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The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010

Page no : 3


@ Renuka,


I read your sob story. Now digest my blunt take and I suggest don’t create confusions by false stories of  a bala women being underprivileged and down trodden species. 



1. Your divorce is already done as you say in above post. Whereas in a post of your dated June 2010 you asked que. how much money as maint. you / your daughter should be getting etc etc!. See link

2. Now if you got maint. / alimony or not I am not interested to know in discussion post under IBM, 2010 The Bill but what I am interested to say is that this is the reason person like me opposes IBM, 2010 because ex wife like you first of all hide your divorce then sob it out with cry for more maint. in public forum showing yourself like the most a bala and the only a bala here in India. Then show your ex husband in bad picture - then when IBM, 2010 discussion comes then you show eagerness how to extract more from your ex husband after you already got a divorce with your more sob sob stories!.

3. The great story of yours in post is totally different that above two posts. I wonder even you got divorce in 1-1/2 months flat bze last post was of June and now it is start of Aug 2010 and still you are complaining in political way bravo….clap clap

4. Lady you remember you and I mailed each other just last week on maint. citations and what could be a way out based as my help to you which I was willing to provide you based on your June  post ?.

Now here you tell your story in totally different way. Tell me as a reader and replier to your own previous other posts (June one) which story is true? There in June post you are asking questions to readers how to get money out of unknown (salary wise) MNC big shot husband and we the fool repliers of LCI replied to your June post thinking that a lady is in trouble. There you say you don’t know your husbands salary. Here you say you both put up 20 years into marriage what is this sob sob story - 20 years in marriage – n you worked on assignments of UN and he a top shot of some  MNC and I suppose both of you are educated and yet you claim that in 20 years you never came to know his salary if educated people start saying these then ho chuka satyanash India ka - what a crap lady give me a break now.

6. OK enough reality check let us cut short all these political / diplomatic answers of yours, we will end up another 100 pages into it, tell us now what you want ? Be specific now and donot create confusions between readers to various posts.

7. This is how hard core feminists like you create sob sob stories and confuse general public and whole P & J company starts singing in your praise / siding you as the great a bala - money extracting industry gets created - Indian men are seen as b*st*rds and dowry seekers and only as rapists without realising that internet posts are like a naked child’s cheeks, where you can pick bums from precious posts just like a flassh and flag it at appropriate posts when needed to prove your innocence - see a women's word against a man this is the gender bias we the Indian men are fighting tooth and nail. Had this been a court case people like me would have been be-headed long time ago.  


Now don’t further justify especially to me your sob stories.

If you have anything to discuss about The Bill, 2010 discuss that and take your personal sob stories out of here to P & J company and I am blunt today because I donot tolerate dishonesty even for a second. You want to rape me I will be happy to have been raped might even enjoy that but you trick me I will never ever forgive you understood what I mean and ‘all you mentione din this post’ are generic so to speak and not meant only for you a empowered women but to all empowered women of this great India.

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this is the result of beggars are not choosers . women activists made so much noise even before intro of this bill that its in this form today. while men activists are neither organised nor they did anything to pressurise the govt.obviously men have to suffer by this unilateral law. better men stop marrying if possible.

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a good commment by someone i want to quote below:

Moily started with Molding a Ganesha (sec 13 C HMA) and ended up with a Monkey
(Sec 13 D).
Supreme Court honestly wanted to end long battles of Matrimonial dispute pending
before Courts and requested a law to end marriages on the ground of Irretrivable
Break down. . Both spouses can get out of marriage and still fight for Custody
or Alimony. Law commission approved it.
The govt was not bothered and kept silent ! . SC went ahead ordered divorce in
many cases. When Harish Salve demanded Divorce for Ms. Shinde the SC woke up and
said Pass the LAW. Now it has become Clash of TITANs!!
Now Moilyis forced to appease woman activists included 13D giving right to Wife
to oppose IBM. Women empowerment is always about paying money to Wives from the
Husbands Chest ( Why not Govt Pay Divorced women Pension? if they are seriously
Actually !3 D is reduntant as Sec 25 HMA takes care of Alimony and Custody at
the time of passing any order under the ACT!
The funniest part is the definition for IBM ! ie" not living under same roof for
3 years" No estrangement or reasoning is needed!
A husband living abroad even without any estrangement can file IBM just by
throwing money on his wife and get rid of her. We can only pity Hindu Wives!!
With this law neither the Courts nor the Wives are benefitted. On the contraray
this law create more confusion and out Judges will have field day adjouring
matters as usual.
Marriages don't break just because of lapse of 3 years time!!
IBM happens due many other serious reasons like incompetability, avarciousness,
ego among others.
I am sure Ms Shinde won't get divorce! Harish Salve is failing Mr. Shinde!

