Suicide blackmails by ex-girlfriend

I was once in a relationship with a girl i loved very much. But due to some trust issues we broke up. There was fault from both the sides but the reason she thinks i broke up is something i wouldn't accept. From then on she started blackmailing me of suicide. This blackmailing increased more when a girl of other section committed suicide and unfortunately passed away. From then she started blackmailing me even more and mentally harrassing me.
What can i do?? As of now I don't want any legal action against her as i don't want anyone's life to be spoiled.

I have proof her blackmailing me. I need advice what should i do and let's just say she does attempt , what will happen to me. And i also want to know what can i do beforehand like getting sign from her parents that i would not be responsible for anything.
I will explain my whole story in detail in e-mail if required.
Thanks for your help.

this is matter of law and conscience you have to handle something like this carefully and try not to take aggressive approach towards her as she may be in a mental state not to understand all you can do is try to be reasonable with her and if possible sit with her and explain everything in the presence of your and her family even if you have to apologize to her for your mistakes if any and be very calm before this approach her family and try to tell them everything peacefully through someone who is respectable in your community so that things dont take a harsh turn and if required and after due diligence show the family the profs that you got but try things to work out without showing these proofs as things may get worse for her at home if you approach family with proofs initially and if this does not work try to establish your defences as how you broke up and how much time had passed and the approach local police authorities with a complaint of black mail and possible suicide threats and from there onwards always say you won't be responsible for anything she does as the decision was mutual back when you broke up and now you have nothing to do with her situation what so ever plus if you can send her to doctor for treatment for this and to make her understand calmly by trying to cope her up with the grief of loss ... as it is she grieves you a lot and somewhere thinks it's her fault try to cope her up with the help of families and respectable in family
also consult with a legal professional with all the facts and circumstances before doing anything further now as per the limit of the question I could only advice as much but if i am given more facts i may advice different approach so be careful try to keep her safe and sound and ask her family to love her as much as they can she may get over with your grief

i explained her everything very clearly. i explained why i broke up with her and everytime i do she blackmails me again and again, so now i told that if this continues i have to take action from my part(i.e talking to her parents) but i haven't told her what the action would be.

there was never a s*xual relationship between us and i made it clear to her on multiple occasions that we do not have a future together. i have all the proof. even if i made it clear long back that there is no future for us she doesn't accept the answer and threatens me

it's been more than 8 months since she started all of this. so does that mean i am safe

thank you sir for taking your time

sir i m feeling same condition how i have to do



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