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Nivedita (Manager )     24 June 2014

Never married but being claimed to be married due to greed o



I am 30+ have never been married.

6 and half years back I was in a relationship for a very shot span.

We had no mutual understanding 

the guy was already married and divorced  which he he never informed


The guy was form affluent back ground.

It was very difficult to understand him  due to his odd  behaviour.

Me under  a lay man understanding capability  concluded that  he is having higher  financial status therefore is not ready to understand my feelings. Thus i moved out form his link.




we were in no connection what so ever  but this guy used to follow me rigorously.

he used to hack all my internet passwords and tap my phone call and SMS 

once he barred my reliance  telephone line. I gave lot of complain at customer care but it never used to activate. 


highly frustrated I wrote a complain to higher authorities at Reliance Communication.

After investigation when thing were found to be ingenuine   Reliance Communication issued a memo against the web world this guy and his family  were holding.


at that time his family came to know about me 


they investigated about me without any information to me 

they came to know the full story 


this man's family asked him to call me as they  wanted to meet me 

The guy never agreed and never called be 

his family asked him to marry me 

he never agreed 


his family, i have no clue why; but may in order to pressurise him transferred property to my name.

No body informed me any thin about this mess


it is now that this guy passes the information to me 

i am asking him to process the property transfer 

but he is not ready to that 




1. because his property is on my name  there fore no one will believe that I am not his wife or a family member 

2. there will be no investigation on his fake certificate

3. the person is totally criminal kind, my life is not secured. some what I understand that he wants to prove that his second wife is dead hence  all authority  on the property has come back to him. he don't want to take directly from me under property transfer  process.


I have never been involved with his family member. I have never even seen them never met them. they have never met me. they might have seen my photograph.



please help me with the information that how do I declare that I have never been married to any body what so ever
















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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     24 June 2014

How he has managed all this , if you are sure you hadnot solemnised your marriage with him and you both have no proof like photographs , video , of your marriage, no one give witness in your marriage, the authority had make a fake certificate , if you think so then register fir against him stating all facts that he had taken a fake and fabricated marriage certificate of your marriage and defaming you as you are his wife but on the contrary you had never married to this man , you want an investigation on this regard and want you safe from that fake marriage certificate and from this man .
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Krishna. Advocate (Advocate)     24 June 2014

The certificate is made by him only or he obtained it in illegal way from authority itself? For example in our country even duplicate passports, education certificate , marriage certificate etc... available at low price. I think he obtained your certificate also it in that way. If he obtained it from the authority itself by paying bribe etc... then scope of the case is wide. Please inquire how he obtained it? Anyway Lodge complaint of fraud and forgery against him.And also defamation suit.
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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com))     24 June 2014

The trial court and police have authority to take action against your if it is found that the FIR is false.

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     24 June 2014

the activities with this guy is some what peculiar mentality for the sake of property

l.  take local police help in lodging complaint

2. obtain the details of the transferred property in your name

3. after giving police complaint and you have to give paper publication 

4. first consult a local lawyer of your area or PM to guide you the course of action

and if the above said is wrong then you have to face consequences 

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Nivedita (Manager )     25 June 2014

Originally posted by : Shatyaprakash Bani

The trial court and police have authority to take action against your if it is found that the FIR is false.


thank you  for your suggestion but your answer is nothing but common sense 

I was looking for  some solid legal action(s) that may pull me out form this trap.

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