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FightforGood (Specialist)     27 January 2014

What a man can do to get divorce?

Hi All,

If a man has no interest in marital relationship due to his wife's mental torture from day one(and not even having a basic care on him) and his in-laws abuse(defaming him that he is pschyco and impotent). He checked himself in hospital and he is not impotent to prove them to boycott him and not because of sledges.

 He wants to get divorce from her. but his wife says she will be live with him only due to her parents compulsion for the sake of society. What shall he can do?. Marriage is not consummated and no s*x relation between them so far. He cannot apply for divorce since one year is not completed. is it correct?

He got married last april. He even told her tat he dont like her. still she is not giving up for the sake of society. What shall he can do now to leave her?


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ishita (Copywriter)     28 January 2014

You need to see a marriage counselor and not a lawyer. Your marriage is too young to go through these problems. In cases of arrange marriages these things happen so nothing to feel depressed about. You need to invest your time in knowing and understanding your partner. It is very important to work on a formula through which you both can strike some sort of compatibility. First work on the betterment of the relation than looking for the first opportunity to get rid of it. It may seem easy to you at the moment to get over marriage but trust me in practicality it can take you years to get out of this relation if even one partner is not willing to break the ties. You will be getting into more trouble incase you would try to force your partner into giving into your decision. And trust me by declaring openly to your wife and your inl-aws that you do not wish to continue this marriage and telling hr again and again that you do not like her, you are doing cruelty on her. This attitude of yours might backfire on you and will only bring more trouble for you and your family. So just try and be nice to your wife. Go to a counselor and share all your insecurities and doubts regarding this relation. I'm a sure a good counselor would advice you the best solution and how to overcome this problem of yours. Do not seek any legal rescourse as it will yield you no good! These are natural problems most arrange marriages go through so do not in a haste take any decision that you will regret later on. Enjoy your married life and start seeing it from a different angel now and I'm sure things will surely improve between you and your partner once you will work towards making the relation better.

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Kalaivani (SPE)     28 January 2014

I totally agree and honor Ish*ta's message...........

ishita (Copywriter)     29 January 2014

It is sad to read your comment. Problem with men like you is that instead of finding a solution to the problem, you would rather close your eyes and pretend to that every thing is fine. One has to face the challenge and try and find a solution to it and not run away from it like a coward. Keeping an escapist attitude has not brought any happiness to anyone. When a problem can be solved though discussions, talks, advises you'd rather let ego take precedence and after months of humiliation when a women reacts you go to the extend of calling her fake and greedy instead of realising that you yourself have been the root cause of this entire drama. Anyway there is no point making men like you understand anything as it would be sheer waste of one's time and energy. Since you already are in deep sh*t you want more and more people to go through the same misery as that is he only way you can make yourself feel any better. Everyone goes through their share of problems, some emerge victorious due to their positive attitude in life while other's like you suffer and make others also suffer for the rest of the life.

All I can say to you is do not misguide people on his forum. This is not the place to provoke people to take steps which will only bring them more problems. It is a problem solving platform and if things can be sorted out through dialogues and peaceful talks, nothing better than it. Stop playing the gender card here as there are equal number of women sufferers in this world who face harassment and humiliation at the hands of men like you. So id you can not give anyone any sane advise, please do not even mislead people. Do not try to generalize the situation as each problem is unique and in most cases both the spouses are at fault. In some men are more at fault and in others women. 

Kalaivani (SPE)     29 January 2014

Dear Ish*ta,


Totally I agree with your points, because you speak practically, and your motive is not to separate people.I really honour the way you encourage or advise people.

ishita (Copywriter)     29 January 2014

Thanks:) One can only advise. How the other person takes it is entirely his or her perspective of looking at a situation. And yes my advise is always pro-relations, no matter how good or bad they might be in the given scenario. Afterall life is all about preserving relations and not breaking them at the slightest of provocation because if we would keep doing that all the time we will be left with no relation or support system at the end of our lives. Better solve the problem upfront than wait for the situation to get out of hand and than get in a defensive mode and then take wrong steps which would haunt you for the rest of your life.   

I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     29 January 2014

@ Ish*ta. that was the best advice one can give. i would like to add one thing to your advice that each case is different and every time divorce is not the only conclusion. when one of the partner is willing to compromise its not fare on the other to go on divorce. but if the other side is beeing arogant and not accepting to divorce on some cruality background then its fare to go as Sufferer said. this case belongs to doctor than a law member.

I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     29 January 2014

why are you behind the lady. mr sufferer. please dont humiliate others. she has given her view. its not fare to think you are always rite. kindly understand the situation and react.

ishita (Copywriter)     29 January 2014

It's ok, let him write whatever crap he wants to. Not that it is going to affect anyone. He is just a frustrated soul and trying hard to grab attention with his bizarre sense of thinking and writing on this forum. He has a right to opinion, so what if they are worth not anything. You can go on writing whatever you wish to about me or anyone else from this forum but trust me you are not worth anyone's time or attention.

D Seikhar G (self)     29 January 2014

excellent reply given by sufferer,it was my one of the best read from sufferers write. Ish*ta whom you are cursing and speaking bad mouthed words will not stop him to help and speak against biased law.Here all victims knows him what he is doing for all.Please stop overreacting,nothing will hamper him but whatever he had written its hundred percent true.Its upto you to see the reality or just be a vagabond chasing your reluctant husband to live with you.I admire sufferers last post on this thread it was touching and very practical.Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.So,please start living from today onwards as your husband is not going to come and see you.why we are wasting our time on such people who dont want to live with us.why we are worried,cant we live happy without him or her?

FightforGood (Specialist)     30 January 2014


  Hats off to you, brother. Perfect words.


 Thanks for your suggestion. FYI, counseling done already. Next time, please try to give some legal advises as this forum meant to be. I don't want to go over on your suggestions as already ESIS explain you enough.

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unfortunate victim (owner)     03 February 2014

Please contact immediately on MENS RIGHT ASSOCIATION OR https://www.saveindianfamily.org/contact-us/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/saveindianfamilyfoundation/

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