Penalize Judges Absence in courts

Properties and Finances

If any of litigants or  his advocate is not present on a particular date, judges can put cost on their absence.Right,after all it costs real money to set up a court and the opponent party loses money for coming to the court.

But judges themselves are absent from courts many times,litigants get dates of further 4/5/6 months and this way 300/400 people's money and time is wasted on that particular date.Moreover the cases get late this way for years.Would be winners of cases lose millions of rupees for getting late judgement,Would be convicts go on enjoying freedom for late judgement .Many many legal and social problems got created this way.

Why not penalize judges themselves or Govt. for Judges' absence in the court ? After all if it is the duty of the litigants to be present on their dates ,it is also the duty of the Judges to be present on that particular date.

Suggestion----If a single litigant can be penalized for Rs.1000/- on that day if 100 litigants visit on that day,the judge of that court be fined Rs.1000/-x100=Rs.100000/- on that day,now it may be decided between Govt. and judge how much will be paid by Govt. and how much by the judge.

Please give your precious suggestions.

Regards Tusharcosmic.

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FOUNDER-PRESIDENT DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FORUM (DRF) - The Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional awareness for trial of public service. (Ph.9322246333)


Judiciary is a similar public service and they all are public servants.  The public servants are DICTATORS in our Democratic Nation.  SINCE ALL THE RULES ARE DRAFTED BY PUBLIC SERVANTS THEMSELVES and the same is ever submitted in Parliament/Legislative Assembly and its implementation is also in their hands.


Actually the People of India are the Master of all the public servants but shortsighted selfishness is a cause sue to which everyone think that why should I do and such people only keeps concern with their own interest for which they are ready to give bribe and this way the people themselves go under warship of public servants like beggars and finally the people become the beggars and the big joke is that the people are begging their own money and rights which they themselves have left in the hands of their servants.


Dear Madhu, you and me and some other friends I found here are not beggars.  If you (me too) find same situation we should claim the compensation and not from the Government since the Government have our own money but from the pocket of the defaulter public servant who is failed to serve vice versa.  It is a principle that NO WORK NO PAY.


I have just saw your this posting and replied and I have more to say here but right now have some other job so remained later.


You know what ?  Even highly educated people do not know that what is the democracy and what are their democratic rights so they fool become shortsighted within their job & family.  Why I said fools to them?  Since they deserve much more but they thinks that why to move when having the butter before mouth.


SO KHAYE JAO KHAYE JAO AUR PRESTIGE COOKER KE GUN GAAYE JAO.   Fools are buying the 2 rupees valuable potato in 40 rupees ad giving 38 rupees for free salary and pension after retirement to public servants with huge money through corruption in interest. 


In fact, the People (in individual capacity) should ask for account of every paisa  of public money and every minute and every as to what the work is done by every individual public servant and this is the actual form of democracy.




FOUNDER-PRESIDENT DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FORUM (DRF) - The Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional awareness for trial of public service. (Ph.9322246333)



Is it impossible to sort out only one dedicated person in each village for an united work programme???


It is not necessary to do it in a week's time, in a month's time or in few year's time or in any other limited time.  It is a pprecess like purifier and it is the need too to keep this proceess going on.  A 100% ideal socity is not possible but keeping values upgradation is a simultenous process.  One has to decide as to which side he/she want to be either this or that ?????  Either at negative or at positive.


Living standard is the matter of individual, let them decide, and get them returns.

FOUNDER-PRESIDENT DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FORUM (DRF) - The Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional awareness for trial of public service. (Ph.9322246333)

Reuired required ratio is .0000001%


To approach these in 20 years is not possible?


If done, in next 20 years change will be done and the target date is 26 January 2050.


It is DRF Agenda.









 Think for a moment who a Brigadier is:

Brigade: A Brigade generally consists of around 3,000 combat troops with supporting elements. An Infantry Brigade usually has 3 Infantry Battalions along with various Support Arms & Services. It is headed by a Brigadier, equivalent to a Brigadier General in some armies. In addition to the Brigades in various Army Divisions, the Indian Army also has 5 Independent Armoured Brigades, 15 Independent Artillery Brigades, 7 Independent Infantry Brigades, 1 Independent Parachute Brigade,3 Independent Air Defence Brigades, 2 Independent Air Defence Groups and 4 Independent Engineer Brigades. These Independent Brigades operate directly under the Corps Commander (GOC Corps).


