Partition of agri land

Hi to everyone. I am Ramachandra hailing from Mudhol of North karnataka region. i congratulate and appreciate the helping hands of contributers of this group members. thank u.

i have one legal problem need remidy


we have a 6.38 acre agriculture land in mudhol. the land is purchased in the year of 1979. by my father at the age of 32+ with his own earnings. during land purchase my uncles ages between 6 to 12 only...... all are minors. now my father is aged 72. ........

entire land is road side. road facing. it shown one side highway tar road.... onother side mud road... corner land

here during registration process in 1979 itself he allowed his 3 younger brothers name to be entered in the property. now in the sub registrar records joint ownership stoot at 4.

in between my father did not receive any single rupee or any other type of benefits from them. they earned their livelywoood and used for their own benefits.

my grand father (my fathers father) takes care of agri land. and entire expenses are beared by father only. till now. my also beared their marriege expenses. and also my aunties marriege and delivery expenses upto total six members. till today yearly produced grains we equally sharing with them without expecting any benefits. my grand father is no more. then from the past 6 years we let land to on leased based agri sharing cultivation.

we two brothers and two sisters and my father n mother( we are 4 children) happy to give them equal share in land.

the register is like this

party1: my father
party2: uncle no1.......
party3: uncle no2
party4: uncle no3.... younger one

note: party2 deciesed.. he has his leagal heirs wife and 4 children. now register has their name

"problem/ Dispute"

here party4: uncle no3.... younger one..... demands corner land 1/4 th share.......becouse he is younger in the family wich is on western part....... which we refused to give him.......

we offered him northern side land of land with equal share 1/4th. ...... also in addition adding 5 to 8 Gunta land extra.......he refused to accept

their is no objection from party2. party3..... their are abide by my father decision

fact:::: northern land has some water flowing problems n

please suggest

* my fathers leagal stand
* free leagal aid service help
* public prosecutor help
* can it be devided or partitioned as per registerd names or else
* can we file leagal partion suit
* my father is ready to give special power of attorney to me to fight defend suit....... can he do so.... what is my stand in leagal procedings

thank u

we belongs to shceduled caste

File partition suit in civil court stating the schedules allotted to each party and to pass decree .if he challenges partition let he challenge.all of you in court lead evidence thatit was allotted to him

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