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ZeroLife498 (na)     22 August 2014

Wife plans husband's killing : remotely recorded on phone

just wanted to know  is there any way  that can save family + extended family from getting destroyed.....

Sir,  A's wife left him and went to her place.  Then after that A's wife planned A's killing with her relatives as well as her police contacts ...  She with her relatives went to her contacts who are working in police and whole gang planed  how to kill A.(that full details are very well planned). 
A gets this full plan recorded on A's wife's phone without her knowledge, remotely using internet.

recorded Audio is almost 50 mins and with all killing plan details are crystal clear in  that, audio quality is crystal clear and everyone in Gang contributed to that plan.
Now, A's wife filed Domestic volience case and that is also covered in that audio..that A never ill treated her..and A's wife accepted fact that she used to  beat bruetly to A.

whole Gang tells to file worst and false allegations such as :-

0. A, A's papa, A's Brother in law , A's sister , A's mother beat her black and blue by closing room. 
1. A threatened  to put her nude snaps on internet
2. A is  impotent
3. A has  affair with office girl
4. A's  brother in law tried to molest her
5. A and his family cut her with blades..
6. A is pshyco
7. A is criminal as he toured her badly..with lot of examples,,which are false..

All above allegations those relatives and police guys putin....A's wife kept on telling..this is false..this is total lie.
but still, they filed Domestic violence case for blackmailing huge sum  and  She tried file totally false/fabricated 498A multiple times with different police stations. but everywhere Police people shoed her A gave them all proofs and her cheatings.

Now,  is it possible A can file various criminal cases, on this remotely recording of her...  which was done remotely and it was stored in her phone and copied that file over internet. 
A's wife still doesn't know  that A has this recording or none of her relatives,police.  Actually, all this plan (and recording) happened in that police inspector's house...  A was remotely recording that.

another info : A's wife left A and before few months only, A gifted her that mobile, mobile bill on A's8 name, A is  sim card owner, A paid her all bills of that mobile.. so A has used things which were paid by A ...and not by anyone else...
like each of above can be one criminal case...     They planned A's killings, and only to save his life,  A had to record that remotely to get clear proof.

can this be provided in court  as proof ? ...
what can be legal implications of this ...

A don't have any other proofs... but this recording is crystal clear and shows whole gang's full real picture...

even if this is illegal, can A provide in court as this is his killing planned and as per Indian Justice system, can person do illegal recording if his  killing is planned or he is in serious life threatening condition ?

can there  be exception to this illegal recording due to life is in  danger due to those GANG.

even if this is illegal, can court accept this as valid proof ? ... 

even A can go to Jail but same time can court punish whole GANG for hatching killing of A , destroying A's and his family with serious false cases ?..

A has not shared any recording with anyone... and they  are in safe custody....  please , can you share, is there any way A can produce them in court ....and how to get them accepted in current situation ? .... 

This answer can SAVE LIFE of two full  family memebers. (first joint family : 9+ members). Coz, A is having full joint family..if killing succeeds , it will hit all members.   and A's BIL has  kids with full joint family... if he gets into false molestation case, he will loose his job , his full life,career will destroyed and no new org will give job due to this criminal record and arrest record on his name.  Destroying his full family...

This is gravity ... and all this A's wife is doing for HUGE SUM of money... marriage was just for this... fully planned... 

Guys, its real urgent... A is earning  twice than his wife , but still he didn;t have money to fight divorce case (due to full big big loans due to joint family needs, no bank can approve any more loans due to already present loans) but now she started with all this legal cases.(i.e. after seperating from A for 1 year)

Hope, if there is anyone to help..... Life is going DARK... and A has just one way...become criminal....
This is how society gives birht to criminal...   A has never ever ill treated/cheated anyone....  but his life is made just LIVING HELL....


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Isaac Gabriel (Advocate)     22 August 2014

You want to be anonymous?

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     26 August 2014

No doubt there wont lie a criminal complaint based on some remote internet recordings through which you allege her to have hatched a criminal plan to kill you, but you can make a whisper to the police officials through some influence and it required you can move an application seeking protection to your life apprehending danger from this side.

Ashok, Advocate (Lawyer at Delhi)     26 August 2014

If A has full recording, then the contents thereof (as per your descripttion) amount to a criminal offence, including offence of criminal conspiracy under Section 120B IPC and falsely creating evidence or giving a false complaint, etc. [Mind you, PREPARATION to commit murder is NOT an offence; it is only an ATTEMPT to commit murder which becomes an offence by itself. There are only two offences where even the PREPARATION to commit an offence is itself an offence, and PREPARATION to commit murder is NOT one of those.].


He can file a complaint with the police along with a transcriptt of the recorded conversation and also along with a COPY of the recorded conversation. However, he could keep the original recorded conversation safe at some secure place and he should also keep some copies of this conversation at some different places (including on some server on the Internet – nowadays many websites provide free space up to 2GB to store your files). If the police refuses to register complaint, pursue with higher officers or with a complaint to the court for direction to investigate under Section 156(3) Cr.P.C., etc.


Using forensic examination, it should be possible for the police to match the voice samples of the people whose voice has been recorded, which would serve as a valuable piece of evidence.



Forget about how the said conversation was recorded in the first instance. That issue can be explained satisfactorily since you have stated that the said mobile phone itself was purchased by A himself and he has proof for the same and that he had given it to his wife. So, he can always take the stand that after purchase of the phone, he had selected the option for recording conversation since it was his phone at that time and he was lawfully in control thereof. Other minor details can be worked out.

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Ajeeet (Executive)     09 September 2014

You can also get the call verified by

this is an organization which is authentic and their report is considered by the courts

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