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D.M.Puri (Central Govt. Service)     04 September 2008

Personal Bias and Discrimination

I'm an officer in Central Government.  As purchase officer, I realized that there are many fictitious firms registered in the factory which are not in existence.  I ignored these firms for issue of T.E. Another officer who was working in the factory and was indulged in cash purchases at exorbitant rates was against me.  He is now CVO of the organization.  He asked my explanation for ignoring these firms.  These firms are non-existing.  Moreover, I purchased the items at very low rates from the suppliers who were supplying similar items.  I have few documentary evidences regarding non-existence of some of the firms.  I want to take CVO to court for unnecessary defaming me.  The firms I ignored are really non-existence.  What is the legal advice.  The item which was once purchased in the factory @ Rs. 1544/- was purchased by me @ Rs. 146/-.  I have some evidence regarding these fictitious firms.  Moreover, since these are non-existence they cannot be produced in court of law by CVO.  I want to initiate legal action against CVO for defaming me.  We know each other for lst 20 years - belong to the same cadre - and always had strain relations.



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Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     05 September 2008

Try to use theRight to information Act to gather arsenal and file a case of defamation against the person if the requisites of the section are satisfied. Take legal help. Another way , hold back bills of the fictitious organisations and see who crys on feeling the pinch. In each organisation there are always good men also [ 80-20 principle] . Gather together. Individual can never beat an organisation so gather together. Write letter regarding this to the Auditor General with copies to the superiors. Last but not the least , be prepared to loose your peace of mind.

S.B.adil rahman (Legal Consultant )     05 September 2008

Fight against evil forces is a continuous process and it must continue. You should take the cudgel in your hand not in your own interest but in the interest of the nation and the country and for those who have sacrificed their lives to   freed us  from the clutches of the tyrants. A candle of one rupee has potentially to tearoff the dark folds of abyss.  I advise you to submit a detailed report of all the irregularities done in the past addressed to the CVO in the manner as if you are filing a complaint.  You also make an official request  in writing to him to start a full fledged enquiry from the angle of corruption and favouritism.  Keep a  receipt   of the same under the clear seal and signature of the receiving staff member. If this is not feasible, then go on sick leave and from there send the said complaint by speed post to the CVO.  Also send a copy of the same through proper channel to the appropriate authority of your department.  See what happens.If it doesn't work you can submit a letter of complaint to the chief vigilance officer New Delhi with your full name and address with request to keep it secret as a whistleblower. I'm sure there is no way out for the corrupts. If all these fail, you can also obtain a court cognizance under section 156(3) CrPC under the provisions of the prevention of corruption act against unknown person of the department.  In course of investigation by the police, you can provide all the relevant documents which will be helpful in fixing up the culprits.adil

prof s c pratihar ( urologist &legal studies)     14 September 2008

sir, first of all you must chew up to that lavel which you can swallow.it is very difficult to be an activist.can you stand opposite party.it wll take away  your mental peace and your family may suffer.hamara desh mahan he.y-is the truth.it is also one of the corrupt countries.you have so many options mentioned by friends.burden to prove is very heavy.you must have solid proof in hand.do not tell anything which you cant prove.whole life i fought against corruptions.got overwhelming results from court.but you must be abrest of laws.i do suggest- write to  secretary of the dept with all legal proof.consult a near by lawyer for lodging a PIL.send a copy to mr cvo.he will think twice before biting you back.your honest cause may make you to suffer but you will always win.send also a copy to cbi.this will save you in service career in CAT litigation.

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