Sovereignty, Slavery and Bank Fraud

Redeeming our True Liberty, God Given Rights, How?

Please pardon my poor legalese, if you find any. This is just my opinion/view from my research for the past decade, so don't sue me for anything that may offend your views.

This may be news many of us in India and the world. Every country in the world is bankrupt and are operating under bankruptcy law and paying interests IMF and taking oath to Queen Elizabeth II. And USA is a private, for-profit corporation and just like any other goverment agencies, deceiving millions of people. (Is it true for India?)

For any sovereign national, tax is not applicable. He is not bound to any legal statutes, and he is only bound to the Common Low of the world (Life, Liberty, Prosperity and Property?). Unless he agrees to the contract with all the terms and conditions, with his signature, he is not liable to pay any tax, loan, or what not.

He doesn't have to have his birth certificate traded as a security in NYSE (Does it happen in India). The social security number given to eveyone in US are the legal way of voiding all god given rights and submit to the private corporation called USA. (Is it true in India for PAN?)

The world bank, IMF, Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service (in US), submits everyone to be a slave by inflation, taxation and hundreds of statutes.

I have been in United States for more than a decade and have recently planned to move to India permanently. I have learnt extensive knowledge while being in US about banking, law and money actually works.

In US, it's possible to discharge your debts, if you claim to be the Secured Party Creditor (or do the accepted for value process) since US is a corporation and acting under commercial law since 1933. Is this anyway similar the case in India? If not, can someone with their law excellence help me figure out what's going on in India really?

So I am curious to know about the Admiralty, Common Law and Contract Law (adhering to Universal Commercial Code - UCC) that is practiced (if at all) in India and how it affects our daily lives in terms of paying taxes, mortgages and credit card loans.

Also, since Indian rupees cannot be redeemed for any amount gold anymore, I assume they are just like US dollars, in other words, worthless. So, when I make a loan contract with Bank (e.g., housing loan - mortgage), with my signature, bank creates the money out of thin air and credits into my loan(?) account and then transfer it to the land owner. However, they will ask me for the principal, interest for the next 15-20 years. I had to pay these for the money they never had in the first place.

So, your thoughts, suggestions and expertize would enlighten anyone who wants to be free for real.


The Sovereign From South!




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