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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     20 October 2011

Provide basic facilities in all government schools: sc to al

The Supreme Court today directed the Centre, all states and Union Territories to provide basic facilities such as toilets and drinking water in all government schools across the country latest by December 31.

A bench comprising Justices Dalveer Bhandari and Dipak Misra was shocked to learn that in a large number of schools run by the government and local bodies, basic facilities like toilet and safe drinking water were not available.

Government schools are in hopeless condition and in a large number of schools, there were no classrooms and the children were forced to study under trees in inhuman conditions.

There was a total lack of hygiene and sanitation in government schools.

The SC has been issuing directions from time to time to improve the conditions of these schools.

Majority of students in these schools belong to the weaker sections of the society.


 11 Replies

M.Sheik Mohammed Ali (advocate)     20 October 2011

yes, i am also read the case law, thanks sir.

Apsira (chennai)     28 November 2011

most of the government school dont have a  basic facilities like hygiene toilet and safe drinking water. so the government want to provide  these basic facilities to all schools... For more information about education available in

Aishwarya (Teacher)     28 November 2011

there has been improvement like there is mid day meals and funds for school uniform, laadli yojna, minority and for reserved categories, free books and notebooks..

..but still govt. needs to do alot repairing and building of new school building..and do away with tent wala school or kaccha school.., more to be done to provide drinking water and  toilet facilities.good wooden benches for students , lights , fans , tables , playgrounds , swings, and it can go on and on ..moreover  overcoming the scarcity of teachers ..

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     28 November 2011

the area where i live,many govt schools do have toilets,drinking water and wooden benches...but cleanliness is not upto the goes to govt's lack of hire and fire these jharu walees have a field day..



Introduction of mid day meal is like the magnet to attract poor students to the school.but it has deteriorate the quality of teaching, as teachers are busy in cooking Khichdi!

Aishwarya (Teacher)     28 November 2011

Probably those who are not in this field can qoute this profession as they wish to see it ...

..Anyhow i know its the noblest thing one can do, is to teach kids coming from diverse backgrounds and its no easy to get into it too.

One needs to clear so many entrance tests ,its not a cake walk now as one may think it to be...

"Mid day meal is not a magnet u see" ..where there are kids working day and night cutting the threads of trousers, getting 50 paise per piece only..

..It would sure work as a magnet for them if they can eat and collect the same from school i really feel good about it. atleast there's some place they can be kids and its in the classrooms..

their parents may think meals as an offer, plus the uniform and reserved category or laadli funds every kid gets from here.

.the extra they get is quite good by sending kids to school..but still they have to go home and sit down to cutting threads home they dont study they tell me ..coz its loss of around 2 or 3 rupees if thy do it..

teachers can do all they have to what a parent can't needs immense dedication ..

As a parent one may deal with his her own kids ie 2 or 4 and be mother or father to them..doing all they can ..

but here as a teacher one share's and care alot with 42 kids and at times it goes upto 88 kids ..

one should not consider any work big or small and cannot be judgemental about the same if  they are not aware of it completely..


Dear Ash, I think u misunderstood me!

If you check my profile you can see I was a teacher for 5 years a.It was after marriage.Before marriage i worked for 1 year in my native place.I have 578 friends in my Facebook friendlist out of almost 400 are my ex-students.

Govt scheme to feed students of Govt school is a very welcum scheme as it fulfills two purposes,

1.Provides nutritious food to the children of BPL.

2.To attract children so as to fulfill the purpose of Sarbasiksha Mission.

But can you tell me, whether Govt has created any particular post to arrange and conduct the mid day meal program??..

I think no.

Only teachers are bound to cook and do all necessary things to fulfill the scheme(In Assam this happens!so there is tooo much critisism in local news papers!)I dont know what happens in your school!

I think Teaching is the noblest profession among all!I do miss my school..and kids..whom i taught they are all grown up...some gt married n some are getting married soon..some are appearing final exam.. ...yet they respect me as there teacher...I feel so proud that once I taught those kids..who share their personal problems wit me and seek advice as they sought before the science exibition in the school  or annual function...




Aishwarya (Teacher)     29 November 2011


About the mid day meal ..i dont knw bout the other , but as u mentioned about assam ..good to know tha even teachers cook in schools ..something new i got to know..grt ...

 In MCD schools and Admin Schools we have MDM  that are managed by nodal agencies, the Directorate of Education that is DoE ( MCD), and (NDMC). For the MDM here some NGOs,Caterering groups, canteens. parent teacher women self help grups are apprached to provide cooked meals in school..nowadays there are some contracts being given to semi automated kitchens too who become partners to NGO's ..

For the Posts its on the higher level being coordianted..The meal is brought in tempos or autos..and then some teachers are daily assigned the task of tasting , eating the food before being given to  the kids,menu is different  for 6 days..


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     29 November 2011

my sister as well as my best friend teaches in senior classes in delhi admin govt i know in and out of these schools' administration,but not in so muich detail,as she joined recently


there also,mid day meals are not cooked,rather catered daily to the school in a van.but i havent heard of tasting dun by any teacher prior to getting distributed.


about govt rules,work,etc---the biggest drawback,rather a foolish policy by govt is to make all students of 8th-10th standard pass in all exams,ie,they cant be detained.


i am not too sure of 9th and tenth standard,but i know that students upto 8th standard cant be all these students dont take studies seriously and keep wasting their time after school.girls of higher classes like 9th,10th and above are busy with their BFs after school,,because they know that however bad they perform,they will be promoted.


if any1 from the govt. dept. is reading these messages,he must take steps to change this flop rule,or else the deteriorating standard of studies in govt. schools will destroy the future of india.this country is already getting managed by those fools,who atleast had the fear of failing in schools,so they studied,though a bit.


but now the current generation has no such fear.


but in assam it never happens..teachers have to cook..children have to help them...!


This is the picture of almost all remote schools in India.I think limited schools get this catering service in metro cities.

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