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Suresh Ram (Business)     07 August 2010


The new bill introduced in Rajya sabha provides for "Irretrivable Breakdown of Marriage " a ground for seeking Divorce which is realy welcome move which would relive a woman from abusive reletionship.

At the same stroke the Bill has reduced a Hindu wife to that of a prostitute!!

Hindu Wife's only remedy agaist a husband seeking Divorce and who is willing to throw money on her face is only to clain "Financial Hardship".

The Court has only option of fixing the money that can remove her finacial hardship!!

The Advocate community has not bothered to condemn the gross demeaning of sisters and mothers!

A Muslim wife or a Christian wife stand in a differnet footing!!

Veerappa moily is all out to paint Hindu wives as Money seeking whores!!

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     07 August 2010

My divorce is not done. It is in the process. And I never sob, nor cry. Nor I become sentimental. 




Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     07 August 2010


Which sentence gave you the impression that my divorce is done? I do not think that my reply to Sivani should elicit such an answer. No more to disturb your thread, I am anyways coming out of it. But one advise, again no where I have said that the divorce is done, I am again saying it is in the process and that's why I asked for the citations, thinking in this forum anyone can ask for citations. So do not generalise, and lable. I am neither interested in sob stories, nor I tell any sob stories. I am not in the court here,  and if there is any unclear sentence, one has a way to ask for clarifications, right? I have said, it is 20 years old marriage, not it was 20 years old marriage. I have  mean by flasshing divorce papers, that he had initiated it at this late age. That does not mean he is my ex husband, he is my husband and legally I am still his wife till the process is completed.

I hope I have clarified things and wish you best of discussions on your thread! Thanks for your citations but that is entirely a different issue and it shows that one is not mixing up matters with the posting on any thread. 


sivani (engineer)     07 August 2010

@Renuka,  it's not only your story but in variations the story of  numerous women in India. 

@Arun, LOL at your reasonings till now.  Did the guy in your illustration who lost his hands lose them due to fault of wife?  There is something called insurance for natural calamities but there are no insurances against husbands who stray!  And as far as leaving the husband is concerened, it shows how little you know or understand women.  Women by nature feel the need to be needed and when they come across such they are at their caring and nurturning most. How many women have you seen who have left their husbands in such conditions?

Also yes why should my teacher friend be satisfied with 5, 10 or for that matter 15 lakhs, when her husbands  salary is as much in just few months.   What in todays world is worth of 15 lakhs.  Do you also propose that if Bill Gates goes for IBM, his wife should get $2500 as upper limit. LOL

Lets get real again

At around 27, when most executive try to make an identity for themselves in the corporate world, she happily chucked her job and took off for London to be with her husband, who had just got a posting there .  For her, taking care of her two-and-half year old son was more important than her career then.  As a housewife in London, it seemed to be a right decision to have moved to london at that time. Now just because it was a right decision doesn't mean she had a great time.  There was a time when she wanted to jump out of a really high window.  Because, as a working professional, you are used to having your own identity, it was not a pleasant experience for her.  It was then, battling with the idea of having an identity, that this woman decided to look for a job.  Since she had taken a decision to take a career break very consciously, she felt there was no point in cribing. So she went did all kinds of jobs, including working in a store as a sales girl.  She was so desperate for an identity that all she wanted was a job- any kind of job.  So she started with the employment exchange.  In 1993, she got her first job in London.  She worked in British Home stores for about a year as a sales girl for a princely pay of 3-4 pounds a hour.  Before, she joined the departmental store, she got a offer as a clearner in a store and she accepted the offer.   Her next offer was a major upgrade from a sweeper to a sales girl.  The work invovled unloading boxes from trucks, but it was like she got her identity back. When she was working as sales girl she wanted to upgrade and she knew there was this vocational college.  Since there were no vacancies, she told them she didn't need to paid.  She offered to work as a data entry operator, maintain attendance records, type out the notes of the faculty and the likes.  Noone understood why she should do all these 'kachra patti' work without getting paid, she got the job.  The story does not end there.  About 15-20 days later, the accounts professor suddenly fell ill.  That was her lucky break.  She was asked if she had an MBA degree and could teach accounts?  Since she did she took a two hour class.  The next day as she was about to start her data entry work, the HoD told her he can't believe the feedback from the class was so wonderful.  And from there she became a regular back-up teacher.  It was a major upgrade for her with a pay of 20 pounds per hour.  

@Arul, can you guess that this woman completed her mathematics honors from Delhi's prestigious St Stephen's College before entering IIM-A.  Pl. tell me how many of the IIM men can have a story like this?    This is no abla nari but a nari who  is today MD and CEO of one of the country's largest equity houses.   She herself puts it that she was lucky to be absorbed in the mainstream within ICICI on her return to India.  How many of the women would be as lucky.  Before you say this too is just a cooked up story let me tell you to see Times Business dated Aug 7.  and to us women this is not a SOB story but a INSPIRATION  she is no smooth talking CEO but honest about her personal decisions, visions and choices.  Yes, these were personal decisions, visions and choices but please tell me how many men need to make such choices. 

