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Arpita (Test)     07 May 2010

Should a girl change her name after marriage

Hello Friends,

This is with regard to changing name after marriage in India.

I want to know:

1. Is it necessary to change the name post marriage.

2. If the marriage certificate mentions maiden names for the couple then is it not possible to use the marriage certificate for opening joint account insurances etc with maiden names.

3. If one decides to change the name, should she change her surname to her husband's surname or should she just add her husband's surname to her maiden name. Which is a preferred way so that the hassles are minimal after name change.

4. If one decides to add her husband's surname to her maiden name, then what are the implications for Passport, License, Accounts, Insurances, Work Place, PAN Card, Voter Card, Nasscom Card, Credit Cards, legal documents, etc.

5. If one decides to retain her maiden name then will there be any problem after the couple has a kid? (In kids admission to school, colleges etc)

6. If one decides to retain her maiden name then will ther be any problem for the kid in inheriting the property in mother's name?

Experts please advice.




 18 Replies

Ashok Yadav (Lawyer)     07 May 2010

In my opinion if a girl didnt change her suname after marriage, it wont create any problem to her or her children in future. Because their is no law where it is prescribed that it is mandatory to change the surname for female after her marriage. Its only a trend (Custom) which we are following from ancient time. It shows dominancy of the Males (In males world)

Every person has a right to choose his/her name (which is normally choosed by their parents) if someone dislikes his/her name he/she can change it at any time, this rule applies irrespective of gender or age of the person.

So if you wants to retain your maiden name after your marriage it is possible and legal it would not create any problem to you or your childrens in future.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 May 2010

1. Not at all.

2. No need to change your name, By your maiden name you are able to do all legal activities, like opening a joint account. your declaration as spouse ls enough.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 May 2010

3. Not necessary.

4. No special effect on change or not to change. When someone raise a dispute, put a photocopy of marriage registration certificate.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 May 2010

5. No.

6. No.

Whenever you face a problem, in this regard, if any, put a photocopy of marriage registration certificate and show the original. it is your personal liberty under art 21 of coi.


I do agree with my Ld. friend. Mere declaration of spouse is sufficient.

mahendrakumar (marketing)     08 May 2010

legally, there is no need of changing name unless one wish so.

as such "non changing of name" is not going to make a problem later.

but,as a practice/custom,after marriage one is generally known as mrs.x or y.

Mona Langayan (Learner)     08 May 2010

I totally agree will the valuable suggestions given by learned friends .... No need to change your name or surname after marriage ... It is the cutom of various states how to change your name ... like in Maharashtra it is a custom to use your husband name after your name ... As per my point of view such changes happen due to spontaneuous love towards her husband but neither there is any legallity or any mandatory proviosion ... So enjoy with whatever either you change or not to change

P.K.Haridasan (Advocate)     08 May 2010

It is a custom  to change the style of  name after marriage. Normally no body will object to it but  some timesit creates a lot of trouble after wards.  Some of  the authorities will demand an affidavit to that effect.

Mona Langayan (Learner)     08 May 2010

I dont agree Haridasan jee on ypur point of view. No problem can occur if the female has guts and convincing power ... But I do agree affidavit shall fulfill demands of various departments.

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     08 May 2010

Not at all mandatory> it is that girl's opinion

scharlie (worker)     09 May 2010

Legly there is no any rule to change your surname after marriage, if you don't want to change your name then there is no legly problem. you can do all things whatever you want.


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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     09 May 2010

I agree with the view of Haridasan with customs governing the matters.

M.G.RAJESWRI (LAWYER)     09 May 2010

No legal implication occurs as my frnds told. Its purely girls option to change. No one can compell her. 

Mayuri (N.A)     06 August 2013

I have a query, if a woman has not changed her name after her marriage but she does have marriage registration copy and affidavit. Is she liable for pension or insurance amount after death of her husband as per PF and ESIC act? Will it not be problematic or difficult for her to claim PF or pension with her maiden name or viseversa?

Kindly advise.

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