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ABC LTD id registered in Mumbai. ABC Ltd is willing to obatin a property in Delhi on rental basis to set up a store. which of the following agreement shall be made:

Deed of Lease

Leave and License Agreement

please expalain how the stamp duty shall be calculated on both?

if we execute agreement in Mumbai then where it shall be registered?


Mandar Vasmatkar


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Registration shall be in Delhi where the property is situate. Section 28 of the Registration Act which is extracted below will throw you light. 

28. Place for registering documents relating to land

Save as in this Part otherwise provided, every document mentioned in section 17, sub-section (1), clauses (a), (b), (c), 19[(d) and (e), section 17, sub-section. (2), insofar as such document affects immovable property, and section 18, clauses (a), (b) 20[(c) and (cc)], shall be presented for registration in the office of a Sub-Registrar within whose sub-district the whole or some portion of the property to which such document relates is situate.

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Dear Sir,

Can u throw light on stamping aspect about Lease Agreement and Leave and License Agreement? if we execute document in Mumbai, can we stamp it as per Bombay Stamp Act? what are rates of stamp duty in Delhi on Leave and License Agreement?


Hi, Could you please let me know the stamp duty registration and VAT for purchase of flat in Bangalore?




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