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Sarabjit Singh (Manager)     02 March 2013

Procedure of divorce for a forced marriage

Hey everyone,i am new here!

I met a girl in 2008 dec and we started dating till 2009 june,in the mean time we got physical too.but gradually realised that the fights have been increased to the extent so decided to break up.she wanted to finish it slowly slowly in terms to which i was ok.this slowly slowly chapter was so slow that it took almost 2 more years,in themean time i wasnt physical with her was almost over.then i found a new girl in my life and i dont knw from where this previous one get to knw this n lodged a complaint against me saying "mujhe shaadi ka jhansa deke mera 2 saal use kia"this in feb 2012.some how i creid n said sorry n lso requested to take bak this complaint and she took.unfortunately she again woke up this feb 2013 with same complaint and gave 2 options to me in police station

1)either go to jail for 10 years becoz in india all law support system are for females so watever she says is right nad police will also consider it.

2)or marry me

i opted for going to jail becoz this is ultimate torture to marry someone whom yu dont want to.but after speaking to frnds and many people i was convinced to opt the marriage option keeping in mind that divorce can be filed after marriage.

so marriage is already done now.Can plz anyone help me in finding the way how to get out of it.plzzzzzzz


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Ranee....... (NA)     02 March 2013

ha ha could not get rid of her before marriage , now thinking of filing divorce!!!....divorce is not a easy cake.

forget ..and try to be happy with her..marriage is not a game...

mehul dave (advocate)     02 March 2013

completely agreed with ranee .....



I read the query twice, but could not get my head around it both times, how could one be so lousy I could not understand.

These are times when people think a                    zillion times before getting married, and those people are really great who suggested you this idea, get married and then get divorce, as if divorce is available at the More store near you.

If you are rather interested to go to jail, panjabi toh aap ho hi, bandook nikaalo aur cheh ki cheh utardo saali ke sir mein, saat saal baad bahar aao.

Harsh (Manager)     07 March 2013

Mr Sarabjit

I think you took one wrong step and one right. How you look at it


You got physical with her before marriage; dont you realize that in India, only a GIRL can be western NOT a guy?

Besides she has every right to cry, she is an Indian Girl!

But you could have faught her cheating/rape case before Marrying. That you didnt so forget it.

Ladkiyan milthi hai, lekin saath mein bahuth risk bhi hota hai. Hope you have realized it now :)

2) You got married to escape jail term. Very Good Move.  Your friends have advised you well.

Now if you are unable to live with her, you may face some stupid cases like 498a,which is better than

facing cheating/rape. Also you already have another girl, you  can try for live-in with her,

provided she is not the type to file a case against you in future...koi guarantee nahi.

So bhaag jaao!  I mean you can find ways to separate if you cant live with her.


But on moral grounds, you should try to make it work --> it is not like it was a forced arranged


Unless there is a genuine and strong reason meaning IMPOSSIBLE to live with/continue married life, couples should try

their very best is The Gyan.



Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     07 March 2013

I totally agree, marriage is nt a game.




Shonee Kapoor 
Handphone: +91-8010850498


If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you LOST.
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Goutam Prasad (Advocate)     07 March 2013

Dear Mr. Sarbjit,

From reading your query, it seems that your marriage might have taken place during February, 2013. If it so, please forget of filing of divorce petition for one year as no form of divorce petition can be filed up to one year of marriage.

I have to further inform you that mutual consent s*x is not offence. Only thing is that if consent is sought on promise to marriage it becomes offence. But the same needs to proved beyond resaonable doubt. Hence, had you approached before your marriage a good counselling could be given to you.

Now, you have already closed the doors.

Although there is provision for doing away with forceful marriage. For that you can file petition for anullment of marriage within one year under section 12. But, for its applicability of the same in your case you need detailed consultation as information provided here is short.


Goutam Prasad


Supreme Court of India


Mob: 9810753838

rajiv_lodha (zz)     07 March 2013

No easy escape 4 u. What these friends r saying now as u alone stand in the eye of the storm. have they ran away OR are ready with another funky idea

Manish Udar (www.Mehnat.IN)     10 March 2013

This is a forced marriage. This much is clear to any observer.

Reformist !!! (Other)     10 March 2013

sarabjit paaji, tusi eh ki kar ditta ?

You have moved ur frying pan and now u r sitting on fire directly. Dont u think if she was threatening u with rape case bfore marriage, now she can threaten u with 498a/406 and adultery based on ur other girl friend.....

You should have opted for jail rather than living with ur wife like a prisoner. 

I hope u must have understood by now that marriage is not a game and i do agree in India Men cant be western, only women can enjoy anything including s*x......after njoyment too, they can charge anyone for anything here.....Pity on our laws.....

Pls try to live happily with her now and if u cant then try with MCD after 1 yr of ur marriage :)

Harsh (Manager)     12 March 2013

How is it forced? In legal parlance it is 'settlement' .

If a hero kidnaps a heroine, she falls in love with him.

Idhar thoda sa ulta hua hai.

listen to this song:

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