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why the woman are not oppsing the 498-a abd dv act?

It has seen that many forums ahave been made in which the men are opposing the 498-A and DV Act and I have heard that it also against the woman if she is the sister of the married brother.No only this, her husband too also comes with in the perview if her sister-in-law files the complaint against her

Many women especially those are the sisterin law and motherin law of the married woman usually gpot implicated in this and many of the sisiterin law have their children have to attend the court trails if the married woman files the complaint against her

Despite of this, there woman are supporting the 498A section. Don't they realised that if their bothers and sons got married they too come under their perview


in the opinion of those women being a mother or sister of a male person is the worst crime they could commit and they don't forgive them for that hence no opposition.


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Nice comment...

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Why the woman are not opposing the 498-A and DV Act?


But .............. Are men opposing the 498a and DV act?


NO!!! ............ they aren't!!!



Only some husbands and some of husband's relatives are opposing it !!!! ....

Not All fathers, brothers, uncles, sons in general!!!

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1.All women in this India are not filing cases against in-laws.

2.All men have not concubine.

3.All women do not have extra marrital affairs.

4.All unmarried women  are not concubine.

5.All parents are not interfering in married daughters life.

6..All parents are not ill treating their DIL for dowry.

7.All in laws are not not supporting son's extra marrital affairs ignoring kids.

So don't expect all women will oppose DV n 498A.

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Dear Anonymous, You yourself are hiding behind anonymous tag and looking for support from women ROFL

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I am very much against the MISUSE of such acts, the women who misuse them should be punished severely. It will set an example before those who intend its misuse and they will think twice bfore using the laws for their personal vendetta. I am NOT QUALIFIED to comment on the existence of such acts. I do not belong to that section of society where women are horribly abused (part by upbringing and partly by luck), although I have read many such horrors in the papers.




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