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I found out from the income tax bangalore website that there is an outstanding tax demand of unbelivable 7 Lac for the assessment year 08-09.

I used to file IT mannually and only last year when it become mandetory to efile, I did register online and efile my tax returns.

Few weeks back, I was just trying to findout about the acknowledgement of my IT return and I stumbled upon this link to check outstanding tax demand and found this shocker.

During that period FY 07 -08, my salary used to be 7 Lac only. How can they demand such a huge amount as tax. I called CPC and requested for the intimation 143(1) as I never got any arrear or tax demand. They took my request and yet to provide me the intimation for the AY 08-09.

What should I do in such a situation. and what could be a reason for such hight tax outstanding demand. Please guide.


Thanks !

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Please check ITR Form which you submitted for the assessment year 08-09 and compare such ITR with Form 16. you find the difference. If you filed IT Returns manually then ask concerned area ITOfficer. CPC Banglore wont entertain your claim and will not process your request for intimation.

In my opinion , Mistake while filling the ITR Form.

Many reason like Wrong entry, wrong claim, 



As a first step, you may take up the matter with your Assessing Officer.

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Thanks for the help.

Now, I received the intimation, followed by the tax demand notice (after two days).

The intimation contain following deferences:

1. I wanted to carry forward losses (from Stock trading FnO), they have put that in the income section.

2. The Gross salary that I mentioned in the ITR is the same being appearing in my FORM 16. However, the gross salary calculated and mentioned by them is almost double of that. Not sure, how they would have arrived at the same.

What should be my approach?

Shall I file a rectification request for AY 2008-09 online? If yes, What is the process?

Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks !

Please help...I have many sleepless nights already !


You may file a Rectification application, preferably by hard copy, before the Assessing officer; wait for 30days, and if no response/decision till then, you may file a Grievance Petition before the Commissioner of Income Tax.

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Mr. Rajagopalan - Thanks for the suggestion.

How exactly is the process. I mean from where I'll get a rectification application form/template?

Shall I go and meet the AO at his office and explain him the issue and request him to guide me through the process of filing a rectification application hardcopy?




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