Brigadier faces probe for intimidation


A brigadier in the Indian Army is facing inquiry for allegedly threatening a property dealer with dire consequences if he doesn't make good losses worth Rs 1.3 crore that the two jointly incurred in a failed magazine business.
Taped conversations show that Brigadier Pradip Kumar Tikoo, head of the Military Farms Directorate at the army headquarters in Delhi, threatened to thrash property dealer Vinod Gandhi and even get him abducted. 
Here are some shocking excerpts from the tapes:
Brigadier Tikoo: I shall beat you up with shoes. People like you only understand the language of kicks.
Gandhi: Tikoo saab, you aren't ready to listen. The party is ready to make the payment.
Brigadier Tikoo: Then get me the payment; show him the house from outside.
Gandhi: I have already shown him from outside.
Brigadier Tikoo: Ok. Take the money from him and collect the documents from me.
In another instance, Brigadier Tikoo is heard asking Gandhi to do the job or face the consequence. 
Brigadier Tikoo: I will do such a make-up on you that you will remember it for the rest of your life. Get your act together… Don't act smart with me…
Gandhi: What I am trying to tell you is that…
Brigadier Tikoo: I don't want to talk to you until…
Gandhi: Sir, please take Rs 50 lakh and close the matter. 
Gandhi was even threatened with abduction.
Brigadier Tikoo: I was planning to get you picked up. Whether you stay in Naveen Vihar or Naveen Apartments, I can lay my hands on you whenever I want.
Gandhi: Okay.
Brigadier Tikoo: And you wouldn't have an inkling.
A desperate Gandhi, who was involved in possibly dodgy property transactions for Brigadier Tikoo, filed a written complaint to army chief Gen V.K. Singh. Headlines Today has a copy of the complaint.
The complaint alleges that Brigadier Tikoo is a corrupt wheeler-dealer with a fearsome knack for criminal intimidation and extortion and even has accomplices in the CBI.
Despite all attempts, Brigadier Tikoo was unavailable for comment. But the army said it was investigating the allegations and would take action depending on what it found. 
It all began in 2004 when Brigadier Tikoo wanted to invest in property and began looking for a trustworthy real-estate dealer. Kulbir Singh, a subordinate, referred him to his brother-in-law Gandhi. 
Between 2004 and 2008, Brigadier Tikoo is alleged to have conducted a lot of property transactions through Gandhi. The property dealer has alleged in his complaint that Brigadier Tikoo had access to vast amounts of money.
In 2008, Brigadier Tikoo convinced Gandhi to be his business partner in a magazine called Page 3, allegedly to cleanse black money. The venture turned out to be a disaster. Despite losses suffered by both men, Brigadier Tikoo demanded that Gandhi make good his investment. 
By mid-2009, Gandhi began receiving CBI notices on disproportionate assets. He suspects that these notices were sent at the behest of Brigadier Tikoo to pressurise him into paying up.
By the end of 2009, Gandhi handed over to Brigadier Tikoo the papers and keys to a house owned by his mother. But the army officer insisted that Gandhi get the house sold and hand over the money.
Finally in April this year, after recording his phone conversations with the brigadier, Gandhi decided to lodge a complaint with the army chief.



In April 2010 and the Army is still sleeping.


Sir, why do we forget that they too are Indian, and belong to this society only.

The more corrupt the republic, the more numerous the laws.  ~Tacitus, Annals


judges are also human being and govt employee - they have the right to go on leave as per rules.

there is a provision in cpc that if a case not taken on the day prescribed, it will be transfered into next day. but i observed that it not happen at dist court.

but hc & sc follow it.


there are lot of good laws which favour common people but they either ignored by the court staff or effected people do not aware of it.

sometimes court people (clerk etc) deprive the people from their genuine rights.




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