bas raha hai then you take your own decision you better judge your condition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,within few line how we can or any one can suggest anything?

best luck.. apvad har jagah hote hai

KS Johal   11 March 2016

Saravanan is absolutely right. You have stated that you and your wife have been living separately over 3 years this is a good ground for divorce that's if you want to go ahead in that direction.
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modihemal123   11 March 2016

One more thing i wanted to share my wife had TB before our marriage . i think one month before but i agreed and accepted her as it can happen to anyone . My mother in law always used to interfere in our day to day matters which is the main reason for our marriage problem. My mother in law told my uncle that we need divorce and we accepted their decision as we cannot force anyone to stay with us.   My wife health condition deteoriated when she was at her mom's place  and within one year her TB went into the brain and her medications was on daily basis. 

i don't know her health condition now and  i messaged her 2-3 days back that her aunty is saying that whether she wants to come back and she is regretting etc etc but she told me that it is only a discussion and it is not final that i will come to your place . I have her whats app message saved with me. i have all the telephonic conversation were her father is demanding money and after one year they have raised the amount of money since all the expenses of my wife is being borne by her father . It is really sad that her father is saying all these things for her own child. i will pay alimony to them though i have not done anything so wrong but just to get rid off them . 

My father is a heart patient and during these 3 years he had a heart surgery . i want peace and want to separte with dignity but they just want opposite of it. Please help

Amrit (M.D.)     11 March 2016

DO NOT TAKE HER BACK AT ANY COST!! Such woman never change. I have seen in many cases that wife's come back just to put false cases and extract money and property.

Moreover in your case the sepration period is of more than 2 years which would be beneficial to you in a divorce and her claims won't stand for long. Best advice is to file a divorce case on grounds of desertion and cruelty.

Amrit Singh


lucky12321 (Job)     07 June 2016


Vakalath (Vakeel No. 1)     07 June 2016

Agree with Saravannan and KS Johal.  

Siddharth Dev (Advocate)     07 June 2016

so you have no other option i think right decision

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