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 August 2010

" while men activists are neither organised nor they did anything to pressurise the govt.obviously men have to suffer by this unilateral law " - that is the big problem. Unorganised people can not achive much more.


" better men stop marrying if possible." - practically impossible.


- "

Veerappa moily is all out to paint Hindu wives as Money seeking ..........!! " - what does it mean?

It is a public place.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 August 2010

" No more to disturb your thread, I am anyways coming out of it." - this will not going to solve any problem.

Analysis & comments will enrich the thread and will help to reach the goal.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     07 August 2010

@ those who would like to analyse difference in the name in one of my replies above.

And now perhaps there would be another posting on  how RG has signed as a different name? And how dishonest she is and what an abla naari she is posing as!  If so, please save  your time.  It is just a slip that happened while talking to my friend named as signed in one of my replies above  and at the same time writing the reply. And before it was realised and corrected, it was clicked sent.. 


Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     07 August 2010

@ Mr. Arup

Thanks. I like this spirit. But I suppose before attacking someone so personally as one of the postings above have done, one has to read the posting  carefully to see what is and is not meant by it. 



@ Renuka

Firstly, I admit I read your post in a hurry and totally missed reading "petition" word after divorce and I accept my mistake and rest of the Ramayana which followed. However, I stand by my views to IBM, 2010 The Bill quoting "general" illustrations and I also say if readers bring "personal issues" then the course of threads totally changes as is happening in this very post for eg. just for the reason men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and sentiments and emotions of both gender are there and it is not that only women have been packaged with sentiments and emotions and men are robots.

Well this is not my thread nor the posts started by me so far under various titles till date were mine all these are voice of common person (men and women) his / her views and there is no Gold Medal so to speak nor a Padma award I, you and a third speaker is going to get out of it so I leave all these to a persons imagination.

@ Shivani,

You bring in "personal issues" you will get the same reply from me. Choice is yours and now tell me lady much you understand the State of Texas FamilyLaw and club it with Melinda Gates who is not even native of Texas? Educating you, further I say in United States each States have their own Family Law does this surprise you and there is a upper ceiling there in Texas and if you want I will give you upper ceiling of all the States of great USA? Take your baggage to USA and change there law on upper ceiling now - I am aware this is a very direct remark but kindly understad Law then quote and make fun of it.

Now I say I am thnkful to you of quoting of Chanda Kocher to what nots and I don't have time in a IBM discussion to quote the struggles of men and then say is mens struggle (rise from garbage to riches) more or less qualitiatively / quantitatively than a womens struggle. IBM has nothing to do with all these sentiments and emotions !. The IBM thread discussion is not about these personal issues. Now why I say thank you because Judges who award maintenence are still in their medieval mindset and when a women like you publically quote fall and rise of Indian women then it is worth showing to Judges these gem of quotes - look how better Indian women are and now allow me to LOL on your public quotes.

@ Arup ji

Good poke on this post becoming personal. Ld. Advocates community will not speak their wisdom on IMB, general public (both gender) witll bring in emotions and sentiments into core discussion of making of a Law / Amendment and rest will do "ROTFLOL" and the sehlf life of some of the best posts / threads comes to early death by page no. 6 and thank Allah that we are in page 4 as of now two more page to go !.

@ Common message

You pull out, I pull out and you LOL - do what ever but the fact of the matter is IBM, 2010 will be passed without general public and responsible Advocate communities views, suggestions and takes.

Let us now enjoy our weekend whatever is left of it.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 August 2010

from this thread i came to know about the bill putted at rs.

can any one tell when bill will come for debate at rs?

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 August 2010

renuka ji,

sometimes it happens.

i also did mistake (wrong impression) about ms. shibani ji. sorry for that.

Suresh Ram (Business)     07 August 2010


Now just by expresesing her Financial Hardship a wife can Retrive a Irretrivable Marriage!! and have divorce denied.

Once money is paid to the wife her  marriage becomes irretrivable! What a legal logic!


This is the kind of bias against Husbands the whole society has!!  " she was allowed to go"

""Her disappearance 16 years ago led to the arrest of her husband ""

Ramesh Chand and Chandra Kant were lodged in jail for almost six months. Laxmi Kant was in jail for nearly two years.

 the case is pending in the court.

 she developed relations with a man and gave birth to three children, Vandana told the court,” said Bhati.

“Vandana denied in court that she was kidnapped. After recording the statement, she was allowed to go,”

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