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Please advice on 498a

Hi, My wife left home one month back taking gold and money. now she is telling I will never come like that. I am staying in Chennai and my parents are staying Karanataka. my wife's parents also staying karnataka different distict. when I asked to my wife she told I will not come and we asked to her parents first they told we will not send and now they are telling we come to ur parents home and we will not send cheenai.and they planning to do some nuisense and drama at my parents home. I told to my wife's parents u come to directly to cheennai and I will call to my father also to chennai. we will discuss. but now they are telling we will not come to chennai and we come to ur parents home. if they do any nuisense and drams at parents home and Is my parents can file any cases on them ? if so please advice.


My father in law and wife telling we will file 498A and some false cases on me and my parents like that threatening to us. Please advice how to proceed with this situation.


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piplekhan (Systems)     01 July 2013

Hi Venkat,


Firstly, Looks like your wife found another love or she had a pre-marital affair which she  found and back and trying to get out of the wedlock bond.

Come to a quick solution and with nice and easy and divorce her and live a happy healthy life.My frank opinion to you.

A lady who cannot live a life with her life partner is fit for nothing and show her agitation , She is unstable molecule.

More over there is no way of overcoming 498a case if she plan to put any.

The best solution is come to an agreement  to dissolve the marriage and exit.


adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     01 July 2013

Before 498A go for conciliation softly .  Do it as early as possible.


Hi All, Thanks for your valuable advices. We tried concilation, but it didnt happened. Now they are telling we will come to ur parents home only we will not come to staying in chennai. My parents are getting scare if they come to home they will do nuisense and drams.thats why me and my father told to them u come directily to chennai we will discuss further, but they didn't agree for that. they are telling we will come to ur parents home only.we dont know what is their intention to come to my parents home and why they are not coming to chennai. I have rented house in chennai 2BHK.Please advice and further action.Is this right to file divorce petition please advise.

kanwarjeetsingh (Adv)     01 July 2013


please donot take lightly your issue. It is easy to impose allegations on orhers, you must have proof to prove ur allged alli...If you contact some good lawyer in your area to discuss ur problem. Once 498A registered, you have to face the music of this section. Go for mutual consent divorce.Nothing else to say, but in opinion u must see good lawyer

good luck

piplekhan (Systems)     01 July 2013


Thats it mate!..Clock is ticking..she is none other than a time bomb in the house. Remember! When she explodes with all those fake  allegation..chances are you or family memeber lose life due to make it work keep miser and cunning and like we say quit smoking..quit you wife...lolol All the best...

Praveen Kumar (Intern Lawyer)     01 July 2013

Dear Mr. Venkat,

Instead of afraid, try to resolve the matter by considering the actual facts of litigation. You may also approach to the court for mediation under the mediation cell. Further if you would like to bring back to your wife, file a case under section 9 (Restitution of Conjugal Right) under HMA against youf wife.

Hope it will help you to shortout the problem. If your wife still files a case of 498A, section 9 will be consider by the judge as a point in relief.


Best of Luck....

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     01 July 2013

Tell your inlaws you had a quarrel with parents and they disowned you from that day, and you and they do not have contacts with each other, and they will not take any responsibility about your marital issues.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     01 July 2013

Tell your parents to convey the same to them if they go to your parents home and send them away from compoundwall gate itself. 


Hi,Thanks to all for your quick advices. My wife's parents are not accepting to come to chennai. they are telling we come to ur parents home only.they are not ready for reconciliation. Please advice.

Questions :

1.Please advise u want me file RCR or Divorce petition? which is the best ?

2.Iam staying in Chennai in rented house and my parents staying in Karanataka different distict. where u want me file RCR or Divorce petition in chennai or karanattaka?

3.At the time of marriage, we bought gold with my father name for my wife and to me. everything she taken and left home. Can I claim that gold back?

4.I have some voice recordings and email screen shots. Is this consider as proofs?

5. My wife didnt stay one day also in my parents home after marriage. In future Is she drag my parents also in false case. if so what precautions my parents has to take?

Please advise above quetions and Thanks for ur valuable time and advises. 

piplekhan (Systems)     02 July 2013

I would say do RCR immediately as this would legally put you in good books. RCR in karnataka and check if this can also be linked with interstate in your case Chennai.

Please get hold of a good lawyer who loves profession not money...With due respect there are few in the market who are professional while rest are money mongers.

Forget about the gold ,she eloped with thats no way going to come back more over there can be no justification done on this wethere its yours or your XXX....

Wife staying with you is more imporatant than your parents house, Law will not accepts any of such statements.

Voice recordings and email are helpless belive me the court will not accept them as valid proofs,Mate! listen you need to stay calm and fight very smart not with rage and anger.

Come to a negotiating terms and end the wedlock,more over she can lodge false complaints against your family and you even cases like attempt to rape is option for her..lololol..thats the foolishness of the Govt of India....for which you and your male members will get screwed the best way.

You wouldn't even imagine the wildest false cases she can file on you and your family members.


All the best.

kanwarjeetsingh (Adv)     02 July 2013


I think you want to resolve your issue here only. If you realy want to enjoy your rest of life dear go to the good lawyer in your area. So you must go with clean hands, agreed with Mr khan, dont see gold etc. in 99% cases it happens, but later on it resolved amicably only byeeeeeeeeee now for the issueeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Hi, Thanks for ur advice. My wife's parents are not at all responding and reconcilation is not happening. Dont know what their intention,If I file RCR , what cases she file against me. Now am and my parents are in dilema to take further steps.Please advice.

pradeep (na)     08 July 2013

Venkat, if they are thinking of filing a case related with dowery against your family members, they may be arresred. So be careful. If you know about their plan, obtain bail in advance or go on hiding immediately. The best thing would be to get their plan through some third party who know them well but are your well wisher (they should not know about it, else they will not disclose any thing). Also try for a witness who can tell that they had heard them planning for filing false cases.


Hi Pradeep, Thanks for ur advice. Please let me know how to get bail in advance.Hidding means, u want me disconnect mobile and change staying place? Please advice?

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